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  1. HI Lunaclipse! Nothing that I can really add here that I haven't already or hasn't already been said.
  2. I'll field both of these first yes I kinda do have multiple persona by which I mean I have accounts on other sites with different emails and usernames. As for the one above you the post count thing was just random I had no intention at stopping on 69. next person to post is from Australia,
  3. No I am rather chilled. The next person joined this forum well after I did.
  4. Granted. However your wish states that you wish that you wished so that's what you get a lifetime of sorrow brought upon by not outright wishing to be a fish leading suicide by swimming out to sea. I wish to be immune to extreme heat and cold
  5. Okay you are but your magic is restricted to your masters wishes and that is after they find you. enjoy being stuffed in a lamp and buried in 10 kilometers of arctic ice. My wish is simple one day of peace.
  6. Yu Yu Hakusho The next person has only posted in this thread
  7. ...the pizza and oatmeal to keep the cats away by...
  8. Well its been three months since my last post and that's because i decided to only post when something of relevance happened. Well, a few days ago I somehow accidentally created a new tulpa that took the form of the MLP pony Roseluck. for those who don't know this is Roseluck Here.I don't have a concrete name yet so I'm just referring to her as Roseluck for now. So far the only thing she's done since randomly appearing has been clinging to and cuddling with Dawn which is cute. however, I still would like to know why she is Roseluck especially considering I had given up on making a pony tulpa when Midnight deviated her form months ago. That's all for mow until the next major development.
  9. not today but many times before next person is posting past midnight
  10. just turned it off actually but when did this get 50 pages long next person hates my choice of avatar
  11. I just ate actually and i do enjoy this i was just at a loss to come up with something at that moment next person will be from Europe
  12. And here I thought i would be the one to do that next person to post wants this game to stop
  13. nope next person will say that I am wrong/lying
  14. I do lack creativity and to prove it next person to post will have more total posts than me
  15. I do have pets I was hoping to get megabusta to reply and make me right but oh well next person to post is atheist or agnostic (taking a shot in the dark with this)