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  1. [Good morning, this is Co *waves to you. John has been letting me talk a lot more we have found that it really helps me out when i get to say things. It gives me focus and direction. We have not had much progress in dreams lately but i have been urging John to start again, His work schedule has changed up a little so i think is causing him a little frustration. Moving ever onward, he is working on it. We have decided to take classes at the local collage this fall we are aiming toward computer programming. This has me excited because we will be going out among the people. John is usually v
  2. Close your eyes and imagine a house and what it looks like, what color, how many rooms, furnishings and such. That is the start of your wonderland. A wonderland is a place you imagine in your mind, most people 'go' there to talk to there tulpa. To go there just close your eyes and try to block out the sounds, smells and sensations around you and imagine your self in the house you created in your mind. You don't have to make it a house either. You could put your self on top of a cloud or orbit around a planet or somewhere in underwater cave air bubble. My favorite wonderland is a scene fro
  3. She is definitely still there, Most of the time tulpa never go away they just go dormant, or hibernate. Just sit down and pick up where you left off, just like that, I am sure she would be really happy to have attention from you again.
  4. I try not to force in bed because this causes me to relax and fall asleep Instead i will sit in a chair and do it. Also I usually force in the morning after I have a cup of coffee, it helps me focus better. 1. That sounds like good progress from Toby, anything that seem out of character for you or that you question "did I do that" If you have to even ask the question then it was your tulpa can be good progress. Also the more complex it is what they did, generally means that is is your tulpa. 2. Most people get better at things the longer they practice them. I would be really surprised if y
  5. Me or Co(tulpa) would also be willing to help should you need someone else.
  6. Hi Vlad, Welcome to tulpa.info As long as feels comfortable for all your questions. I spent one forcing session of about 40 min for each personality trait and I gave Co 5. I have found that a lot of people tent to say one hour for forcing sessions is a solid number to target. But 30 to 40 min was about as long as I could sit still without getting distracted and starting to follow my own thoughts instead of focusing on my tulpa, I have gotten better. With time you will get better at focusing and sitting still, a lot of people have trouble with that in the beginning because its not some
  7. Your right I have changed my post. I am ignorant about somethings I have little experience with, so I apologize if I sounded rude or inconsiderate, that was not my intention I was only trying to help. I am sorry.
  8. I can understand that, its good that you are reaching out to get help figuring things out. I think you are a little to worried about it. Tulpas tend to reflect there host and often choose to align them self with you, like the way kids look up to there parents but you shouldn't mistake this for turning out wrong. You have to keep an open and accepting attitude to there development. They are going to create them self's the way they want to, not the way you want them to. all you can do is offer suggestions like personality or a form and maybe they might like one of the ones you chose, or they don
  9. I go through the same things as you, however it does not bother me much because I know if I Need my tulpa I know that they are there to talk to. I find when I am happy my tulpas are more willing to try to reach out to me and share that with me. This has lead me to trying to be a happier and more optimistic person. I use to stop when my watched beeped every hour ant talk to them for 10-15 min before going back to work. They felt that me constantly trying to talk to them like that was distracting, so we don't do that any more. I think the older you and your tulpa get the easier time you will h
  10. Hi ThatOneGuy1441 Welcome to tulpa.info First ADD I can say in my experience that medication helped me focus better and develop a closer and stronger bond with my tulpa. I tried drinking coffee before forcing sessions, and that helped, also slowly counting my breaths up to about 50 helped. There are several guides that focus on helping people focus better check those out. Second OCD Sounds like you are very particular about how you want certain things to be, this is fine, most everybody likes organisation in there life sometimes it bothers some people more than others. This may not be OCD
  11. I know a lot of people that are new to tulpas are going through the same things we all went through at one time when we started. I think having a mentor to positively encourage and help people along in the tulpa process would be helpful to some people. A lot of us have been told "don't talk to strangers" and because of that sometimes people don't really feel comfortable to stepping out of there safety zone and talking another member, this way they would know its ok to try and contact them. Sign me up, I would volunteer as a mentor.
  12. I have considered making a progress report on several occasions but never did until now so I will start at the beginning. Several years ago my friend Jake was diagnosed with schizophrenia, then last year we got to talking about just what is going on up there basically he has shattered personality's many of which are not even fully devolved. He told me he wont get better, one day he will wind up in a padded cell, skipping off into the sunset of rainbows with hand grenades and kitchen knifes. After talking to him I wondered how/if someone could fragment there mind and 'shatter' there persona
  13. Day 29 I will be going back to the doctor in the morning I plan to ask for an extended prescription and to report my findings. So far my little experiment has worked I can focus better and notice distractions more and choose to avoid them. I have fewer stray thoughts that would interfere with my tulpa. Co and I decided to 'live' together, what this means is less forcing sessions and much more attempted imposition when I am at home or out working. I can bring Co or Chris into my mind much easier and there essence is much more real to me now. As for the side affects, I have more control o
  14. I would suggest counting to thirty and taking a breath at each number and see if that helps. you might also try drinking a cup of coffee before your forcing session. If you are still having a tough time visualizing your tulpa, try to write out a few details about what they look like, i would then suggest to read it back to yourself. If you are artistic you could draw it also. You dont have to work on visualization first. you could try narration or personality forcing then try visualization later. Stress is bad for tulpas because it is distracting for you when you are trying to focus on t
  15. yes, yes, and yes. those things have happen to us as well. It will take some time ans effort from both of you before they can truly dream with you but it can be done. Once it is, well, let the fun begun.
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