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    I like to think I'm a minor support character in the world that plays a giant role, somehow related to a major character. I enjoy writing stories, dabbling in strange things, and exerting imagination whenever possible.

    My tulpa and I have a strange relationship. I'm conflicted between the metaphysical route and the psychological route, but I tend to lean towards the former since that's where it all began. I do a few psychological things here and there. I like to passive force mainly.

    Hooray for Carl Jung.
  1. Well, I'm sure that forests serve as the basis. A very good basis, mind you. I feel like I should've started with that instead of random grandiloquent cities that I can't keep up with.
  2. Chess Ryder. I chose Chess because of the game, and ironically he doesn't seem as if he'd be a Chess player. I have no idea what I was thinking for his last name, but I think it has a nice ring to it.
  3. The creation of my Wonderland isn't complete, but I plan on making it based off my stories. However, my first Wonderland that I've officially created and still have (though rarely use) is the city of Yuen Theolica. Hidden inside a large, expansive cave, the City of Yuen Theolica floats on dark water. The fish and surrounding sea creatures are peaceful and friendly, and seldom bother the residents. To reach the city, there is an outlying boat near the entrance that must navigate through a glowing cherry tree forest floating on the waters. The various buildings are crafted in an oriental fa
  4. I like to listen to music with strange lyrics, and imagine my tulpa in some sort of surreal music video. Like..."Apricot Sun (Vocaloid)." Or if I'm focusing on Wonderland, I listen to "location" type of music, like..."Northern Luxerion Morning. (Lightning Returns OST)"
  5. Sometimes I doubt myself when it comes to headaches, but then I have some sort of feeling that it comes from Chess, and so I assume it is. Even if it hurts like "nope." I think it can be safe to assume that some headaches are from one's tupper. But I don't think it'd be safe to assume that every headache is a form of contact.
  6. Hiya. I've been here lurking in the shadows for a while, reading random forums and whatnot. I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to introduce myself. But, here I am, reading all your introductions. Feel free to call me Chessure, Mr. Clam, or some other random name. Anyways, my tulpa's name is Chess. I've had him since the 13th of February, 2014. It's been two months now, and I think that he's sentient (I hope, otherwise I'm just responding to myself). He's a human, somewhat (currently my drawn avatar). He and I have a strange relationship. It's complicated, but one day it won't be. I'm a l
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