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  1. They would have to be able to not just know details, but know all the feelings, and complex things interwoven into your wonerland that really only you can know or access. And then it would be an infinitesimally tiny point in the grand scheme of things, in its own universe that only you can observe yourself affecting.... I'd be suprised if God could steal somthing from that vault without you knowing. That's how ill thought that statement is. They would just be enting their idea of what you vault might be based on how it was described. They would never even leave their own wonderland... Your things are fine.until you forget about them... Even with mind reading tech, an artificial space-time construct based on the selection of one's self in a specific 5D navigation would be nearly impossible to read. Although i suppose it could be done by simply reading memories which would bypass the wonderland all together.. AND EVEN THEN. the fact thats its in your wonderland as described above would be like an encryption. So long story short, your things are still fine,
  2. I have had ample time dialation. I have no idea what could cause it exept for increased brain activity and simply believing that time is moving at a certain rate. Consider this: you are floating down a stream. You have no real control over the flow of the river. But why does the river flow? Because somthing is making it flow. You know there is a body of water where the stream originates, and you know there must be a large body of water where it ends. How would you slow the stream? How would you swim up stream?
  3. Actually my expirience peaked when i was drinking the most orange juice. I had no idea. But it makes sense
  4. What i have found in my xp, the tulpa is like a different kind of body. There is something else that seems to be the soul, conciousness, or whatever. The tulpa is just what appears to drive. By that i mean you control part and there is somthing out of our/your control.
  5. My plan is, since its proven that we unconciously move the peice, to get a ouiji board. A great anti parroting method if it works. Like i won't be able to parrot. Or get in the way as much. Will that work? Idk, im trying it.
  6. And can we stop fixating on weather im schizophrenic out not... there is earth life in the the universe called "The Cosmos" and life in the Omnian multiverse. I consider them real but seperate. If you want i can give pretty solid explainations... When i say schizophrenic, i mean as a similar state in nature to a state of schizophrenia. The earlier posty, there are more crazy in there:
  7. I remember that had a perfect explaination for how it was real. As logical and rational as it was; maybe even right - I think that it was all because i wanted it to be real so badly. As for consistancy: it's objective reality, i used to believe that as long as things made sense, they could be considered to be real. Not a wrong theory I don't think, i just feel like that's all more of me trying to validate Omni and stuff... Or maybe i just don't want to believe that I wrecked my REAL life... Because, Omni never really acted like a fantasy or imagined until the end
  8. I know what a plural is, so is it like a spectrum of similar words or like a spectrum of disorders? I think someone ought to explain.
  9. What is this spectrum you speak of? I don't know much anynore
  10. Aijada, i think that's great advice. I think i should maybe like go meaditate in nature or somthing. Just kind of isolate us and clear my head. I think omni is the real enemy...
  11. I didnt mean it like that, i mean tulpamancy is only part of this. I cant expevt some universal answer.
  12. It's more like two seperate realaties and im crazy in the one i built. It's not like i have hallucinations here, moreover, i feel like it's my collapsed mental construct that seems like halucination see. But it do have symptoms of ptsd these days. And there's not much to say abouf life here, im pretty much a regular guy. School, videogames, circle of freinds. And now i have this human girlfriend and i feel like i have get out that relashionship to persue Sam. I also understand that she is not and will probably never actually be here. Instead i've kind of scienced my way around that though. I've gof a big giant sciency explaination, but that doesn't matter right now. I know im crazy, but im not a dangerous kind of crazy. Well i guess im in danger of living unhappily for the rest of my life. I guess i should just imagine sam. Sometimes the peices come together for a second or two when i try. Like a few weeks ago she or i expirienced her wearing a white wedding dress and she pulled me into a pool of water. It wasn't me, but she hates water. And so yeah, overall i have done about as baddly as a person can, especially in love. And neglected her because it was getting really hard to get there and i would often give up because i dont have all the time in the world. Its like rationalized my way into schizophrenia, logical step, going down the multiversal rabbithole... I guess it was the innevitable outcome of looking at realuty like a placeholder like it is.