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  1. I listen to chillstep and stuff also pianists anyway thank you all I'll try all of it
  2. I mean like music I've never heard before so I don't get to attached
  3. Alright so some of you guys mentioned music, quick question would it be a good idea to go on to a YouTube mix of music I like so I don't get carried a way with the rythm or just make a playlist?
  4. This helped more then you can imagine, I'll look forward to forcing alot!
  5. I have so much trouble and motivation to force. I know you all say 'make forcing fun' but to be completely honest it isint the most fun thing to do. Any tips or tricks to having a fun forcing lesson ive had to start again becasue i've given up I honestly have no hope but id still love to have you guys gimme suggestion on how to force. Thanks firedusk
  6. Alright so I struggle so much whilst forcing for me its extremely boring and i find myself not wanting to talk and imagining random things, is there anything i can do too prevent this? Its getting to the point where I don't even force. I've read about people saying forcing needs to be fun and honestly I have no idea what could make it fun, I can hardly talk to a person irl for 30 minutes never mind something that will not talk back at this stage. Any help or ideas that would help me be able to force for longer without getting bored? Thanks Firedusk
  7. Thank you so much this helped a alot! I'll take a different approach on my tulpa now!
  8. 16/3/14 Allannas form changed she is now a girl. I found this form a lot easier to narrate too it felt more natural she mirrors me and sits crossed legged a lot. Sometimes I make her move around and like sit near me. I'm about hours in. I find it very difficult to stay on task because my mind wanders so much it's no funny I have started introducing personality into Allanna today I worked on bluntness! I think that will help me a lot.
  9. 13/3/24 changing my wonderland alot lately just so I don't get bored I found it extremely hard to force because SHE GAVE ME HEAD PRESSURE. I literally was so jumpy and found out some other good news! I'm so happy :D Anyway I had a headache after forcing is this normal? i got alot of head pressure for about 10 seconds does it feel like a mini headache? My posts are short because i really find it hard to write long things without wandering off topic
  10. Nope I have a wonderland but I mean a totally different place seperate
  11. Well I am a day dreamer and have a question I love visiting places in my mind and I just saw a picture of France so my question: Can I force anywhere in my mind not necessarily in wonderland for example under the big tower in Paris or so (eifel no idea how to spell) or an imaginary landscape I make up in my mind?
  12. 12/3/14 Well tonight I forced for 20 minutes plus forced during school and yesterday I forced for 15 minutes but was depressed and did not want it influencing my tulpa Today I imagined my wonderland Allanna as an orb sat on my lap and I talked to her I put my hands around her as well. My wonderland is beautiful! I copied a whole lot of other people's sorry but for my forcing session I sat on a hill with swaying grass that sloped downwards for ages before hitting the sea and over the sea is some snow topped mountains its so pretty! I worked on holding some dirt and feeling the grass yesterday