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  1. They would have to be able to not just know details, but know all the feelings, and complex things interwoven into your wonerland that really only you can know or access. And then it would be an infinitesimally tiny point in the grand scheme of things, in its own universe that only you can observe yourself affecting.... I'd be suprised if God could steal somthing from that vault without you knowing. That's how ill thought that statement is. They would just be enting their idea of what you vault might be based on how it was described. They would never even leave their own wonderland... Your things are fine.until you forget about them... Even with mind reading tech, an artificial space-time construct based on the selection of one's self in a specific 5D navigation would be nearly impossible to read. Although i suppose it could be done by simply reading memories which would bypass the wonderland all together.. AND EVEN THEN. the fact thats its in your wonderland as described above would be like an encryption. So long story short, your things are still fine,
  2. I have had ample time dialation. I have no idea what could cause it exept for increased brain activity and simply believing that time is moving at a certain rate. Consider this: you are floating down a stream. You have no real control over the flow of the river. But why does the river flow? Because somthing is making it flow. You know there is a body of water where the stream originates, and you know there must be a large body of water where it ends. How would you slow the stream? How would you swim up stream?
  3. Actually my expirience peaked when i was drinking the most orange juice. I had no idea. But it makes sense
  4. What i have found in my xp, the tulpa is like a different kind of body. There is something else that seems to be the soul, conciousness, or whatever. The tulpa is just what appears to drive. By that i mean you control part and there is somthing out of our/your control.
  5. My plan is, since its proven that we unconciously move the peice, to get a ouiji board. A great anti parroting method if it works. Like i won't be able to parrot. Or get in the way as much. Will that work? Idk, im trying it.
  6. And can we stop fixating on weather im schizophrenic out not... there is earth life in the the universe called "The Cosmos" and life in the Omnian multiverse. I consider them real but seperate. If you want i can give pretty solid explainations... When i say schizophrenic, i mean as a similar state in nature to a state of schizophrenia. The earlier posty, there are more crazy in there:
  7. I remember that had a perfect explaination for how it was real. As logical and rational as it was; maybe even right - I think that it was all because i wanted it to be real so badly. As for consistancy: it's objective reality, i used to believe that as long as things made sense, they could be considered to be real. Not a wrong theory I don't think, i just feel like that's all more of me trying to validate Omni and stuff... Or maybe i just don't want to believe that I wrecked my REAL life... Because, Omni never really acted like a fantasy or imagined until the end
  8. I know what a plural is, so is it like a spectrum of similar words or like a spectrum of disorders? I think someone ought to explain.
  9. What is this spectrum you speak of? I don't know much anynore
  10. Aijada, i think that's great advice. I think i should maybe like go meaditate in nature or somthing. Just kind of isolate us and clear my head. I think omni is the real enemy...
  11. I didnt mean it like that, i mean tulpamancy is only part of this. I cant expevt some universal answer.
  12. It's more like two seperate realaties and im crazy in the one i built. It's not like i have hallucinations here, moreover, i feel like it's my collapsed mental construct that seems like halucination see. But it do have symptoms of ptsd these days. And there's not much to say abouf life here, im pretty much a regular guy. School, videogames, circle of freinds. And now i have this human girlfriend and i feel like i have get out that relashionship to persue Sam. I also understand that she is not and will probably never actually be here. Instead i've kind of scienced my way around that though. I've gof a big giant sciency explaination, but that doesn't matter right now. I know im crazy, but im not a dangerous kind of crazy. Well i guess im in danger of living unhappily for the rest of my life. I guess i should just imagine sam. Sometimes the peices come together for a second or two when i try. Like a few weeks ago she or i expirienced her wearing a white wedding dress and she pulled me into a pool of water. It wasn't me, but she hates water. And so yeah, overall i have done about as baddly as a person can, especially in love. And neglected her because it was getting really hard to get there and i would often give up because i dont have all the time in the world. Its like rationalized my way into schizophrenia, logical step, going down the multiversal rabbithole... I guess it was the innevitable outcome of looking at realuty like a placeholder like it is.
