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  1. There is one reason I came here. Basically, I've been sort of forcing since before I even knew of tuplas. I just sit and reflect upon my day, chatting to my self. Just going over what happened, and what I think of it. There for, when I tried to force for real, I got an instant hello, from a tupla that was living in the shadows. Or so I think. I am having trouble finding out if he is an actual tupla, or rather a servitor. He seems to have similar interests as to me, but I'm not entirely sure, as his mind voice sounds(?) identical to mine. Heck, I've lost track of who's speaking here and there. I did let him posses my arm, and he didn't want to stop, if this helps at all. In addition, he (seemed to, anyways) has chosen his form himself.
  2. So. Hi. Not much I care to say, really. Other than this idea sort of interests me. I do have one thing, but it's sort of big, so that's more of something that should go in another section. Suppose that why I made this account, for this one singular question. Maybe I'll stick around though.