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    I read a creepy pasta and I thought tulpae sounded cool, then I checked out the /mlp/ threads and when that died down and this place was born I moved here as a lurker. Now I have an account yay for me.
  1. I've asked Tia a bunch of times to go in my dreams, but she always tells me she doesn't want to. I've asked her why and she says its because there's a lack of sense and control, reality isn't as defined in dreams apparently.
  2. Lula

    I was forced to do this

    Why'd I leave? idk, just sort of did, people simply drift from things as time goes by, tho I have started coming back a bit to see how things were going. (also I've been doing uni things) Also Yori, Force, force with all ur might!
  3. Lula

    I was forced to do this

    "Lol thanks guys I knew I was created to be a winner" where did I go wrong :( Thought I'd instilled humility into that one.
  4. I haven't posted here for about a year now, and I'm only coming back because my tulpa is forcing me to, just to say this one thing. She says "I beat your ass so bad at monopoly that you should file for assault" I guess she doesn't have anyone to brag to but you guys.
  5. I tend to agree with what you're saying, apart from your views on escapism, as I see these things as more of a leisure activity, only becoming detrimental if done in excess, which I believe is what you're referring to when you state it's bad.
  6. Tia likes Strawberries dipped in chocolate, but she says it's open to change.
  7. Personally I find a smaller tulpa easier to visualize, no matter the level of detail.
  8. Form: 5, not imposed Vocality: 4 Personality: 5 Feeling/'Soul/Essence': 4 Relationship: 5 Doubts: 4.5 Time taken to reach current level:4 months Opinions: 5
  9. Queen - Don't stop me now, had our first emotional response while listening to this
  10. Either everyone is lazy or only one person in this entire community has a semi-imposed tulpa
  11. If you have an imposed tulpa, what method did you use and how effective do you feel it was? Effectivity being a measure of time, ease, concentration need and quality of outcome. If you can, get your tulpa's opinion too.
  12. One time Frostia curled up on my stomach/chest and fell asleep. All of the diabetes