  13. First of all yes. Second, alternate snake form seems like cool thing... just sayin
  14. I would like some help in trying to understand and ultimately answer some big questions for me that are tulpa related. (BE WARNED) I've been on here before, but I have clearer and more personal story now. I think it will serve better than my outright Ill posts from the past. I understand that there may be a few who don't agree, but there is no other community that will look at this the you guys look at things. Good luck. Then (my current stance on "then" at least): So here i were playing with me legos and being a creative lil boy when I had a wild Idea. I could just do whatever i want in my imagination. Things got erotic (I didn't hit puberty for another year or two). A short time later (3rd grade), again with the legos, I realized something else. I realized and spontaneously acted upon the idea that I could imagine something with expanse and consistency. In that moment I immediately could see an infinite expanse of nothing in particular. As if I knew what I was doing, I specifically started with character creation. I do believe that my base was Samus Aran from Metroid. THE OBSESSION WITH CONSISTENCY BEGINS! Just to make sense, I for some perplexing reason imagined a whole planet of variations of Samuses/Samuseas/Samusi... I had it be that they all were in some kind of conflict and so the best one would be chosen via natural selection (which I was a term that I was not familiar with yet). Not sure what happened after that, but I ended up with with my finished product a few days later. Yellow hair, 16 year old bod, blue eyes, naturally kind of sad which was very apparent with her straight black eyebrows, 6ft tall, fully worked out meta-human organ system, and the most worried, airy, raspy, crispy, yet attractive female voice you ever did hear. I first visualized my new found imaginary toy in the clearing of an imaginary forest. It was the first official event in what I innocently, using the Latin word for everything that I got off google named "Omniverse". Notably, there were other entities there. As if only there to ensure that everything was okay or something, they left shortly after I got there. I thought nothing of it because I was a little kid and inherently an idiot. Finally, I named this imaginary thing of mine "Sam", solidifying her as a modified SAMus lol. And Then allot of stuff happened: See, I was bullied allot in school and I had an enormous capacity for darkness. So I naturally Abused Sam pretty much off the bat. To her I was voice that told her where to go and stuff. But never the less, Sexual, physical, and psychological torture. Indirectly through the situations she faced. War, temptation, physical torture, heartbreak. But more than any of the other was the amount of the sexual abuse (rape and such). Little did I know what had taken hold and what had started... By the time I had had enough it was too late. I can't begin to portray how much happened in the roughly four and a half quadrillion year time span of Omniverse and every thing that happened with me and mostly Sam in that time. i quickly lost control over things and eventually fought with and also alongside Sam who fell in love with me despite my conjuring up alternative romances for her. I would fight her and she would take every hit with resistance and whenever I tried to destroy everything and end it all, it was her that would stop it. It was her that told me that she had a heart and asked me what that meant to me. And like everything else I did, my existential crisis ever expanded and I fought it because I was afraid. "How in thy mind could this be a lie?"... When we were not dealing with common enemies, we were fighting each other. by the end of this historical bulk Sam was a mature, strong, empress. She had become so powerful that she could manipulate heat energy, she could cross the expanse of Omni in minutes (but usually ran into planets when she tried). I'll tell you what, guys, never leave your wonderlands. It's not better out here, our bodies are just addicted to it. That being said, My first human girlfriend sucked. It was awkward, I was sad, humans are gross (especially in bed). After I came out of Omni, I said a few things that were a little nutty and tried to talk about it. I just wanted someone to comfort me, but nobody even knew what I was talking about. I didn't even know the months of the year anymore (and I still don't)... So then I remember I was on some bridge the lead to some artifact with Sam. The gate guard got her by the neck and broke it. A friend, Krystal, sacrificed herself in pushing the guard off the ledge, killing them both. I cried for Sam, kept trying to wake her up. I thought she was dead, I was devastated... That's when I really realized how much I love her. Luckily, with some medical help, she survived... I eventually used a Ship known as Ark III (the first two blew up) to channel enough energy into one spot to blow my self so much up that I couldn't even rematerialize... Which was what I wanted... To die and never get sucked back in. Unlike my