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  1. Two past experiences I had would be sometime last year before finding out about tulpas, and both times had a female voice say my name calmly. Best I can give.
  2. Dervich


    Glad to see everything is going well :)
  3. Congratulations Sorryman! Though the whole 9 month wait didn't hold together like you though, I see? If I'm wrong, did something happen? Oh yes, and welcome Melody!
  4. Just remember, if either of you aren't feeling your best, I'm sure everyone here will be supporting you two!
  5. I'm relieved to hear this... I don't even know what to say...
  6. October 5th, 2012 Continued I apologize for my previous outbreak, I've calmed down now and in fact am feeling great! I'm posting an update for today now as I'll be away the rest of the day. I'm realizing that maybe my situation may not be as bad as it seems. I'll be saving any important updates for tomorrows entry. Until then I'll be narrating to Tea and I'll try and introduce her to a turkey feast somehow... Have a good day! (Nevermind, celebrating Thanksgiving at home...)
  7. October 5th, 2012 Make the snoring stop. Absolutely cannot consentrate with the noise, the fridge, sure. I feel terrible right now about this as I've been promising Tea that I'd find time to make the wonderland and help her develop, but the only time of the day where I could guarantee a session is now plagued aswell. Frustrating as all hell, as I'll be celebrating "Canadian" Thanksgiving away from home with no time to fit in time for her. Truthfully this only time scenario wouldn't be such a bother, but my family isn't taking kindly to this idea. Can't abandon Tea now, I know she's here, I just need to figure out how to help beyond narration. I just need time.
  8. After catching up on your thread... much feels! You four have gone through a lot and I can definitely say you sound like a family! Even with the bad moments they were to be had, they just seem to bring you closer to each other.
  9. I'll be your guide through this thread, If your reading this, I appreciate that you've taken some time out of your day to read what I have to say. I have no real idea of how I want to go about this other than constant narration. I don't believe I'll be as frequent in here as somewhere else such as IRC. I'll appreciate any thoughts put out by anyone and welcome any suggestions or advice. Anyways my official start day was on September 17th, 2012. Being a member since July, I was finally convinced due to how my semester is going to go and due to a friends interest since explaining this to him. At this point, it feels like I have too many expectations and am planning to leave what I lay out as a template. For starters I've decided on using Tea as her name until she otherwise wants something different and form at this point in time is just a human female. Well enough of this let us get to the progress of this report. [align=center]Personality Work: -Warm Hearted -Open Minded -Intelligent -Extrovert -Attention To Details Planned -Caring -Curious -Creative [/align] September 17th, 2012 (Monday) (I lie a bit here, I "started" earlier, though I can't remember the details atm and I'm tired and want to get this post done) After much consideration, I had decided late that night to start working on a tulpa. At this time I was undecided on how to proceed (still am sort of) and I began introducing myself and such. Originally I had began by calling her Theta and just trying to think about her for as long as I could before I fell asleep. By the end of the week I had barely thought about it, but during my shift working at my placement I started discussing to her in my head about something that I was thinking about. Later that night, I introduced and talked about the traits warm hearted, open minded, intelligent and extrovert. I've been continuing to narrate to her whenever I thought of something, which was usually during the day, while I worked. Week of September 23rd, 2012 The following week was... odd. To sum it up quickly I talked some more, introduced attention to details, thought a concert would be a good idea for her (Hey Ocean! was awesome; think I forgot about her for the most part during ;-; ) and I got a response(?)... ...about two weeks in of just narration and some personality and this made stop for a good minute during work. I believe I had an intrusive thought and I felt the need to apologize. Next thing your know, right before I finish my sorry thought, just I heard the thought "It's okay" and it felt "different". Cannot think of any way to describe this other than it was slightly louder than my other thoughts and something... Week of September 30th, 2012 to Now Nothing new has popped up; I've been drawing out a form for her and narrating. Though yesterday, I finally felt like I needed to work on a wonderland. To do so, I've decided to use Dialogues guided hypnosis files to help me stay focused and to get a better understanding of how to proceed with the wonderland. Late last night, popped my headphones in and started listening. Induction was going great until, the sudden weight I was feeling made me lean foward... ...and down goes my spine. I hope to try again tonight...
  10. To Josh and Glass: Just a quick little fix up for ya. :) Anonymous, as interested as I am to do requests, I'm going to have to put this out for everyone else interested as well. I'm still trying to drawing consistently and still trying to learn and improve. If you are interested, you can leave a post here, but I want everything that you are requesting PM'd to me. I'm going to leave further details in the original post on this thread for more information.
  11. I was using Amadeus' sketches that was for you as a ref; checked them over again while I was refreshed earlier. Just looked like their was a bit of a bump on the close up drawing, the tilted shot, :I Easy fix, I'll post a corrected version later on today.
  12. Thank you, I think the nose possibly had to do with a lack of sleep on my part. I thought I saw something while looking through references. :I
  13. ...Doesn't seem to be a general thread to post anything tulpa related ssoooooo I'll just post anything related to tulpa here. >inb4 fail thread name So it was around 12:30 a.m. here and decided to draw to pass up time trying to help with trying WILD to help with concentration and beliefs. Decided to draw Glass because I found her design to be intriguing: Hooray for inspiration! To anyone interested in asking for a request read below: I'm not someone right now who is very consistent when it comes to drawing; still trying to feel comfortable with my art. Beware... If you are interested, I need you to: -PM your request, leave a notice here as well if you want -I need you to leave all information for your request -Reference(s) are welcomed I will do my part and do research if needed and get to finishing the request.
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    Told ya I'd come to read; just sort of starting at the end, but it's nice to hear that things are starting to get on track again for you. I'll have to go back and read the rest of this thread. Good luck to you and Re, Ill be watching.
  15. do I describe the shift in appearance, I don't know, but damn does she must look good!