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  1. I have good news and I have odd news, luckily I have no bad news. I'll start with the good news. I just had my very first full hour session where I at no point got distracted. My attention span and focus have increased greatly and so have my visualization skills. I've not only been able to start doing full hour long sessions but I have also been able to increase the size and complexity of my wonderland. It now has another room attached to the original are that has walls and furniture. The strange news is that upon starting my session I found that my tulpa had completely changed form. She was o
  2. I think one of my posts was deleted during the server transfer so I'll re-write it and then add to it my more recent experiences. The lost post said that I tried the prism technique to see if the movements of my tulpa were actually her own and I found that they were. If anyone doesn't know what the prism thing I am talking about is there is an article on it in the guide section, it is a simple little trick to determine whether or not you are puppeting. Since she is now moving on her own I am hoping to start imposing her soon, so if anyone has tips to help with imposing it would be greatly a
  3. Could you do a front view picture for me? Exactly like you did the first one, just from the front. If you want to add clothing to make it a little more SFW that's fine, but of course nude is also very ok, hahaha.
  4. I understand the proccess of using the prism but would someone please explain to me how it works and how it helps you determine whether or not you are puppeting?
  5. Wow, I'm going to be honest and say that I wasn't sure how this would turn out because of how little detail I gave you to work with but I must say it turned out excellently. Again, thank you very much, this is going to make visualizing so much easier for me.
  6. After two more sessions I am finding that my focus issue is still there, all be it better. My last two session were around 25 minutes long. I also seem to have difficulty determining if my tulpa has begun to move on its own or if I am puppeting activity. The good news out of all of this is that in only 4 days of forcing my visualization skills have grown to an incredible degree.
  7. Yeah, seems like you've been swamped lately, but you're doing good work, props.
  8. I'm not super good at visualization and I'm making an original character so I'm building the entire body and face from scratch so I am having to spend a lot of time visualizing and I build it up piece by piece almost like making a model on a computer for a video game. First I work on a leg, then both legs, then the torso, then one arm at a time, then the face. That typically takes about 15 minutes then I do it one or two more times from different angles. While I'm doing all of that I narrate to her and do what the FAQ man guide says with the working on personality. I say stuff like "you are fr
  9. I just do 1 hour sessions at night, and preceed them with 10 minutes of meditation to help me focus during the session.
  10. I'm not sure if you've already mentioned this but how long do you typically spend each day tulpa forcing?
  11. I'm using some elements of all the methods. I don't parrot verbal stuff but I have once or twice parroted mannerisms, which is your method, right? Plus I use your tones, which are super helpful, thankyou good sir.
  12. How do you manage to have such a large wonderland? Do you visualize the whole thing at once or only what's in front of you?
  13. I started this project of making a tulpa about a week ago now. I kind of stumbled upon this site by accident, I honestly can't remember how, but I got to reading and became very interested in acquiring my own tulpa. So I read every guide I could find, and every forum thread I thought sounded promising, and amassed as much knowledge as I could. On Monday I had my first actual tulpa forcing session and it went very well. I had a few mini sessions prior to that, but this was my first full hour. I had a problem with being easily distracted and not being able to stay focused so I made a thread abou
  14. I tried the meditation for 10 minutes last night and I was impressed with the results. Not only did I manage to stay more focused for the entire duration of tulpa forcing but I also didn't have what had become a normal after forcing occurrence, a splitting headache. I don't know if the lack of a headache can be attributed to the meditation, but thank you none the less.
  15. What site did you get it from and for how much? I've been looking into one for myself for a while now, I'm interested to see how you think it is.
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