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  1. Okay, I'm sorry you don't understand what I'm saying, No I'm not incapable of visualization, I just can't seem to picture whatever it is in my mind in reality in three dimensions, Interacting with the environment. Also if you don't understand my question and you think I sound stupid, You don't need to make a rude reply. Just ignore the thread then. So please, don't reply to me again.
  2. Yeah, I already know their personality's, how they would act, talk sound, etc. But I'm just stuck on that one part. Visualizing them,
  3. I just can't picture them in reality through my mind like everyone else is capable of. I've never had an imaginary friend, so my mindset has never really been good at seeing something that isn't there. I'm guess what I'm trying to ask is how do I picture that I see a three-dimensional rendition of the character being there? Because I've never had control of it, But I do remember there was this one time I imagined a white tiger on the bed in my parents bedroom a long time ago when I was 6, I think. But it was for a few seconds, But I did see something there.
  4. Uh, Hi. I'm new to these forums and I wanted to research further into this Tulpa thing because my friends really got me interested in the idea of it. But I don't want to create anything original, Not some Tyler Durden, not the alternate version of myself. I just want to start out basic, I would like some advice to envision a video game character. How does one go about envisioning somebody like Wario, or Dr. Robotnik? I already know what they sound like, act like and how they would interact. I just think it would be silly to see them, Walking about through the day, Thanks.
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