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  1. Generally they do, but from what my shadow did, it changed forms often to suit its purposes. From being just a shadow, to being what looked like an old man tulpa, to other forms. The only time it looked most like me, was during the "ritual" for me and it seemed very worried and angry at the time. Like it didn't want to be destroyed, probably why it wasn't trying to look like something else at the time.
  2. Hmm, that very well could be. I know that during that time a part of me was still worried about the dangers or tulpamancing (there don't really seem to be any, but irrational fears work in funny ways :p). I was talking to a friend who was also making a tulpa, but the tulpa turned out "violent" towards him and he destroyed her. He went to a "psychologist" not long before this and told her all about his tulpa. She told him that she had heard that tulpae take over people, and I think she instilled a lot of negative fear into him, and he passed some of that on to me. I think your theory is quite good, although I don't block out other possible theories as well. As a wannabee Jungian Psychoanalyst I would like to believe it was my shadow merging with me in the process of individuation, but when it is in the mind it is always hard to tell what is "just a desire playing out" and what is an actual phenomenon.
  3. I know this thread is old and thread necromancy is bad... but I really feel like I have something to add here. I faced off with my shadow many times, in many odd ways. First he merely challenged my tulpa and I, and we fought him off. At this time he tried calling my tulpa a monster, and telling her that she would eventually try to kill me or something crazy and that she was innately evil. We told him to fuck off and kept fighting him, but he continued to mess with the wonderland. Eventually we built barriers to keep him out, and for a time that worked. Then he came to us, disguised as a strange man, and told me he was an "old tulpa" of mine from my childhood that I had not intended to make and that he just wanted to be friends. However, he was a jerkass, and kept making my tulpa feel uncomfortable. He tried to be suave, and "all knowing" but we didn't trust him and sent him away. He said that the "shadow" I saw was him appearing to me and "having his fun" before actually showing himself. Later the shadow attacked full force and we fought him off again, and no longer tried to speak to us. Then for a long time he disappeared... that is until late October of 2012. That day in late October, this happened: What does everybody think, any opinions on what happened, any theories? (I would post it here, but it is so long I don't want to create a giant post. I was actually directed here by someone from the link.)
  4. I've actually found that if you try to have the tulpa text with someone (over a chat), then it can coax them out of their "hiding" hole. Arya for me started speaking more after she was asked if she wanted to talk (although this was later into the process and might not work for tulpae that are just getting to the speaking part).
  5. Creator seems best to me, its short, simple, and to the point. Other people understand what you mean without too much explanation (beyond the usual explanation of what a tulpa is).
  6. Hmm, a guide for making something like this would indeed be very useful.
  7. Thank you very much! :)
  8. Sounds good, take as much time as you need.
  9. Sounds good, offline stuff comes first, thanks for the update. :)
  10. Connected with the above comment, Arya was pretty quiet for a short while after the day I gave her access (pre-vocal), and I do believe that it seemed to speed up her gaining vocalization. I also think it helps build trust.
  11. Everyone here has already given great points, from pure love, to keeping a living being alive, to making them feel safe and loved, and not forgotten. Thinking of the good times you'll have, the laughs you'll share. Arya told me one of the most important things for her was me believing in what we were doing, even when I was on the brink of feeling hopeless.
  12. Cool, I'll try to detail her new look the best I can. Her new form is that of an anthro snowy owl, so she has dark spots on her head and wings (which are a part of her arms, not separate from them). She has three talons on the front of her feet, and one talon at the back of each. She walks like a humanoid with front bent knees, not back-bent. Her feathers are snow white (except for the dark spots), and a little ruffled most of the time. She is anatomically avian, so she does not have mammary glands or the like. I just know some people assume that when the word anthro comes into play. She also does not wear any clothing for the most part. This last part is not necessary but it would be cool if you could have her attacking a squirrel in a flying pose, just about to grab it, (or no squirrel and just the pose would work) sort of like this: If you want a reference picture, this is the best I can find: If you need any other details just ask. :)
  13. I feel bad for asking, but since Arya changed forms is there any chance I could make another request? If not I understand.
  14. I just stick to the belief that "if you put enough effort into it, and believe it will work, your brain will probably work it out on its own." It isn't quite that simple, but that is the gist of it.
  15. I have taken the test multiple times and I always get INFP, but when Arya took the short version you linked (the one I took was 200 something questions), she received ENFP. It would make sense that her primary mode of living is external, because that is where all of the stimulation from my senses that she relies on is. Edit: Also, reading the description of an ENFP here, it does sound eerily like how she acts and how she seems to think. Also, she is the one who filled it out, I didn't do it from what I think she is like.