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  1. Hello everyone, tulpamancer of about 1.5 years here. I've been in and out of the forums, but a few months ago I started a journal about my adventures with Grey in wonderland. I recently posted a public version on reddit, and some people seemed interested so I started a blog so I can just post journal entries there. So that's what I'm here for, to shamelessly plug something that may inspire or encourage others to have their own cool adventures. So far I have a total of about 23 pages of entries, divided about 10 and 13 between a fantasy world with magic, swords, etc. and a modern city world with guns, stealth, parkour, and secret organizations. I'm sorry if this breaks any rules I don't know about, I just wanted to put this up so people in the future can find something to inspire them to work harder and eventually reach this point. If you do decide to join me, I strongly recommend you read the existing entries, as some really cool story/character arcs take place. It's the kind of thing that's like watching a TV show for us, where huge twists can occur and leave you jawdropped. (Or at least leave us jawdropped.) So anyway, that's about it for me. Here's the link: And thank you for your time, good luck out there!