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    Hello! My name is Hannah, feel free to message me anytime. I would love to make more friends.

    Tulpa's name: ???
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Young female with sandy blonde pig tails.
  1. May 14 I have not forced for around two months, and I feel so guilty about it. Since my daily life improved after starting going to the gym and such, I didn't feel as lonely as I did when I first started forcing (and thus I often got distracted from even passive forcing). I'm slightly nervous to start forcing again in fear that my tulpa is unhappy with me. (I realize this is silly to think, since she'd obviously be even more unhappy if I continued to ignore her) I also often worry that the way I forced in the past was wrong, since I often doubted if I was communicating with my tulpa or jus
  2. March 21 - Due to mood swings and school I haven't been able to force much, and I feel pretty guilty about it. Haven't made much progress since last time because of this. - Now that she has a form I've been trying to do a little kickstarting parroting by imagining her voice and her mouth moving and saying things. - I think her lack of vocalization seems to have to do with how quiet she is. It may be less that she can't talk, but more that she doesn't have anything to say. I've been trying to work on non-vocal methods of communication such as head pressure, but nothing yet. She seems
  3. March 17 (Early Morning) - Due to finals coming up and final projects being due, I haven't had much time to force. I've been doing mostly passive forcing, and to help remind myself to narrate I started wearing a chain friendship bracelet I have. - Today (or more accurate to say, yesterday), I did some active forcing and whenever I tried to focus on my tulpa they would fluctuate to a certain appearance. So I think they have finally chosen a form (but I imagine this form will probably change as well). I don't have time to draw it right now, so for now as a visual cue reminder for myse
  4. You're welcome! All of those sound like a fun challenge! I will try them soon, but I can't start them until I finish my final project for a class, so I won't be able to post anything until Tuesday or Wednesday. But I will definitely try them! ;v;
  5. March 13 - Morning Since it's only 2 pm here, I will likely post again in the evening. - Last night I experienced my first wave of emotion from my tulpa. It was when I was laying in bed, and I had read Hansel and Gretel to my tulpa, but I was feeling so tired I told her I had to go to sleep. I decided that it would nice to fall asleep together, so we went inside the mansion in my wonderland and we laid on the couch together. ( I should also mention that somewhere along the line, she stopped being a ball of light and is now a ball of fluff, since it's easier to imagine interacting with he
  6. March 12 - Intended to do some active forcing in the morning before leaving for school, but ran out of time. Still talked with my tulpa throughout the bus ride and during class. - After class, my moodswings got pretty bad and I was unable to focus on forcing and I was nervous to talk with my tulpa at this stage or try forcing out of fear negatively impacting her or at least upsetting her. Today was bad day for progress, I will make up for it tomorrow...
  7. Ok this is my first time drawing a gryphon even if it's just a headshot, but I tried ;v; I hope it's alright!
  8. Alright, thank you! c: March 11 - Making a habit to wake my tulpa up and say good morning to them - Today I did more active forcing and introduced the last two traits of Thoughtful and Good Memory and drank lemonade and tea with my tulpa while explaining the importance of them. I decided to work a little on starting vocalization by using some strategies used in these guides. I thought of a voice I would like my tulpa to have, and it's a female voice, so from now on I will refer to my tulpa as female (unless if my tulpa changes this of course). For now I will just be parroting my tulpa
  9. What does Eiko look like right now? :0 I'm pretty new to this too, but I found listening to calming sounds, soft ambiance music, or even just wearing headphones to reduce the sounds around me helps me focus more on my wonderland and not what is physically around me. ( Of course this isn't going to work for everyone, but it doesn't hurt to try different things! )
  10. I just remembered I have to read Arabian Nights before going to class, so I'll have to post the drawings once I get home from class!
  11. To practice drawing fast, I will take some requests that I will finish before I go to class in 3 hours... (If I don't get it done by then, I'll probably have them up after I get home at like 10 pm PST ) So basically, first five people to request get a simple line drawing of their tulpa sometime tonight. ( May or may not turn this into a normal art request thread later ) Example of simple line drawing I've done:
  12. March 10th - Today I said good morning to my tulpa and talked to them sparsely throughout my art class. -After getting home I did some more active forcing in my wonderland. I gave them chocolate cake and popsicles and we entered the mansion for the first time. We spent some time walking around in the entrance hall before running throughout the entire mansion and going into every room. Currently, I'm leaving my tulpa's room empty and I told them they can fill the room whenever they want. We then went back outside and fed each other chocolate cake. - Later in the day I read through my
  13. I don't know if this is weird to say or not, but I'm really excited to see what Tamaki is going to post! :0
  14. Hello, I've recently decided to start creating a tulpa and would like make friends with other users also with tulpas. I enjoy making new friends and I really love learning about psychology, so I would like to learn a lot from here! Feel free to send me a message. You can call me Glowcharm or any derivatives of it that you can think of.
  15. I will start off by saying I am a complete beginner to Tulpas. I have been reading many of the guides here for the past few weeks before I finally decided to start trying to make my own. Now, since I am a fan of order and easy to read things, I plan to make this list like with short paragraphs. About me My real name is Hannah, and I usually go by a different online name, but I'm a bit shy about the nature of having a tulpa so I am using a different username this time. I'm in my freshmen year of college and I live in the Northwest of America. I like drawing, writing, playing video games,
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