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  1. I was really hoping that was the case, but I needed to make sure just in case it was a forced possession or something of the sort. Thank you :)
  2. So I admit, I stayed up a bit late considering that I have to wake up at 6AM, but this was a whole new level of disturbing for my dreams. Before I fell asleep, I was clearing my mind and attempting to talk to Sage (my tulpa) she's semi-vocal and everything but I'm not sure that was the problem. I can feel that it had nothing to do with her though we have been working on minor possession such as my hands. She was trying to talk to me in conversation but this random male voice kept interrupting and yelling at me. (I didn't think too much into it because when I focus enough to tune into Sage, other random and some familiar voices tend to talk in the background, some in some language I don't understand) next thing I knew I was asleep, but it was one of those dreams where it picks up exactly from when you fell asleep so I was laying in my bed. Except, I woke (in the dream) paralyzed. I thought I had begun lucid dreaming on accident and I attempted the out of body thing but it didn't work. This was when I figured something was off. Long story short, my body tensed up to the point where I couldn't feel it and it moved of its own accord in harshly slow, kind of painful movements? For brief seconds I would get my senses back but after that small time it would happen again and I ended up being slowly dragged off of my bed all the way to the floor across the dining room and to my front door in an agonizingly slow and seized journey. Each time that my will was taken, whatever my eyes were on would form the outline of a unrecognizable face. No details were there aside from whatever I was looking at (for example: imagine a face in your bed sheets, made of nothing but the bed sheets) I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I looked completely disheveled. Then I heard someone coming up the stairs and I tried to scream for help but I literally could only make a tiny grunt and nothing else. I woke up the same way I fell asleep except my hands were tensed and it was like I was regaining feeling in them though they werent in a position for them to fall asleep. It was horrible. Someone please tell me what is happening? [im also sorry if this was super long and such but I'm really freaked out. Ive been lurking for a while now, nearly a month or so, and I couldn't find anything like this in the search. my name is Clarke, hi everyone]