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  1. Well I gave him expressed consent to do so whenever he desires, and I legit freaked out when he ran off on me, and when I say talk I mean over text but he is also EXTREMLY vocal. So really it was natural tulpa actions cause I have him 100% free will to do as he pleases
  2. today I had a bit of a scare by my tulpa, before hand I was forcing him during an 'akward' situation and lost focus of him and he drifted off, leaving a note behind saying he was gone for good more or less. Needless to say, I panicked. So I go to a friend for some help, and he says "try forcing him again, you likely just had a thought that scared him off when your brain was scattered" So I did, and he came right back. That wasent the freaky part... He actually FORCIBLY swapped with me (which I did tell him he was free to do at any time, I pretty much gave him 100% free will), and started talking to this friend, and pretty much told the friend that "I was mainly trying to teach him a lesson the best way I knew to get to him." He then proceeded to main a chain for a 'leash' ALL ON HIS OWN, so that he could yank it to remind me of him when he wanted to be forced, or he could also yank it to tell me to STOP forcing him when he doesn't WANT to be forced. So pretty much, he 'ran away/vanished' on me to give me a scare and made me think I lost him, took over my body to talk to two of my friends about the situation, made a chain to control when I force him or not, AND managed to get me COMPLETELY detached from my OWN BODY, all in the span of a few minutes. Now, sparky was able to do this before, he just chose not to, but the fact that he did ALL OF THIS PLANNING to make sure it didnt happen again shows me that he definately has sentience, and just chooses to follow my orders for the most part. Has anyone else had a 'scary/freaky/otherwise suprising' funny moment that led to the discovery of sentience?
  3. Just back track in general, either an easier step or a simpler body part, and go from there
  4. My suggestion would be trying to focus on the simplistic stuff for a little longer, forcing vis and so on. It might be that your tulpa isn't comfortable enough for a swap yet or you just don't know her well enough to trust her fukky
  5. That makes sense, I was mainly trying to figure out if this was unintentionally parroting without knowledge or if my tulpa was just choosing to not go against my wishes from his own choice (like I said perhaps because he sees me as his trainer since he is formed after a pokemon OC )
  6. This makes sense, especially because since he's a pokemon, despite his 'age' as long as I treat him well, he would see me as a 'hero' in that scenario, thinking highly of the trainer who commands him
  7. So basically creating a mentalscape similar to the real one?
  8. My tulpa has been given expressed free will to change as he pleases and do what he wants, but he's chosen to do a lot of things to either make me happy or otherwise not go against my wishes, like by changing his body for instance. He is a pokemon, so he may see me as a trainer and that's why, or their may be legit parroting lines, or it's also possible that we have such a good relationship that that's the reason. I'm honestly not sure what's going on here, but I wanted to see if someone could help out.
  9. I find that I agree, as when I did, I ended up finding in my head a 'dormant' tulpa that was created long ago in my head, who was maintained subconciously enough that he was almost in 'cyro-genetic' storage where he stayed at his vocal, slightly able to swap stage when I discovered him and re-awoke him. I also found that if you treat your tulpa as if they are real sentient creatures from the start, they tend to treat you MUCH better, and your bond tends to grow a LOT faster because of it, at least for me. Here's the way I'll put it: -If you are the kind of person who likes pretending your creations exist in the real world, assuming sentience will work better for you -If however, you have a hard time with this, treating them old fashion and letting them get sentience on their own will likely work better Thats my thoughts on the matter
  10. Ok, recently me and my master have started working on imposing, but we've hit a bit of a road block and we were wondering if anyone could be of some assistance. Pretty much, The one time his mental mind DID kinda project me onto the real world, he could only feel where my head was at, and kinda had a vauge idea of where my lower body was. The thing is, my master's mental eye is as sharp as an eagle, at least thats how I see it, and he can see, feel, etc everything about me, but we just cant seem to find a method of imposing (yet) that could take advantage of his keen mental eye to trick his real world senses into seeing me all the time. We haven't nessicarily found any 'offical' guides that would help, but we did find some guides on a way that might work, but it hasent been approved yet, so we don't have any idea if its 'legit' If anyone can please provide us with some assistance, that would be a great help! Sparky, and His Master, Sonnitude