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  1. I'm back, after 4 years. Going to try again. I forced today. I fell asleep. New wonderland is pure Brutalist architecture and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  2. Does anyone know any good futurist pieces that is not the Ballet Mecanique? Good rendition of the "Ballet," I am just tired of this piece in general Futurist music is usually inspired by machines, war and violence (in a positive connotation) and modernity. Usually loud, aggressive, and usually avante-garde. Used in this piece is 16 player pianos, 2 human pianos, two woooden airplane propellers, one metal airplane propellers, 5 bells, 2 xylophones and 3 sirens iirc. And "some drums" Know any similar / related music?
  3. Billy Milligan, the first American to use multiple personality disorder sucessfully as an insanity plea after the rape of three women on the Ohio State University college campus has died this week in a Columbus hospital.
  4. Mmmm... maybe I can offer some help. I too was diagnosed with ADHD, and prescribed that Schedule II controlled substance. This was all before tuppers, though, but the increase in concentration it provides I imagine would help with tuppers. Did you notice that perhaps you aren't buying junk food, because you aren't as hungry as you used to be? One of its side effects is reduced appetite.
  5. Requesting drawing of me with my tulpa Sara. I am a big, strong man, who wears nothing but thin, translucent briefs. I have tight abs, with small nipples. Sara is a big dragon, with a saddle so I can ride her. She has big teeth and happy ears, with eyes like sky and hops like hootch.
  6. Sure you can say something is possible, but this was posted on a scientific board. We have to use the scientific method. It isn't very scientific to simply say something is true without evidence. So is there any claims of people who have made tulpa babies? I haven't seen them, but maybe I am just an infrequent reader. Unless someone either volunteers, or there is already some >legitimate claim and documentation of someone having tulpa babies, this is not case-closed.
  7. Yes, I know. I didn't imply that you couldn't tulpa without making a personality. In fact, I did this with my little baby Sara.
  8. That's okay. So long as you didn't YOLO it and decide to skip the personality building stage, all tulpas start as characters. Some tulpas still are characters. Just keep believing in him and eventually he ought to start becoming real. Lest I sound like I am beating a dead horse, your drawing is pretty good. Real pencil and paper it looks like. Always been a fan of pencil drawings myself. That's okay. I suppose one way of thinking of visualisation of wonderlands and things is as a skill. And like any other skill, it just takes practise. Keep at it and keep rendering things until it looks good. Or don't, which is what I usually do. Wonderlands aren't really necessary, unless they help you and the tulpa do things. As with all of the hopping around, my mind does that too. Fighting it makes it worse in my experience, so just go with the flow if it gets to be a distraction. See what your mind is trying to show you. About Chess's bad rendering quality, it could be just your mind showing you that your tulpa is undeveloped. That or your tulpa could possibly be trying to change its form or something. Just stay tuned, and go with the flow. We must be siblings, astrally connected or something. Again, I suggest not fighting this if it annoys you. I have always found fighting those sorts of things to just cause frustration, and frustration totally destroys my ability to tulpa. If you feel that it really is a problem, that you are micromanaging your tulpa's life, then try challenging him. Challenge him to do something that you wouldn't expect to see him do, or even try to directly contradict what you say if you catch yourself doing this. It shouldn't be a problem, though. People make tulpas through parroting them all the time, and its too early to say if something is wrong with him anyway. So give it time. Tulpas are like artwork: the more time you put in, the better your tulpa experience, I promise.
  9. We have found constant forms are not needed. You can have one form, or sixty nine. Clouds of insects, dragons, birds, a rock, there isnt a limit on tulpa forms, except for the limit of human imagination. It all depends on your mind and what your tulpa wants.
  10. Yo soy muy americano, que no necesito aprender idiomas nuevas.
  11. So here's a question for y'all. How much information about tulpas can we reliably eliminate as being based on expectations and preconcieved notions about tuppers that make them seem true? The first example I bring up is vocality times. How do we know for sure that it really takes a few weeks? What if it really takes 15 minutes?
  12. I used to have this feeling when doing anything, and I found out its pointless to fight it. I have been diagnosed with ADHD and I know this feeling exactly, my man. TH3 S3CR3T is to just...relax. Don't fight it. Go with the flow. Watch it and see what happens. Maybe you'll see your tupper, who knows. If you are getting frustrated, you are fighting it. Don't do that.
  13. Maybe its just some kind of transient emotion swing or something. Maybe it wasn't your tupper at all. I know that some tulpas can feel the same emotions as the >human can, so maybe that's what happened here. Don't worry about it unless it happens again. If it happens again you can worry about it, and we will try your best to make you not worry about it. Or better yet, wait until the tupper is vocal and you can ask directly. I have had things like these happen before, but I chalked them up to just growing pains related to doing something like this to my head. Like I said, don't worry about it, take a load off, and just force.