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    I was born in NC stayed there for 2 months then live in florida till I was 7. Then moved to virginia till I was 8 then New york till I was 9. Ironically I then moved back to florida about 15min from my old house. Anything else that you think of just shoot me a PM.
  1. I gave my tulpa a basic form and just forced compassion and humor into her personality and let her figure herself out all on her own. She has been developing fine with that being said. I understand on the freedom thing because I didnt want to be a over authoritative figure to her, more of a really close friend so I treat her the same way i do my friends, no exceptions. Dont worry about it because your tulpa knows when youre upset and it generally makes them upset as well. Take it a day at a time and have fun with it.
  2. Well thats a really optimistic way to look at things :) Any bold standing moment that brought lots of euphoria though?
  3. Sadly due to my life, there is always loads of stress. Ill try to increase my water intake, like you recommend, and see if it helps. Hasn't happened in a while though. I'm starting to believe it was an isolated event.
  4. I can see that getting old fast. I use to have a girlfriend who thought that shit was an Olympic sport.
  5. Indeed; exactly what I had in mind. It's weird when my tulpa gets in my dreams because she feels the need to almost troll around in them. Not like a mean troll but just dumb shit that she deems funny. I usually wake up with wtf face on soon after. I have still yet to let the stars come back to the night sky in my wonderland due to the feelz it generates. They're not bad, just to many memories to be flooded with at once.
  6. That sounds like a lot of fun! I wonder how that chess game looks to someone who dosent have or know you have a tulpa hahaha.
  7. My tulpa likes reggae and im a dubstep fan so we usually end up taking turns on what to listen to, we both agree 90s alternative is sweet though. Thats nice. I havent really explored much with my tulps, only up and down the beach a little ways but thats all.
  8. The line between an alter and a tulpa is very grey almost. There both living personalities in your mind that can both control your body if you let them. Only difference is, is that we 'know' a tulpa can not just shanghai your body while someone with an alter thinks that they can not control a alter from taking control. In all actuality someone with an alter can tell the alter and know in there subconscious that they are more powerful then the alter and not allow the alter to take control over their body without consent first. If this were to happen the alter would then become a tulpa, but t
  9. Finish reading my post, i explained why. I dont force past getting us in the same place, after that i let it all take its own course since i wouldn't force a friend to do anything, so why would i force my tulpa to be or do something she dosent want to? We agree on what we do whether thats just hanging out or going and doing something; i dont make her do anything. I dont call what i do forcing since im not trying to change anything, i call it being a friend and just chillin out. Trying to alter personality is all symbolism. You can have a jar with your tulpas name on it and have smal
  10. Thats cool. If I told my girlfriend that i had a tulpa and explained it shed probably call me crazy and leave me hahaha.
  11. Well whatever it is all we know is that girls either have to high expectations or guys need to set the manga down and get laid atleast once to fix that problem hahaha
  12. Well, damn. Key to a happy life is lowered expectations. If you expect nothing from anyone then youre always happy when someone does something and youre not a picky old women who has over 9000 cats. Dont be picky, dont be an old women hoarding cats like a concentration camp.
  13. We all have are activities that we enjoy, and your tulpa has their own activities that they enjoy. But what are the things you guys do when youre hanging out? Me and Cara like to dance to music, walk the beach, and longboard. Neither of us are good dancers at all (sorry Cara, but its true) but shes a good longboarder. These are our favorite activities. What do you do with your tulpa for fun?
  14. Well I had 2 names I wanted to call my tulpa, Sonia and Cara. Sonia is greek for wisdom and Cara is irish for friend. Well she didnt really take well to Sonia, kinda rejected it when i called her that name so I tried Cara and she liked it and it stuck really well. So no i call her Cara or Keira, but mainly Cara unless im talking really fast.
  15. I dont share my senses with my tulpa when im in an area that she might not like, but she hates it when I talk to other females that im romantically interested in Were working on it though and she knows that im not wanting to have a relationship with her other then her being my closest friend. She gets kinda annoyed when people take things to seriously but shes to laid back to really care to much other then roll her eyes and change topic.
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