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  1. (I know, what an appealing title that is.) So, I was in a bad mood today over a personal issue I (Don't laugh) interact with my two tulpas in my wonderland (Mostly with "that pony that was featured in Watch Dogs, blah blah") to keep myself cool. Usually I couldn't even feel her as good but without even trying I felt like I was actually feeling her the last moment I gave her a hug. Her fur felt exactly like what I imagined. Even better, I didn't even try to feel the warmth. What does this mean? I don't normally try to feel her fur when I touch her because when I do, the image disappears from my imagination into full blackness. With the feel of the said fur texture still remaining.
  2. I do tulpaforce often. However I suddenly go to sleep without my acknowledge and I do narrate throughout my day, there are times where I don't.
  3. 2 Years and I still don't have my Tulpa even talking yet. That's just sad. But yeah. What are your suggestions for human - 2 ponies activity and maybe even some involvement with others? I'm running out of ideas... One is Lyra Heartstrings, who isn't human obsessed but more like your friendly next door neighbor that is rather annoying at times but hilarious. The other is Trixie, Great and Powerful. I didn't change her personality. Also, my wonderland always changes and my wonderland is rather dark and hard to see. Plus I sorta feel like I am puppeting (I have a fear of that because of how dark and hard to see my Wonderland is, and how it changes every day.) (Also, no sex tyvm.)
  4. Does it work with an "invisible" tulpa? How would I know if she's there if she's not imposed?
  5. So I spent a whole hour visualizing my two tulpas. Uncovering my eyes, I have seen a small bit of Trixie's cape and hind legs right in front of me, looking around, I saw the "butt" side of Lyra for only a brief second. This kinda confuses me, why did they just disappear from my very eyes in under a second? (Note, I had all of my lights off and Trixie's cape was a vibrant purple along with her blue fur sort of glowing a bit from the dark and Lyra's mint green fur is also as vibrant.)
  6. No - Sure, we might get more guides, but most of them might not be as good as back then. Sure, it may become a word okay to use in your everyday life, but all of this doesn't mean that trolls would come and bash Tulpas over and over again, Howard Stern starting to stereotype Tulpamancers (Howard didn't just stereotype bronies, but also Eric the Miget) and a poorly accurate portrayal of Tulpas in South Park (Despite that I love the show, they might get it wrong.) Plus, I'd rather have people be saying "What's a tulpa?" than "You have a Tulpa? Lolz *insert insult here*" also, a bunch of wars would take place in badly made guides against the author of the guide and many other Tulpa fans. Let's take a look at the M.U.G.E.N community: 1998 - 2006, the community was small. A lot of characters made for it back then were good. The point of Mugen was to make a boring fighting game against 2 Kung Fu Mans to Megaman VS Mario in the Bikini Bottom with a Marvel VS Capcom HUD. Until a viral video about Homer and Peter fighting in Mugen came along in 2007, kids were slowly, slowly, SLOWLY were invading Mugen thus starting drama and all that jazz. 2012 was when it reached it's point of extreme popularity. Mugen was no longer a fighting game where people could make Mugen characters and no one would care how badly made it was unless it really crossed the line of glitchyness and ugliness and the creators, 10 years old, 19 years old, bad creators, good creators used to not give a crap about each other, but now people make bashing videos over badly made characters rudely criticizing their characters and a whole total war with the bashed and the bashers come and go for another total war against each other. A good example would be Weegeeisgoingtokillm who made horribly made Mugen characters in Mugen standards. He would cry about it and troll people like Daniel999999gmc and Mattthebiscuit for no reason (Or was it the other way around?), the two go back at him and back and back causing a war to join up against Weegeeisgoingtokillm til he is gone no more then another person would come in and do the same evil deeds Weegeeisgoingtokillm did and it would be the same war and drama all over again. Mugen was just a huge competition to see who made the best Mugen characters there is. Such as that, people expect the best out of your characters one glitch or two = badly made the sprites are a bit clunky = badly made or even if the sprites consist of under 200 images = badly made... The Mugen character was made by a mugen author who was noted to make badly made Mugen characters = the character is badly made no matter what The point I am getting to this is that the Tulpa community would be an endless war fest over crappy Tulpa guides made by 13 year olds, and it would just go on and on and on becoming a nice place to get help from other people to a war over this one kid who thought Applejack was best pony or the guide was inaccurate or had a grammar mistakeand stuff if it were popular and maybe even the Tulpas themselves would be involved in this. (As in the Tulpas would get insulted for what they are) So, would you rather have an unpopular community full of mature people of any age that would respect what kind of guide and character you like or made (as a Tulpa?), or do you want a popular community that would spread drama all over the place because you made an Applejack pony Tulpa? It would just be if the Mugen Community was the Tulpa Community.
