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    Name: Nova
    Form: Winged wolf
    Working on: Mindvoice, vocabulary, visualization.

    I love Nova with all my heart.
  1. I have my Tupper Nova wake me up at 7:30 every morning. It works every time to the nearest 2-3 minutes.
  2. Nova and I are so excited because this Friday is Nova's Birthday!!! Yay!!! We were discussing the topic last night and we came to a conclusion about what Nova wants at her party and what kind of presents she wants. She said for her party she wants to have a beach party, with smores and swimming, and then she wants to watch a movie with me in our wonderland. I love that idea, because we don't always get to spend much time together. For her presents Nova said that all she wants is a pet puppy. She said she wants this as it can keep her company when I'm not there. I also said I could get Nintendogs for my 3DS, and she said that would be great. Well, I guess thats all! Oh, and, for the first time ever, she used head pressure to communicate! I am so proud of her!
  3. Try playing a few games with her. My Tulpa is already getting stronger at speaking from playing games for a few hours. Try games like Helixileh. Or a fun game that I like is this game right here:
  4. This is going to be short, but I wanted to share my accomplishment and let my fellow Tulpamancers know how Nova and I are doing. So, here it goes, its great! March 23, 2014 marks the first day Nova and I communicated, and I heard her speak! This is a big step for us. Right now, Nova can mostly only communicate with numbers, but we are working on her vocabulary and mindvoice, and she is getting stronger every moment!
  5. Thanks so much! Does reading help as well as typing narrations?
  6. Thank you. That really helps. Also, do you have any techniques to help my Tulpa become vocal? A close companion of mine gave me a couple of games and ideas, and said that a Tulpa will start talking when it is ready. I have been using her techniques, but I would like to use multiple different games and such to help Nova and broaden her vocabulary when she does learn to speak. Thanks.
  7. Hello, If you don't mind my asking, do you think you could answer a question of mine regarding the Tulpa process? If you can, I'd be ever so grateful. So, here is my question. I started my Tulpa last week, and it is my third time trying to create a Tulpa, but a completely new one. I skipped developing her personality, and I moved on straight to building her body. I have already created her wonderland, and I am about half way through visualizing her body, for the first time. Am I going to fast, and rushing the process? If so, could this result in defects of my Tulpa? Thank you for reading this, and it would be greatly appreciated if you could get back to me on this. Thanks.
  8. Hey everyone, I have a question. So this morning, when I was getting ready for school, I was brushing my hair and all of a sudden a huge wave of heat came upon me. Is this a possible sign from Nova (My Tulpa)?
  9. Hey, everyone! So this is my third try at making a Tulpa and I need a new name for her. She will be a white winged wolf with blue, black, and silver feathers on each wing. Can anyone give me some ideas? I have one, Nova, but I would like to have a few more to choose from. Any ideas? Thanks!
  10. Hey everyone! I'm silverwolf45 and I'm new to this forum! I'm making a Tulpa myself and I may have a couple questions. Anyways, thanks for having me! :D