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  1. If you remember me, hi. If you don't, also hi.
  2. From the Tvtropes page: " is probably the largest website about the phenomenon. However you are more likely to find useful information on the /mlp/ threads on 4chan. " Also it describes tulpas as being part of a neo-pagan belief system, which seems strange to me since I don't think most people making tulpas are neo-pagans.
  3. SSaint


    Sotek like Kh+T* is kind of disgusting
  4. I don't know about how it would affect imposition, but it definitely affects your tulpa negatively.
  5. WILD seems a lot easier to me because you don't have to go through the work of keeping a dream diary or getting in the habit of doing reality checks or whatever. That being said, I've been trying it on and off for a couple years and have little to show for it.
  6. Tulpas are dumb and cannot express themselves properly. Give it time and it gets better.
  7. Lesson Twenty? Page 111? Q, don't hold out on us like this.
  8. Well I always wanted to have just one tulpa. But I got a second one by accident. During a session, I found Alexandra somewhere in wonderland. Afterwards, we returned to where she sleeps so she could go to bed. But Alexandra was already in bed when we arrived. The one I'd just had a session with was some kind of duplicate? Anyways, she took the form of a more child-like Alexandra over time. I never did any visualization work on her, so I had trouble seeing her in the mind's eye without really focusing. After about a month, she left. That is my accidental tulpa experience.
  9. On the plus side, if you're diagnosed with schizo, you can get autism bucks, right?
  10. I had a second Tulpa show up. She stuck around for a bit, then left of her own accord. Not sure if it was/is at all unpleasant for her.
  11. Because it sounds vaguely familiar. Why exactly is it that people call Tulpas Tulpae?
  12. If it's one I'm watching currently, MLP. If any show I've ever watched, The Wire. Q: Have you hugged your tulpa today? If not, stay after class and write "Neglect," on the board fifty times.
  13. Is it cheating if you masturbate to anything else?
  14. Were we supposed to get the e-mail yet? I didn't get it.