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  1. Problem is she cant really interact with me because she can not talk :/
  2. i think i understand now how to do it, but I am not really sure if I am doing it correctly. Is it even possible to do it wrong and how do i really get sure i am doing it correct? because i visualize things but they are like dead they are not moving and my tulpa is there but she feels like dead. why does nothing move?
  3. I have tried to visualize but i don't really understand how to do it and what i should expect or what it is like. The Problem is not that i can't visualize ( i don't have aphantasia ) and People say that i can imagine 3D objects good (like how many sides does the cube have and things like that.) It's like i am supposed to see things but i don't see them (i know that i dont literally see those things, but i still don't get it ) hopefully my English was good enough.^^
  4. I had a MRI and they say that my brain is 100% good. It can't be Aphantasia, but i think its more that i dont really understand what visualization is.
  5. ok i really don't understand what linkzelda wants to say. it's because its confusing for me to understand that much complex text.
  6. But maybe i am trying to hard to get her to speak. It could be that she doesn't want to disappoint me. Maybe I have too high expectations of her and she knows that she can not fulfill this.
  7. So... tell us about your tulpa. What's she like? She is kind and brave and curious and loyal and she really likes music. What are a couple things you've done with her in your three years of forcing? The best I made with her was that we have eaten in a Eiscafé both an ice cream. So I ate two large cups of ice. One of them for my tulpa.^^ What are the things about her that you really like? that she is always near me and that I feel happy when I talk to her.
  8. Now i think i am confused and i dont exactly know what i should do now. but maybe the worst thing i do is to worry about a response
  9. But what can i do against the placebo effect? i dont believe that i can't make a tulpa
  10. i have tried parroting but it just won't work. Still got 0% Response from my Tulpa and i don't know why. maybe my tulpa just don't like me and thats why she won't talk. But i don't think i did something bad to her.
  11. Yes i think i have aphantasia, but first i need to go to a MRI so i know it for sure.
  12. i know how my tulpa should be like, but not visually that's the problem. i can't imagine things visually. maybe i am just really really bad at it. but people tried already to help me but i didn't understand what i should do to visualize things.
  13. I cant imagine things, its not possible for me. maybe thats why it dosent work, but i dont want to give up :(
  14. After 3 years of Forcing i still got no reply from my Tulpa. I tried everything but nothing works for me and i dont know what i should do except for waiting that she gives me a reply. its just sad and i wish that she would reply to me. sorry for bad english
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