  7. I honestly don't want to see her in a form of a Fallout Equestria character. Specifically that one grey pony in a Vault suit. She's ugly. But that's how she wants to portray her self and I am fine. Another question: If I visualize her as a Lyra Heartstrings even though she wants to be that Littlepip thing, will it still apply to her new form?
  8. Sadly, I didn't get the chance to dream at all yesterday. (I probably did, just forgot about it.) but I really wish I could see her again.
  9. I was thinking that the South Park Tulpa would simply turn 3D. They do have a side side and back side.
  10. I am not planning on having a South Park character as a Tulpa, nor will I ever do it, but how would a South Park character work as a Tulpa since they are simple pieces of construction paper that walk by doing short bunny hops? Watch South Park and you'll know what I mean. What if someone did a similar tulpa design to what South Park is portrayed? How would they work in the real world?
  11. 1.Lyra started out as being Lyra from the show MLP and always was, plus I knew what Fallout Equestria was way after I was told about Tulpas by my friend, so younger form is not possible, plus Pip isn't young at all. 2. Same thing happened to Lyra once in a dream. Being all sentient, mute and stuff, I haven't told the Tulpa community about it, though. I think she had more fuzzier fur than this Lyra. But I try not to imagine Pip as best as I could. 3. I did imagine her talking while she is using head pressure before I knew about Fallout Equestria, or maybe even before it's existence.
  12. What was the point of this dream character? Why is she/he here? It resembled Littlepip from Fallout Equestria, even though I don't like the fanfic and that Littlepip pony still follows me around in the Internet anyways. Now's she's following me around as a sentient dream being. She follows me around in the dream and is the only character in my dream that I could touch, and smell (And she smelled like a stray dog (I've said eggs, she didn't smell anything like that.), and even acted like one (sorta).) she's very quiet, however and doesn't speak at all, pretty much like Lyra. "Littlepip" was a really nice pony and never tries to hurt me or anyone in the dream, like Lyra in my dream back in 2013. Though being the first time seeing her I had a fond of her and we got along really well. (Like Lyra.) Is this "Littlepip" pony Lyra looking out for me in another form? I believe I gave her an ability to shape shift into other ponies. is she becoming sentient in my dreams, but not in the real world? Why did she turn into somepony that I don't like? (I had the feeling to punch the Littlepip look alike in the face and actually tried to at one point in the dream because I didn't like the character herself, but another character stopped me from doing it.) Also, I had no though of Lyra at all for a bit, and I haven't seen anything FO:E related since a week ago.
