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  1. You're supposed to wait about 3 months each time you roll to be safe. If you got pure stuff and you follow this rule, then you don't have to worry about serotonin depletion. MDMA is very useful with imposition, I have done it several times in several forms and I am fine. :'D
  2. Melatonin by itself works. But this method would be pretty cool to try. I've been all out of melatonin for awhile though. If you want to get real, get a nice mix of serotonin going with melatonin, something such as mdma maybe.
  3. My friend has had experience with this before he knew what his tulpa was. Lucy talks about the human race all the time lul
  4. Okay, before I only got visualization methods to work better on shrooms and marijuana. Last night I combined kief with N,N-DMT. I really don't know how to explain any dmt trip(4-aco) as well, it's like your entire reality is being shown a different one, Lucy was with me in my present reality the same time she was with me in our wonderland. I tended to leave my body between there and here and in the space around me alot, it was really fun. I'm seriously not sure if I broke through this time. Next time I need to combine shrooms, dmt, and mollies though so I can reach higher levels.
  5. I just tulpaforced with another friend who has a tulpa while on dmt, needless to say, it was intense.
  6. ^not to mention RC's like 25i-NBOMe, I don't really think anyone would take the time to extract LSA and put it on their blotters. I took 4 hits of LSD which I'm pretty sure was not an RC, and I didn't have any problems visualizing from all perspectives of my surroundings. I recommend psilocybin to anyone struggling to visualize, it can help with concentration and a quiet surrounding. I wish Las Vegas was more quiet, Lucy feels that I don't pay enough attention to her because of it, and I do, it's just.. distractions. :c
  7. Took a tolerance break on weed for about a month until yesterday, I visualized pretty well yesterday, Lucy's manifestation is almost complete I just need to keep her aspects right as she tends to morph appearance a little.
  8. Lucy's final form from the manga storyline. Taking pictures of my sketchbook because it won't fit in my scanner, fuck yeeaaAAHHHH
  9. Multi-tasking really helps in these situations. I have a lot of games I need to finish, as soon as I do finish them, I'll have ample amounts of time for Lucy(I already do, though).
  10. I have told three people so far, one of them subconsciously thinks I'm stupid and crazy. I tried telling another person today. Ahh its like I'm socially withdrawn and not at the same time(being that I don't tell people what I'm really thinking). Also, Lucy's thoughts and opinions have been influencing my actions lately. A few suicidal actions whilst driving are what really fucking scared me. I don't think Lucy had to do with that, though.
  11. If I told my parents about my Tulpa, or any one of my family members for that matter, I'm positive that they would deem me as 'crazy'. I think I'm nuts/crazy in general anyways.
  12. I'm part of the overwhelming majority of males who have a female tulpa. lul
  13. When I tried to take nutmeg, it did not do much for me. Maybe I'll combine some with dxm one day.. Anyone here like Ketamine, MXE, or anything related?
  14. Nice haha, I've never really had a bad trip on it but I have felt the anxiety and fear at certain moments. I seriously had no idea what I was getting myself into as a first hallucinogen. Seriously, being shown so many things changes a person for life. One of the amazing things was seeing a bunch of fleur de lis patterns scrolling across my phone diagonally, I've read about certain people having the same visuals as well. I love how things flow like water, and how trees and plants create their own flow. I seriously wish I could experience the first time I took it all over again.
  15. My experience with hallucinogens(in order): 2c-i - This was a very mind-opening experience, I wish I had known about the concept of tulpae beforehand as this would be extremely easy to visualize on. LSD - This really helped me with obtaining the perspective of every single living thing. Out of Body experiences on this are amazing. Shrooms - I can never get enough of these to trip as hard as I want to off of them. Still pretty fun though. 4-aco-DMT - Again, with the OBE's, I absolutely loved it, and I learned so much from it. 2c-p - This felt like nothing new by the time I finally had it, mainly because I had taken 2c-i a total of 5 times before this. It was still pretty cool, I did it in school and no one really knew, I observed peoples motives just by looking at them, most of the spoiled kids at my school did not produce a visual aura and seemed rather "fake". DMT(smokeable kind) - Okay, this is rather hard to explain, it's like seeing visuals and not seeing them at the same time. I have not broke through all the way yet(I believe I was at the borderline a few times). I shall be getting more soon, and experimenting with visualizing Lucy again. The hard thing about this is that you have to keep hitting it, I've been building my lung capacity for a while since the last time I did it though, so I should have no problem. Do any of you guys have introspection on DMT and tulpae?