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  1. So if I am reading this correctly: 1) You went to a subreddit for a disorder you don't have 2) Somehow managed to equate that disorder to being a tulpamancer 3) Got mad because its labeled a disorder even though you have no first hand experience to judge if it is or not 4) Came here and ranted because no one is listening to your self righteous campaign you decided to go on an hour ago Yeah, I don't think anyone but you is at fault here.
  2. You would say that considering at the end he OUTED YOU AS COLLUDING WITH HIM!
  3. He was trolling. The intent was not to do a serous video on tulpas or research them in any way. The point of his video and the series as a whole is to point and laugh at people who believe in "paranormal" junk
  4. There were multiple people who claimed to have screaming Pinkie tulpas Maybe there was some truth around it at the very start, some catalyst that others built off, but I am sure, 100%, that they are trolls.
  5. Wait, Mistgods gone? Hot damn, that's great. I might actually hang around without getting unreasonably angry now And I have no idea who Karl is but I try not to upset people. Most of the established facts around Tulpas are based off my experiences so to come back four years later and actively hurt the community would be a foolish and ultimately pointless action
  6. I'm not sure if you realize this (Its hard to tell via text) but the Pinkie Pie tulpa thing was a troll. Back when we were based entirely on /mlp/ there would be a new thread every day claiming to have made a pony who was trying to murder them or was screaming non-stop or whose eyes wouldn't derp right. It was a fun time
  7. I can't say I'll be back around on a regular basis but if anyone needs help I'll be happy to. I joined during the very first /mlp/ threads and was basically the only other one there aside from FAQman with a tulpa already. I know a lot of the oldies were inspired to start due to my stories and although I no longer have any tulpas myself I am kind of done feeling sorry about that and am willing to share any stories or tips I can to help. And who knows, maybe I'll pick up the courage to try again one day. I wouldn't recommend looking though my old posts. They are four years old, very poorly written and very emotional.
  8. Sometimes tulpas just go away, you know? Sometimes it gets too much for people and they need to make drastic choices. It's their minds and they need to deal with whats in it, not you. I don't think shaming people who feel the need to get rid of their tulpa or who just lose one is fair.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcMTv1Csdhw Prepare for an influx of trolls 7:50 is where he comes to Tulpa.info and starts reading posts
  10. Pleeb nearly went bankrupt when first setting up servers for this place. Had to donate a few times just to make sure the site stayed up. Dont know how things are now days. I know Pleebs finally back on his feet.
  11. Im really confused about what this thread started off as being about
  12. I see, once again, that Mistgod has turned a promising thread into a thread about himself. I would have liked to see him last on his new self ban, but we all knew this wasnt going to happen. Lets face it. Any thread about trying to improve the forum is, in the end, going to turn into an argument about Mistgod. Either Mistgod is going to do it himself for attetion about how he is the greatest poster in the world in his eyes or someones going to point the finger of blame at Mistgod for the forum being a bit shitty. Honestly, any way you look at it, Mistgod is a dividing issue for the whole forum and he is driving the community apart. This thread I feel is proof enough of that.
  13. I dont believe we should treat Tulpa.info ethically. I think we should use it to test new make-up and have it smoke fags. Serously though, this seems like a good idea and Ill give the threads a look over when I can.
  14. Honestly, unless you are very prone to headaches while focusing or something physical like that, I struggle to see many drawbacks to making a tulpa. I guess the tulpa might turn out annoying or something, which is a problem that could probably be solved. No, cant really think of any drawbacks.
  15. Right, so is she a physical pillow or a pillow in your mind?
  16. Way back when people recorded having experiences where their tulpa would insert themselves into dreams, normally causing said dreams to become lucid. I always found I woke up way too much and would end up tired the next day. Something for the weekends, maybe.
  17. *Kind swipe* Have a nice Christmas Mistgod. See you soon. Sorry this whole thing got so ugly.
  18. Unless you have three imaginary dicks in you at all times, you are not doing it right
  19. I didn't know anyone that casual existed. Hot tupper orgies all day bra!
  20. Ive never been one to try and dampen reality for my tulpas. Most people like to narrate books and such, but I normally narrate things that piss me off. Even when forcing I talk shit to them. Not in a "I hate you" way mind you. My first one came out ready to talk shit back and ended up being quite a realist and Im hoping for much the same situation with Ad. Its not my job to protect anyones innocence. You come out trying to be all cute and ignorant of the world and Ill tell you where to stick it. This is why Im not allowed to babysit children anymore...
  21. I agree with this post 100%. This is why I think its a bad idea to start making a tulpa until some real thought and planning have been put in