  13. I worked pretty hard on mindvoices with Trixie (Yes, the wizard pony.), Lyra's (Yes, the pony that couldn't even go outside without her friend Bon Bon) still mute (Even though she spoke in one of my dreams months ago) and she's alright with that. Trixie would give me very clear responses but at times her responses are either quiet, mumbly, or cuts away too fast. In dreams, she can be heard greatly, I pass it on as my Trixie since her personality from there is completely opposite from the one we all know and >I< love with 2 traits, being a boaster and a 3rd person speaker. She would talk in 3rd person sometimes for the fun of it, but at other times she won't. She would usually stay silent until I speak to her a question, like I said her responses are usually quiet, or cuts out sometimes, pretty much like what I did with Lyra back then. Trixie would just say what she wants to say faster than my mind could think. She also talks like she has an everyday life going on with her, and Lyra. I don't feel like I am puppeting her, but at the same time I think so. What do you think? And to save any more questions; yes, she is defiantly sentient to the max. She has her own head pressure, she's interactive in my dreams (75% of the time she won't come to my dreams, however. But hey, there might be something I am forgetting about in my dreams.) , and I can feel warmth like she is next to me, hugging me with her hooves (Trixie is love, Trixie is life).
  14. this dream-self like someone else, or just the same you in an asleep state where you do without thinking and actions happen for silly reasons or no reason? Depends if it is a random dream that doesn't make any sense while I am still not able to know that. If it is, he's a seperate entity, if not he's not but more of like an uncontrollable version of me that can be controled by the power of my tulpas and saying "I will lucid dream" over and over again. So, yes the same thing as me when I am in an asleep state. you're seeing your tulpa in a dream in full clarity, A very vivid image of her spinning with my eyes closed, dream and real life. I was actually closed eye visualizing before I slept. So, that creeped me out. - Don't let this become an excuse for putting in less effort when awake. Dream forcing is probably helping, but it's not a reason to slack off. Eh, don't worry about that. I never get dreams that I want, even while lucid dreaming. Plus, I put in an hour or sometimes half an hour on forcing. - If this was the only forcing on this tulpa, I'd be worried that you might end up only able to interact with her in dreams because the mind can put quite a divide between dreams and waking. Actually, this is my first dream visualization. I would say that because you see your dream self as a separate entity to you that it isn't progress I don't think he's a separate entity unless non-believable things happen or actions that I would never do he does. as you're not reinforcing your tulpa truly being alive and active to yourself, but putting everything your tulpa did down to this dream self. My dream self/he did it himself/myself. Probably because he wants to help me out on forcing because I fell asleep during my visualization. Dreams are also fairly hard to remember for most people Same thing for me, unless it's about my tulpa. For some reason, I remember stuff about that cute little magician pony greatly, everything else is quickly forgotten... Hmmm...
  15. So, I accidentally tulpaforced in my dream, and my dream self was actually doing 50 times better than me. He fell off the bed after forcing because he saw a glimpse of my Tulpa next to my bed, the rest has nothing to do with visualizing. So, the question is if my dream self visualizes, is it still progress?
  16. I get some hate for having her as a Tulpa, but... this pony herself: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/208/8/e/pfd15_the_great_and_powerful_trixie_lulamoon_by_rayodragon-d58vhrr.png
  17. Will they still have their old form which is a pony?
  18. Two Tulpas, both around in one year yet still not imposed. EVERY guide on imposition does not work for me. Closest thing that I could get to beign able to comprehend or even DO was Q2's imposition guide. But guess what? I've been doing that for HALF A YEAR, NOW!!! I also did one tip from my friend telling me t visualize her on the ground next to me. I've been doing that for a while now. Half a second, one second then poof every time I visualize them next to me, they're gone from my mind eyes. Weird dreams making me anxious to bring them into the real world, I could never make the mindvoice clear for them... Lyra used her mindvoice once but it was faint, quiet and hard to hear so I asked her to resort to head pressure instead, Trixie doesn't even speak at all despite giving her a voice 2 days ago. Should I just quit and just leave my tulpas untouched by Imposition? (Besides the fact that I am imposing them next to me, though. Of course, it's not imposition. They only appear a half a second. Just me playing around...) I am at Imposition and mindvoice at both of them. It's time for them to quit using head pressure because the head pressure thing is conflicting with my headaches, but apparently I can't. Average person, 1 month. Me, freaking 1 year already and no tulpa in sight. As you can see, I am frustrated. Imposed for half a year now and no sight of them at all. i know they're with me, but it seems I just can't give them a mindvoice or a "body" to use in the real world.
