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  1. Your dentist is going to LOVE you down the road. >.< LOL I love raisinettes when I go to the movies. Normally my candy consumption is like fruity things like starbursts, or skittles. I don't like eating skittles very often because I have to sort them down by color and preference then eat them. (time consuming) if I can't sort them down I pull out a handful and do it that way.
  2. I never got that, why would you have to touch impose those things anyway? Are you going to be touching them there??? Seriously. The mind is exceptionally good at filling in gaps if there are gaps anyway.
  3. Soon summer will be over and the kids will be back in school and everything should quiet down again.
  4. If all that stuff's getting in the way of active forcing just carve time out for the two of you to do things together. Make it an appointment. Then go do the thing. Other than that Passive is pretty much how we've gone about things here. With the occasional active forcing.
  5. I'm noticing a trend in the way that tulpas develop. Sure it could be just a 'fluke' but when I bring up what seem to be a step-by-step development for vocalization in tulpas. It seems to start with one rather strong message, which then goes back to being raw thought/tulpish, which then translates into a stage of gesturing what they want along with the thoughts. Then after that where you know they're talking, but it sounds like they're behind a glass door so they're muffled (I call it pre-vocalization.). Then lastly is when they speak. Same with the way that they talk, too as a matter of progression between easier to accomplish to harder: tulpish>your mind voice>their own voice.
  6. Annalisse: I was given a form but I made it my own. Remember, don't hate, deviate. :D
  7. Here's the thing. Why do we have a consensus? Why are guides being able to be written at all? If we are so uncertain as to what a tulpa is why can we explain how to work with them in any sense of the word? Yes we know 'something' is happening. Why can't we define it? Is it really that intangible? Do we really need a scientist to give a name to the commonality of our experiences on this tulpa phenomenon? I consider them autonomous entities that exist wholly in our mind given enough agency over time to act independent of our own wills.
  8. In my thought experiment that monster it's just a thought. Nothing more nothing less. Would you say that's a tulpa? I wouldn't. It's just a passing thought. If I were to entertain that passing thought for weeks it would be more than that. What do I think they are? Obviously more than just stray thoughts that stick around. More than just role playing characters gone haywire. I don't quite know what they are (do you?) except only something I can understand from an experiential basis. But this is really more in response to the multitude of people I see on here, and reddit and IRC that worry and claim that every stray passing thought they have is a tulpa or might be one.
  9. Guys, guys, guys, guys! You are forgetting one of the best ADHD traits there is! You're putting WAY too much effort into active forcing! We daydream. We daydream so much we can hyperfocus on it to the point that we block out everything around us. That's all active forcing is! Daydreaming WITH/OF your tulpa to the point that you block out everything around you! On that note, I also have ADHD and I can get a bit rambly when talking. What I've done is made a friendship bracelet. When she really wants my attention and I'm so ADHD out in space she can't make a collect call, I notice that my bracelet gets really irritating to wear, or that I suddenly notice it. It's also a fidget thing that I try to work out the kinks I accidentally added when making it too tight, thusly thinking of her as well.
  10. Not every strong character will become a tulpa. Not every rp character either. You have to make the distinction between entertaining an rp character as a separate entity in your mind or your avatar, a shell, that you inhabit to connect with these worlds on your own. I used to do some free form RP with some people online. My character SARA was pretty thought out for sentient AI. But I made the distinction that she was just an avatar that let me interact with the other characters in that setting. I also write. When I was younger, to really understand some of my characters I would have conversations with them. Some of the stronger ones were really amplifications of aspects of my own personality. I guess what I'm saying is that strong characters mostly are aspects of your own multifaceted personality, which is why they seem so strong. If you realize this, and don't entertain the idea that they are an entity separate from you, then they won't change. Not every stray thought will become a tulpa, not every strong character, not every imagined entity you think up errantly will become a tulpa. I think with most, when they see these people with 'near-instant' tulpas they don't realize how much of the work is unconscious (and I do mean unconscious, not subconscious. Two different things). Like muscle memory. At first a person must go through all the steps of learning to operate a bike, the balance, the feel of the pedals, how to brake. These things become automatic over time. Just the same way that with the first tulpa, you have more conscious effort, learning how to make a distinct mindvoice and form, how to not parrot their actions. It beomes automatic, they don't have to think about how to achieve each step in the process, they remember. Lets perform a thought experiment. In my mind right now I have the thought of a six foot two green-colored tenticle monster. He actually looks pretty friendly. Lets say, he doesn't like eggs (haha, he's shaking his head and making a disgusted face.) and he loves chocolate, like Dove chocolate. Is this near-entity a tulpa? No, he could be with the right ammount of independence and work. Is he a servitor (in the occulture view of Servitors)? Also no, he's just something I conjured up for the sake of a thought experiment. He has no thoughts, no emotions of his own, he is just a character. He has as much substance as smoke. Poof! He's gone. What separates every stray thought and character that enters our minds from an actual tulpa is really the effort we put into making them as real as possible to every sense our mind can conjure. While we have role playing characters that we do that with, the dividing line comes when we allow them their own independence beyond our own realms of imagination.
  11. If that tulpa game pushes through, we may not have a choice.
  12. Think of it as any learned task. You can learn to drive a car or ride a 10-speed bike. It doesn't mean you don't know how to drive a truck or a cruizer style bike. It's really the same thing. You learned the task and how to do it, and so you already know how to make the shortcuts to doing that without having to think about it.
  13. I did the same exact thing, only a zig-zag pattern in DMC floss. I just let her pick the colors.
  14. Accidentally talking out loud in public. Following their movements in space around you. Despite using mind voice, still turning to them like a conversational partner and using gestures. Weird cravings for food I don't like.
  15. This is my basic interface. Note the lack of icons on the desktop. They're unnecessary if I have the ones most frequently used pinned to the task bar. Dat interface is what I've been trying to accomplish in windows.