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  1. Memory isn't a strong suit with this hardware, so we'll take your word on who's spoken with/around you more. You're definitely right about her talking more. We're really unsure about where that other stuff comes from though. Articulation has been and still is a weak skill of mine for many years, lol. I think we click better because we hate the same shit and aren't afraid to say so and laugh at it. Chick just doesn't see the point in that sort of thing and I can see that rubbing you the wrong way or something. Eh. Honestly dude, I really didn't want to be on this thing. Chick was the one who wanted to get more involved with the community. I have my moments, but they're usually cut short when I see much of the same bullshit. The other part isn't really true though I think. Separating our decisions and desires hasn't ever been an issue with us, so if Chick is part of X, I'm not. If that weren't the case, half of .info would be banned, lol. Who's a part of X is the one who'll type. Why would it be any other way if we're separate people? lol.
  2. Josh Humour

    No man, he's really experienced with tulpa! Us filthy plebians just can't even begin to get on his level. Thanks for the wallpaper, lol
  3. A lot of people never think to play the beats at the same time as some other medium, usually music. Could be super distracting, could be best the best thing ever. Depends, but you won't know until you give it a shot. THAT'S YOU. THAT'S HOW DUMB YOU SOUND. It is. Literally anytime you think of her outside of a dedicated session is passive. You don't have to narrate during a dedicated session. Just focus as much on her as possible, and on everything else as little as possible. How you accomplish this doesn't matter- it's whatever you feel is best. Good luck, guy.
  4. Always nice to see that there are still newbs that actually do some research before doing this. Good deal, and good luck, man. Also- Tons and tons of artists here on the forums who would probably take a request.
  5. If only you knew of the gloriousness you had birthed, Kadoh. Stay classy, .info. Also never, because I'm an edgy teen and emotion is for women and homosexuals.
  6. OC is best C. Every once in awhile, a tulpa comes out that makes me say 'neat'. Here's yours- Seriously though, that's a really interesting little bugger you have there. Yours too, man.
  7. (Roll means they re-asked the question they answered, or had rolled to them) A: 6 Q: Ever regret telling someone you have a tulpa?
  8. "ARMS. I KNEW IT. Also, could you be any cuter? I'm thinking not."
  9. Only time it's really frowned upon is when the accounts talk to each other, I guess. Not officially, just by some members.
  10. Squigs and I were pretty shit-posty and spammy in the beginning because we were so excited to be able to communicate, something I'm incredibly surprised wasn't reported for spam, looking back. Yup. I knew what was appropriate/inappropriate to proxy, but never had to actually censor anything because she knew what was appropriate/inappropriate to say. Ultimately this, I think. Case-by-case, sure, but initially your hands are tied. You can't just take people's word for it, since you can't know if they are honest or not.
  11. This seems fair, if this really is an issue (I can sort of see it being one, I guess). That being said- Go to bed.
  12. Edited my desc., but it really isn't important. Much more interested in the picture as a whole.