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  1. Day 26 It's already been a rough ride for me and my tulpa, Bloom. I've generally had lots of problems past day 10 (-ish), things like lack of concentration and motivation to force. As well as my parents actually finding out that I was making a tulpa and outright refusing me to make one, either that or get kicked out of the house.... But even after all of that, among university work and general stress. I can't seem to want to give up on Bloom. After all the time I have spent just talking to her, all the while getting no responce, just the thought of never speaking to her again crushed my emotionally. (On day 16 my parents found out and told me to stop making my tulpa. I complied at the time and said my "final goodbyes" to her while forcing that night. being a 19 year old guy, I burst into uncontrollable crying, it wasn't forced [no pun intended xD]) It was then I knew I was making good progress with Bloom, I had... no, I HAVE feelings for her, its almost as if I have known her for much longer than I actually have. I couldn't cope with losing her. That was when I knew I was doing it right, any doubt in my mind about anything tulpa related went that day. Since then we've been on a "forcing hiatus" due to my parents whole "if you do this, you're going to a flat" business and since I really don't have the money to do that, I needed things to calm down before I started forcing again. I still passive forced when I had the chance, but it was only a few times a day. Now it's been 26 days since I started Bloom, a good friend, and today we are going to start forcing again. I hope for the sake of both of us we can make this work. That was my Introduction to the progress report board, nothing really worth pointing out progress wise, just setting the scene for the days to come, any questions or important tid-bits will be in bold ;D Wish us luck Day 26 part 2 Since I've already "drawn" up a form for Bloom and I intend to keep up this progress report, I thought I might post some pictures of her form as of how I'm imagining it before any possible deviation: 2D Image of Bloom: THIS! 3D Model of Bloom: THIS!