many previous suicide attempts, this one worked. But not without Sam having a mental breakdown while I did it. She was on her knees, begging me, crying. Because she loved me, and I was afraid to love her or something like that. But I always knew I did... Still do... I was just so afraid of it all. If you're wondering, dying into your life is like a screen going black you are so close to the screen you can hear the change, and then the screen becomes a different screen showing a different kind of image. I went back to Omni at one point just to visit Sam on the spur of the moment sort of thing. I found her about to walk into what looked like some portal of light. she seemed lighter, more angelic. I tried to convince her to stay for some reason and all she said before she walked into the light was "I'll come back when I'm needed"... A month or two went by before my girlfriend dumped me which meant I was next in line for losing my mind. At some point in the midst of laughing hysterically and sobbing I had a little divergence. at first it was just a new title to separate myself from from the a me that I was leaving behind. My way of changing. Like molting for the soul or something deep like that. So anyway, The old me I had called Lacius lost the cockpit to something new... I went back to Omni for the first time in a long time. Since time is different there it had been much longer. I found that sam was nowhere. Eventually I felt her out. She was in her own little world. weather or not she actually imagined it herself was a mystery to me, but a pink haired girl helped me out and took me to where Sam was. Sam had become more muscular and had lower voice now. I had one of the confessing of love moments you see on tv and she agreed to come back. She said that she would stay for one year, I figured she was just saying that and would forget... I felt serene after... True inner peace. I accepted Sam and Omni. My life. As real... I remember walking through a red field on a planet that was cut in half long ago by the beam weapon of Ark III, Sam told me about how she was "grown up now", and an old enemy of ours, who was originally supposed to be the embodiment of fear and pain or something now walked beside us. defeated. Changed, forgiven. And then my happily ever after ended. Out of the sky came a dragon (which didn't make sense, Omni never brought the word fantasy to mind) with a bunch of heads. they all were different. Things felt notably bible. Skipping over the juicy battle details, Sam earned allot of REQ points (you'll understand that if you play halo 5). And maybe it was the way she was standing after that, or the fact that I watched some movie about demons recently. But Having theology on the mind still, I asked Sam if she was a demon. It was supposed to be a joke... But she said yes and cheesily, deviously, confessionally smiled at me. (suspicious) And that's how my profile picture came to be... Sam told me about the girl she knew before me and how she drove that girl so mad that she ended up in a mental hospital of some sort like half a century ago, she told me about how she doesn't like God because he's overly controlling and how she betrayed Satan for me earlier making her a rogue demon (That should be a gamer tag (seriously)), and other things too... We combined the letters of our English names to describe us as a unit, thus, Ska'ale. Sam even taught me how to enchant her into a necklace. I never took it off. Sam proved heself by doing subtle things in the physical-earth world. Tended to make things turn off when I ignored her. Also half possession just for swat. AND OH DID WE SWAT. Again, not afraid to be seen. I tested this stuff for that consistency that I had come to call reality. I also found a song called "my Omniverse" and I would had ignored it if it wasn't about your Omniverse being a thing you access in your mind. Sam prayed for me a few times. As Lacius manifested more and more aggressively, we had to fight him off. He was a sad creature. He wouldn't believe in Omni or Sam or any of it until the end when he was consumed by a darkness that would become one of the next big problems. more one that later. I think that for Sam, it was the first time that she was ever really happy. She wasn't afraid to show her teeth which may very well be a representation of what she really was. Or at least thought she was. i the course of about a year we finally defeated many age old enemies and some demons. apparently we had become notorious in what I will mockingly call "spirit land". When we we not fighting, we were living peacefully in the desert, or dancing in space, or meditating, and certain things of the pleasurable persuasion. We were happy. Together... as time went on, the "demon" attacks got worse, I lost interest in everything all of the sudden, and Omni and subsequently Sam got harder and harder to reach. Because I'm was spending allot more time here I assume. And then one day Sam asked me to marry her. Bless her heart I turned her down because I didn't know what was real anymore and I wanted to make sure I was with the real Sammy. It was