  19. Funny, I had almost the same thing happen to me besides my Tulpa helping me but only pranking me. She gave me outright lucidity and a full vivid dream at the start. My theory of why she did this is that back when I was visualizing Lyra, I told her to "surprise me" with no response. It's Lyra's 1 year birthday and still not imposed, she finally sets up the dream right when I went back to Trixie like they both were planning it until I lost her from my mind completely. They'd thought it would be funny to prank me with my 2 fears; giant rats, and missing the school bus. Just had a dream today where I was walking around like a normal day thinking it was the weekends until I saw the bus driving to my home a few seconds, they didn't see me and drove off. I was pretty pissed, so I went back home and saw a giant rat (That looks exactly like a real rat only bigger.) I freaked out and ran. It was like as big as a human. But the rat didn't see me anyways. I woke up, it was all a dream (or was it?) I heard some cute giggles that sounded like Trixie and Lyra. I decided to check out of my door and suddenly woke up. Waking up again, I didn't see them anywhere. No sight at all. I thought of the two unicorn mares as the pranking duo, so that might be their first ever prank. I swear, I thought it was real life at first until I woke up for real. Well, that's the Great and Powerful Trixie, and Lyra Heartstrings (fanfic versions) for you. Lyra is vocal, but I have to listen hard enough for her very faint responses but I can't get some quiet while my brother watching his sports in my room every night. Trixie's voice sounds like your wall. Basically, she has no voice yet.
  20. Well, whatever dream that was that she set up with the dreamception was actually a funny prank she pulled off on me. Hopefully Trixie can appear in my dreams like Lyra did.
  21. My 2nd tulpa, Trixie is controlling my dreams and it's actually kinda cool, and much better than my messed up dreams before Trixie and the dreams she controlled is much better than how Lyra controlled it. Lyra: :( So, unlike my regular dreams, they are more of like a trick that I am actually awake. When I touch a wall, it feels like a real one, or if I move my blankets they feel like they are blankets. Also, I can Lucid Dream without trying. But she never actually appears in my dreams. Most of my past 2 dreams start off with me visualizing her after I woke up, I then get out of bed to go to school. Normal things happen in the middle, then at the end something unnatural happens and I run off. While running off, I all of the sudden wake up to a mini-dream of me waking up seeing a photo of Trixie hanged on the wall, then I truly wake up. I told Trixie about this, and she was being honest with me saying that she did control my dreams and might show herself in my next dream. I still love her, though. What differs from Lyra's style of interacting me from dreaming is that she is there like my guardian angel. When bad things happen in my dream, she's there to help. But in here neither Trixie, or Lyra would be willing to be at my back. The hello? What the hamburgers? So, can tulpas control dreams, or is it just an ordinary dream?
  22. The only thing she normally has missing on her is her hat, though. Cape is usually there and so is her tail. I never really had conflicts with her in the past except when I preferred to visualize Lyra instead. I guess it got her angry. My best method I am using to visualize both of them equally is to imagine them together, but it usually cuts for 1 second or I would get an image of Trixie from various vector graphic images from Deviantart appearing in my face. The pressure never bothered me. In fact, when Lyra spoke to me the first time without her voice, I felt warmth and happiness that she's there after a whole year of imposing her. The imaging Trixie nodding thing, I've done it with Lyra before I remembered Trixie as a Tulpa. She's sort of the yes man (or woman, or mare) with my positive questions.
  23. Well, I want her to stop making strange outlines for imposition it bothers me and I just can't accept it. Communicating through pressure didn't work as she doesn't do anything when I ask her. (I determine their pressures with how hard they pressure my head. Lyra gently pressures my head showing her pacifism and care, Trixie roughly pressures my head showing that she is tough.)