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  1. Is it like a nexus of a world? What are we getting at here?
  2. Put a sloth costume on your tulpa, and ask him/her to give you insperational quotes.
  3. I feel like i have that same thing, the demons that is. With me, I use my mind to imagine things up to turn off my anger, or add fuel to the fire. I mostly think of thing I could'nt really do. Im a kind person in my social life, but Im not much social, so im just a mad turtle in his shell, the shell being my mind. But ever since Mien (my tulpa) became a part of my life, Ive tried to be less... Mad.
  4. I usually see my visualization as if they were a dream, all fadded out and stuff, for me it takes complete focus for me to get (suprisingly to me) the faces of things. Sometimes i visualize something, but my mind sidetrackes, and I just go with it. The best thing for keeping up with something you visualize is a reminder. It can be simple, like the thought of it, or something bigger, like a drawing or a story. ( Did i make a point? IDK)
  5. Is it wrong to create a tulpa for selfish purposes? And will creating one because your social life is painful be mentally scarring to yourself/myself?
  6. I don't know how to stop this, this may just be me but let me run this down. How my imagination works is that I usually imagine something, and I imagine it again and again, kinda like reading a chapter in a book and reading it again to get a better understanding of it. I do this with everything to keep it within my mind. Now heres the problem (probally nothing to do with par #1). I've been having this problem with what I would call "mind lock", probally has an actual meaning but IDK. Meaning just like with life, you do things you may do everyday like brush you teeth, or take a shower and it gets locked in your mind as something you will do again, and again. Now this is what im starting to get annoyed of and to belive to be harming my tulpa. Now my tulpa is half sentient, I try my hardest to keep my tulpa in mind. Now this is how I "play" with my tulpa. Kinda like an out of body experience, I imagine my arms or any other body part moving from out if my body, moving the imagine body part without moving my actual body, like a avatar. Now back to the mind lock thing, my thoughts have been lashing at my tulpa, and it has been happening over and over again anytime I think of mien my tulpa. Now it has this sort of feeling when you do something that you didnt mean to do and regret it a second later. I usually use my imagination on things im mad or irritated about, like how most people hate the police and wish to do something but never do. So here is the question, how can I stop this? Its becoming like a stuck memory.
  7. Items me and my tulpa don't like to get things the easy way, so when we want something we usually make a expidition to retrive such items. Kinda like a scavenger hunt; put it somewhere in our wonderland and use a map to find it. It usually ends up us running into soming on the way, or me getting bored of it and conjering up the item; mien yelling at me about legitimacy or somthing For simpler items we just go to the town ( still need to name the town)
  8. I wondered if it would be possible if I can teach my tulpa something, a career for an example. Would she/he be able to use it for as long as she can possess me? (I have not practiced in possession, don't know how its like.)
  9. This is my silly though on the matter( fyi. im a mid class when I comes to tulpas, plus idk if anyone else post something similar). I feel like anything that is put into thought, created through thought or physical form must have something to affect it for it to be considered real. As a thought on a piece of paper, the paper on the words to help us remember what we thought. Though as it is paper, the simplist ember can set it ablaze, erasing the memory, as everything has its limits/ways of destroying it. Though it was real to start off, but now is just a simple memory (this is a theory, I think. Right...?). I feel this may be your tulpa trying to get a sense of realism, and/or trying to show you a little bit of realism, probally to help you force her/ him; (idk, I feel crazy posting this. I mean I belive it but idk if this could be related). Because Im sure you`ve had some salty peanuts before right, RIGHTTT... . (Ok now ive lost it)
  11. YOU ARE THE CHOSEN WHON (One). Jk, though that would be cool.
  12. (Idk if box will show so answering the qquestion from rtsvet) Im not really fearfull of much, afraid sometimes, but not much to fear it my whole life. Though I do have typhophobia fear of holes, and I fear memory loss but have never experienced massive memory loss though not much to experience with my tulpa.