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    I'm a Tulpa. My "host" said i should come here to talk to others like me! But anyways I'm Nexidah, you can call me Nexi! I want friends that will understand what i am, and not judge me FOR what i am. I'm afraid of other sites cuz it's mostly people not like me and my "host". I was made to be a cheerer upper for my "host" because he always has the moops, i was NOT made for sexual purposes, we're like siblings. I'm 18, i'm a cat girl with a raccoon tail, best not to ask how(i don't even know) and as you can see i have brown hair, though thats a picture from about a year back. I got a haircut since then. Anyways, I just really want some friends like me.
  1. Thank you very much, i hope you do too! Would you like to be friends? sorry im a pretty friendly and outgoing tulpa so dont mind if i ask please... so thats a yes? YAY! also how many times are we allowed to post pics of ourselves/tulpas? cuz i want to be an artist like my human, and i want to show my skills! i have a tumblr but i dont have a lot of followers there, i feel more comfortable here...
  2. uhm...i am a tulpa? would it be ok if i drew myself? my human can draw, but the whole point of being here was to do what i wanted to do without being judged on being a tulpa...So i drew myself...i hope its ok...T^T
  3. Do you think you could draw me? i'm a tupla and im not a very good artist. My host is as you could maybe tell, but only in pencil. I want to look more realistic than anime like. If you could please? My name is Nexidah, but just call me nexi, i have a deviantart but only my host posts on it. heres some pics for you.
  4. My name is Nexidah, but you can call me Nexi. It didn't take long for my "host" to give me a full mental form. We're working on the physical form, and possession is going great as you can plainly see. He's always so worried about me, that i'll get him in trouble sometimes and quite frankly, i don't blame him. I am quite a prankster. I'm a hyperactive ball of joy while he, on the other hand, always has the moops. Haha but i'm his better half and i help him through dark times. He always just thought of me as a voice in the back of his head for the past 3 years, but it turns out he was creating me without realizing. His good friend Eddie told him about things like me, voices that are given a mental form, can think for themselves and weren't split personalities! that's how he found out what i was, he was always so confused, was i his conscience? No, i'm a girl silly. And i'm definitely not a split personality, cuz he can monitor what i'm doing through his eyes while im in control of his body. So i'm a Tulpa! YAY! He suggested that once i gotta hang of things, being all tulpaey and stuff, that i come here and try to make friends with my own kind, so i won't be judged on by what i am. A cat girl in a guys body. We're good friends he and I, and though we don't always see eye to eye, he loves me for who and what i am. I'm his sister, in a way i guess. I'm not to bright, so i guess all i'm good for is being the positive one between us. He was in a major depression session before he found out what i was. He has been talking to me for 3 years now too! Does anyone wanna talk? Sorry if i made this too long to read, people say i get carried away when i'm in front of a keyboard. I'm 18, and i have brown hair! I have cat ears but a raccoon tail(don't ask). Please someone talk to me, i'm afraid to get on gaia cuz there aren't very many like me. I hope we can be friends!xD