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  1. Asking if we "miss people" almost makes it sound like you're assuming that our tulpas replace the people in our lives. I for one have never felt this way.
  2. As others have said, characters feeling mildly tulpa-ish is fairly normal. I'm a roleplayer, too, and it happens to me all the time. But, a character doesn't really develop into an "accidental tulpa" until you give it the attention that it needs to get to that point. In the meantime... it's just a character. And you CAN develop it into a tulpa, but, well... The first thing to do is not panic about it. o_o Just stay calm. You either do nothing and let your characters stay characters, or you put the effort in to develop them into tulpas. Either way, there is no nightmarish "bad ending" that
  3. :/ I think development might go better if you just let him pick out his own voice. Maybe the reason why he sounds "emotionless" is because he's just young/under-developed? And maybe he'll sound less flat once he's developed a bit more? None of my tulpas were intentionally based off of any existing characters or celebrities, so, I never had a specific voice in mind that I wanted them to have. I just let them sort of develop whatever voice they wanted. Pinky's voice can be pretty close to my own mental voice, but... On the topic of a mental voice in general, I often find that even mine isn't
  4. :/ I'm in a similar situation, myself. Unfortunately I don't have much help for you, but I'll be keeping an eye on this thread in case anyone else can help.
  5. I have ADHD, and while tulpamancy hasn't made my illness worse, there is the issue of my illness making it more difficult to give my tulpas the time and attention they need. :/ For example, the sit-down-and-meditate active forcing routine is extremely difficult for me, because, well, meditation by itself is difficult for me. The thought of "clearing my mind" and focusing on one thing for an extended period of time seems to be nearly impossible. So, I rely almost exclusively on passive forcing, with sometimes small bursts of active forcing here-and-there. But, as others are pointed out, your
  6. This problem of zoning out and then realizing you've wasted your time -- does this happen to you in contexts besides forcing? Like, does it happen when you're trying to do schoolwork (if applicable) or any other productive task? I only bring it up because what you described sounds a lot like my own experiences with ADHD, so this could be a sign of a bigger problem. BUT, take that with a huge grain of salt, as I'm certainly no psychiatrist. Just thought I'd throw that out there as a possibility. All that being said -- have you tried passive forcing? I find that to be a lot more helpful fo
  7. While it is UNLIKELY, I wouldn't doubt that it could in fact be possible. Lots of people -- particularly role players and writers -- sometimes experience what I've sometimes seen referred to as "insta-tulpas", as writers and role players are likely to have a much easier time with the creation process. Many of my tulpas -- though I admit they were my later ones and not my first -- also developed in this way. I wouldn't discredit what's happened to you so far, especially if you've already seen your tulpa share many opinions that are different than your own (and remember, puppeting is somethi
  8. I think you should definitely mention this to your therapist. This is some serious stuff, and your therapist is a professional who's here to help you. Most people I meet on forums like these (and not tulpa-related things, I mean, but just any website) often feel hesitant to seek out professional help when they need it, but you have professional help -- now you just need to use it. I second what others have said: this sounds nothing like a tulpa, and you should definitely talk to a professional about it. I understand why you might be shy to say anything, but, I feel it will only be beneficia
  9. Hmm. Perhaps you might be expecting a more solid image than what visualization usually refers to. Have you ever thought back to a memory and 'seen' that memory in your head? That's basically visualization. It doesn't have to actually appear in your field of vision -- just somewhere in your head. You might be discouraging yourself a bit by trying so hard to close your eyes and see something behind your eyelids, when it's much more of an in-your-head thing than an actual field of vision thing. But yeah, it basically appears to you like a memory, except it isn't a memory. Does that make s
  10. I don't think you should worry too much about forcing the "wrong" way -- everyone has their own methods and different things that work for them. Using old methods that have been working just fine? Good, keep using those if they're working for you. Hearing about new techniques that you've never done but want to try out? Go ahead and try them out, then, but don't feel like you have to adopt newer ideas just because you've heard about them. There really isn't a single "correct" way to force and a lot of us here have different methods -- and that's ok. Even the guides, in the end, are only sug
  11. Pinky: People always seem surprised when I tell them that I'm content being a tulpa and don't wish I had a human life or whatever. But like... being a tulpa is like a free ride for life, you know? I can chill out and do whatever in a place where I can literally have whatever I can imagine, or I can hang out with Kaga in her space, and, all the while, I don't have any real-world responsibilities to deal with. I can just chill out and do whatever, and I think that's pretty great. AND there are other tulpas here (Kaga even let me get a dog!!) ALSO she lets us proxy and talk to her friends s
  12. The creepypastas are fiction. Tulpas don't "turn evil". They wouldn't turn against you unless you design them to be malicious or w/e -- and even then, I still think it's unlikely. You don't have to worry about "losing control" when making a tulpa. No one here has ever experienced anything remotely similar to the creepypasta stories. The creepypastas are fiction. That's really all there is to say in the matter. And it's pretty sad, actually, since I always see so many newcomers to this site wondering what they should do if something were to go wrong, thinking that they have to come up wi
  13. Some people have an easier time making tulpas than others. This can be influenced by a lot of things -- but one thing we've seen is that writers, roleplayers, and other imaginative types usually seem to be able to create tulpas a lot more quickly -- which makes sense, because the brains of people who have experience in these things would probably already be fairly well-trained at visualization and imagining what another person would do (think about how writers/roleplayers often say that their characters seem to have a mind of their own sometimes, for example). There's nothing to worry about; f
  14. A tulpa would have no reason to do such a thing to you. They're incredibly empathetic and, if you were afraid of them, they would pick up on that -- and change their form to something that doesn't bother you.
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