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  1. Guess I could give this another update now, since we have been working more on possession. Right now Dante has quite a good control over my left arm, and has started to be quite good with my right arm. Our attempts on legs haven't been as successful though, and he still can't really lift anything with my hands, we'll work more on that too. I should also focus on Dante way more than I should, I just feel like I've been neglecting him lately. Also I want more pictures made out of Dante, but I can't draw for shit and he is really hard to draw. :|
  2. And now Dante is a year old, yay. We celebrated by singing songs, eating cake and adventuring in our wonderland, finished by just some general talking. Was a blast and I hope that next year will be equally good.
  3. Just realized, Dante's birthday is coming in around two weeks, I need to celebrate it. Kind of weird to think that it's already been a year since I first started tulpaforcing. I'll be interested to see what the next year will bring. But other than that, we've forced a little here and there, practicing posession on my left arm.
  4. Welp, haven't updated this for quite a while, guess I could finally give this an update. First of all, yes, we both are still doing fine and Dante is doing well. We have been practicing posession over the course of the last few months, and he has manage to control my entire left arm quite well, we even went into the .info chat and let Dante type something by himself. It was slow and quite difficult for him, but in the end we're both happy that he can now communicate to others with other means than just telling them what he wants to say. Our goal is to eventually work on him posessing my right arm, and hopefully at some point take control of my entire body(not in the switching sense, mind you), it'll be interesting to see what happens after that. Even if we don't succeed in full body posession, we'll move next to finally do imposition, a stage which has been really dreadful for us to do. But other than that, we'll continue popping into the .info chat every once in a while, and hopefully get to talk to the TulpaCouple family again, we both miss them. Also, a small text from Dante which he wrote himself. Yes, there are several typos but I figured to keep them anyway: [hello world, thiss is dante. happy biiiiiiiiiirthdayy luke!]
  5. DuQuchmoHjaj qoSlIj. DuQuchmoHjaj qoSlIj. DaHjaj bIQuchjaj tulpadotinfo. DuQuchmoHjaj qoSlIj. Only two months for Dante's birthday, yay
  6. Correction, reasonable tulpamancers.
  7. I am fairly certain there are no tulpamancers near Helsinki, or in Finland in general. Or at least any that I know of. Oh well.
  8. Why are you guys still asking? Can't you see that he hasn't replied a thing to any of your requests? Plus he hasn't logged in for half a year. Geez guys, you should actually look a bit before you start asking.
  9. The consequences of tulpa(.info) going mainstream right now would be: A. We get laughed at B. We are disregarded after the first celebrity gossip C. We are glued with the association: 'Serious mental issues' D. All of the above
  10. Alright, decided to edit this thread a bit after a long break. It should be clarified and more beginner friendly now. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions regarding my guide!
  11. Y'know, it's never going to get finished if people keep wanting their tulpa in the group picture too(assuming Deltamelon's sister is still working on it[or if Deltamelon is even visiting this site anymore]). You should put a line there and tell when the signups are closed.
  12. Anyway, I would request a drawing of Dante, but I think you're busy enough with the current requests for now so I'll hold.
  13. Well, my tulpa has the ability to shapeshift, run at near lightspeed levels and has the same abilities as the character he was based upon(toa Mata Nui), plus flight. He also has the ability to create wonderlands, which can go from simple grass plains with a cottage in the middle all the way to fully detailed cities with it's own architecture. There's probably a lot more Dante can do, but we haven't really explored his abilities properly yet. We'll just have to wait and see.
  14. There's kind of a difference between knowing and knowing your tulpa is still alive. Sure, you can constantly tell yourself that she is there, but unless you actually believe in that, it won't work. What I suggest on top of the methods others have already posted, is that keep on trying, don't give up and most importantly have faith that your tulpa is still there. Hugs and best of luck from me and Dante!
  15. So, would you mind if you drew Dante, the only Bionicle there is in this community? :3 I currently only have one uncolored sketch of him, made by Amadeus and found here. There's also this quote I made a long time ago to describe him: Thanks beforehand!