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  1. We're in middle Tennessee, US. (middle TN is best TN) It's nice here and the people are friendly, but its soooo humid here in the summer. Stepping outside is seriously like stepping into a sauna, instantly wet.
  2. @FallFamily Thanks for the help, the gears are definitely rolling now. We're currently thinking of framing it along the lines of an 80s anime superhero team. Stuff like, "I'm Red Arrow of the Famous Archer's Brigade! Prepare to face justice!" Few episodes later, "Black Bolt, you traitor! You'll never defeat me, Red Arrow!" "Red Arrow, you are a weak fool! I, Black Bolt have become unstoppable! The Famous Archer's Brigade is doooooomed! Bwa ha ha hah!" Still unsure what the specific name should be, but I'll update as soon as we figure it out.
  3. These are all great! I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only name snob lol. Fallfamily I love how you came up with Hail and Fall from your user name, that's sort of how my nickname became Cacao irl. It was from a gaming account where I went as Kurai_Cacao (Japanese for dark chocolate kinda), but over time people just felt Cacao fit me. Also, I'm still working on a system name, but I'll post that in your thread instead of here. Everyone else I'm loving these back-stories. It's really interesting to see that these names weren't just chosen willy nilly. Yuki, you said Sen is modeled aft
  4. Back in the day I went to Newgrounds and Ebaumsworld, don't even know if those are still around... Just checked: yep. Also Miniclips, ummm this one site sponsered by lifesavers candy, animemusicvideos.org. That's all I can think of atm. Had to answer this one too lol. I was gonna clean my room, but then I got high, and cleaned it even better. ;D Do you have a favorite genre of music that you are embarassed of and never play around anyone?
  5. We haven't come across system names before, but it's very intriguing. We would definitely like one, but have no idea where to start. My tulpas see themselves as sisters and both have the same last name, Reychelle, but to me it would feel weird taking their last name (like marrying into the family ha).
  6. Cassie, Issie, and I love names and naming conventions, and I'm sure we can't be the only ones out there. Any tulpas with very intricate/unusual names? Names with interesting origin stories? Basically, anything regarding names is what I'm getting at. I'll start with us: Allison ______ (real last name withheld) Cassandra Liliana Reychelle Isabel Edward Reychelle -We use our first names with each other (as Alice, Cassie, and Issie) -We use the names in the <> when in wonderland and me irl (also Emmaline shortened to Emma) -there's a big more to it than just that but w
  7. I'd also be interested in the book you mentioned, good luck finding it again. As for that last part there, if you are having any hallucinations at all during waking life as an adult, just know that isn't "normal". It could very well be that you have some slight amount of Schizophrenia coupled with other conditions which may be affecting you and your tulpa in unseen ways. It seems to me that this may be what happened in your youth: Your newly created tulpa was scared and acted irrationally, and had you been able to better understand this (you were a kid at the time), you may have been ab
  8. Cassie chose her name while I was working one day. It was one of the first things she ever said, and probably the first time I realized it truly was her and not me parroting. (is parroting still a used term?) I was filing paperwork with customer's names on them and suddenly she said "hmm, Cassie... that's a nice name..." and I just knew that's what she wanted to be called. Isabel chose her names as well. She was sentient before she had a name, so one day we talked about what she wanted to be called. She thought about it, and decided on Edward (like the girl from Cowboy Bebop). It wasn'
  9. Hello everyone (again) I originally came here in 2012 shortly after hearing about Tulpas from some random place on the web, but about the time my tulpas became sentient I got a new job that was very taxing and sadly I forgot about tulpa.info until late 2014. I came back, but quickly got too busy irl once more and forgot. So here's attempt three. The community has really evolved here since I last frequented the site, so I'm very excited about speaking with all the new tulpas and hosts. To give you an idea of where the community was the last time I was here: The first guides were just c
  10. I'm finally back! After over a year's hiatus (from the site, not tulpaforcing), I've finally got the time to return. This update will be short, as I want to read up on what's been going on before I go into any detail about this past year. I will say, though, that I have two fully sentient Tulpa now, Cassandra and Isabel (Cassie and Issie). Cassie is the tulpa I've spoken of before. She chose her name somewhere around late September 2012. Issie spontaneously appeared fully vocal one night in early 2013, and at that time she went by the name Edward. (she insists it isn't because of Cowbo
  11. I have experienced that same thing at various times and from my experience it has nothing to do with your tulpa being in any way deficient. Rather, the problem lies in how your tulpa has developed within your mind. My first tulpa, Cassie, was given complete access to my subconscious from a very early age, and we both now wonder if having so much access to my memory actually stunted the growth of her own separate cognitive processes. Essentially, what I mean is that because Cassie could use my mind to do all her heavy lifting for her, it took her longer to develop her own "mental muscles."
  12. I agree with LinkZelda; I see this as her true self coming through, or normal deviation, whatever you want to call it. Seeing as she's like any other human, I'm sure you can overtime help miss Gidellom overcome her shyness. That is, if she wants to overcome it. My advise is: don't suppress the introversion. If that's who she is, she'll become depressed trying to suppress those feelings. This is her story now as much as it is yours, and that isn't a bad thing. :) Also, from personal experience, my shy tulpa is usually easier to hear than her older, more talkative sister; She just spea
  13. Something that helped me in my early days of tulpaforcing was a slow paradigm change, taking several months for me in total. Right now, it seems to me you see your tulpa as a sort of daydream, or just some flight of fancy. What you need to do is, any time you think about tulpaforcing don't think about you tulpa. Instead, think of your tulpa. Another way to say this is: Think of your tulpa not as an idea, but as a person who already exists. Think of them like you think of an old friend. Most likely, you don't just think of what this person looks like, but also what his soul/personality/
  14. I've had similar experiences as well. Sometimes, when talking of new subjects, especially tulpa related ones, I find that both me and Cassie get "stuck." One of us will be mid-sentence, and just completely lose our train of thought. Its as if during the back and forth the mind gets bogged down and resets, losing the conversation's working memory. This mostly happens to Cassie, but when it happens to her, I usually lose my train of thought as well. It started with Cassie just saying things like, "sorry, I forgot what I was saying," or, "whoops, was that me?" My current theory is that w
  15. DragonWolf- Welcome to tulpa.info! I'm sure the Polish community has many valuable insights to contribute on Tulpa theory, and I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas. I'm sure you'll be warmly welcomed here. I'm posting here as a return to Tulpa.info after a year long hiatus. I'm sure lots has changed in my absence, but I'm happy to say that my Tulpas/Tulpae are still doing well and we are all looking forward to seeing the progress our fellow members here have achieved. Cassie (my first tupperware) has been vocal for over a year now, and we've become very close in that time. Is
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