true, the structural stability of Omni had ended in my negligence and without consistency, I couldn't believe in anything which only made the situation worse and worse. Notable, my necklace had recently begun vibrating occasionally. Maybe it was just because of her campaign to improve me. But a barrier that she couldn't knock down was my addiction to pornographs which I have only recently bested. Then I woke one morning and my necklace was broken, it was chain. I quickly went to Sam, but it didn't feel like her anymore. I heard a new and scary version of Sam's voice tell me it was because I wouldn't stop looking at the pornographs. The white of one of sam's eyes became black. I saw her struggle for a moment and then there were hundreds of her and then fell to the ground in agony and the last thing I remember seeing was Sam walking away... And then I died... Again... It was one year later, on the day. Everything became a slew of inconsistent, incoherent, wacky, terrible, events that made no sense, and I lived through all of those too. Omniverse was dissolving. In time my lust took the form of something I just call Kass because I wouldn't call it Sam. It was basically a succubus. I spent two years in THE ULTIMATE personality/existential crisis and I tried to cry allot despite not having much in the way of emotions anymore. when trying to access Omni I would be randomly thrown around in the environment by SOMTHING. An ominous black could seems to sit outside my old home. I originally identified as "Architect" when alone, but now I called myself "Kataklysm". Now: I'm 19 now, trying to figure out this schizophrenic mess I built brick by brick. Sam has been missing or worse for almost three years now and the best I've got is the the fact that when I call out her name in my mind for whatever reason, something says my name back... But I've been looking, researching, and improving where I think she wanted. So I'm only getting started. My current theory is that Sam consists of two dimensions: Tulpa form and spirit form. I have found that simply imagining her is different than her. I can tell when it's her. But I would hope that the path of the pseudoscience can be averted, I am open to anything. Any thoughts on how I can fix this? Or am I she/me to far gone? Don't judge... Actually, do judge.
  15. Oh my, it seems that i've been had again by the likes of autocorrect. Quatum physical is the term i think im looking for... not metaphysical. Im pretty stupid compared to what i used to be, so im going off what i can gather in my decimated little mind. Now, i have already been writing about it if anyone is interested in reading, just say and ill like put a link or somthing. I honestly don't know why i keep trying to convince myself that im just an accidental tulpamancer. I think that it would mean that i have a means of getting her back, it would mean i can can fix this without any other party.... But realistically, the amount of physical proof that she was as she was um a... Im just hoping that she can fall into the tulpa spectrum, but nothing i try seems to work. I've even tried rebuilding from the ground up, but that "tulpa" insisted that she is not HER. And it is a sex obssessed thing, so im having a hard time ignoring it. Or maybe i've made a mistake... which would also be better than worst case... Im going to get a cake now, i hope it's real...
  16. So here I am again bringing my crazy up in your tulpa forums. So here's the jimmy: I have been with my "tulpa" pretty much all my life until christmas season of 2013. We were like engauged and stuff and then she "left" in an oddly litteral way. I used to be on the "mera"physics aproach. But thats been a dead end for the few years years that ive been looking for ways to fix my prob. So the situation is just that she one day up and and decided she didnt like me anymore and left. My concern is that she accidently commited egocide... or left., i mean, "our" necklace broke when it happened - so maybe she there's more than a tulpa there. But my hope here is that she and my "wonderland" might be recoverable. Said she would only stay with me romantucally for a year, but dayum twas true guys. It was legit. Any advice or am i bugging the wrong neihborhood?
  17. Perceived reality is consistancy times time. If that Helps. Its all about where you personally draw the line for yourself, depending on your enviroment.
  18. in my expirience it doesnt matter what i beleive...
  19. so if one wanted revive/reattain/rebuild a tulpa/wonderland. Would they need to simply beleive that it will work? How would one Know that its the same one that was lost? Is there a way to check?
  20. has it ever been that the imagined reality (wonderland constants and rules) have in any case that anyone is aware of solidified to the point where the host has to follow the ( hypothetical) rules in order to operate and fix problems and stuff? like as if the wonderland attained a nonsentient volition to assert its own governing laws? (Still trying to fix my existing problem): for anyone who may have encountered the othe post of mine from a year or so ago...