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  1. No, there's no possession, he just apparently tastes whatever I eat. (for whatever reason) I had the idea of having him just eat nonphysical mind food, (or whatever you wanna call it) but he complains that "it's not real enough." Plus, I don't really know the tastes of those specific foods very well since I've only eaten them once or twice because Vellace asked me to
  2. So, I really like some foods that Vellace hates, (I.e: Redpop flavored faygo and ham) and he really likes some foods that I hate. (I.e: Pickles and orange chicken) I really don't want to give up things I like, so I tried to even it out by eating things he likes, but I've found that doing that is, like... Physically difficult? So I just kinda... Didn't? And then the other day we got in a pretty bad argument over it. Also, now I feel bad about mistreating him 'cause like he never really asks anything of me, but I'm still denying him little things like the taste of food he likes... Does anyone have any recommendations on how to deal with these kinds of situations, besides the obvious "Just eat the things"? (I mean if that's the only way I guess I'll just have to stomach it, I just really don't want to...)
  3. I think that parroting and narration (especially when speaking aloud) has been by far the most helpful. The biggest hindrance, I think, was trying to stop parroting, because it was a habit, so I had to try hard to stop doing it, which left too thin a line between resisting a habit and blocking out Vellace, and then I ended up accidentally mostly ignoring him for a week, and just... ugh.
  4. Excuse the title, I know it sounds weird, but, I was wondering if anyone else has ever/regularly interacts with their tulpa while using anything that alters your mind. e.g., I went to the dentist to get two teeth pulled, so they put me on laughing gas, and I think that's the most vividly I've been able to impose and communicate with Vellace to date. I just wanna get a general opinion of doing stuff with your tulpa while in these states. Like, whether you think it is/would be fun, or beneficial, or dangerous, or anything else.
  5. I have sort of just a normal house, but only the living room is really fleshed out very much, and outside there's a different kind of environment (forest, desert, mountains, etc.) in every direction. Vellace doesn't really utilize anything other than the couch, though. -_- However, when we wanna practice vocalization, we go to this empty warehouse-type place where, although there's some stuff, it's really empty and echo-y, which I find helpful for vocalization.
  6. "Yeah, I guess that's fine?" I was trying to figure out how the frick frack diddly dack to force while also building his wonderland.
  7. Sort of a tie between drawing and just chillin' out together.
  8. Thanks everyone, (especially Gryphon Flight) your answers were very informative. =) On the subject of me questioning if things are normal: I'm just as likely to keep doing a thing whether it's normal or not, I was asking if it's a common thing mostly out of curiosity, and also kind of so I won't go around looking like an idiot 'cause I'm under the impression that pretty much everyone or no-one does the same things I do. Also, I never really considered looking through a magazine or website for clothing ideas, so thanks for that suggestion. It proved to be quite helpful.
  9. Well, it's been a month, so obviously some stuff has happened, so I figure I may as well update this thing again. Vellace seems to have matured a lot in terms of personality since I/we finally got around to defining the details of it, or really just at all defining it past "fun-loving/light-hearted" and "jokester/sarcastic little s***." He still has a terrible sense of humor, but at least not as terrible as mine, so... Progress. Within the past 2 or 3 weeks, I started to be able to naturally visualize/impose Vellace with very little effort. I still have to think hard to picture him actually being there when I look directly at him, but he appears just about as real as the rest of the world as long as I keep him in my peripheral vision. Aside from sight, I can also impose his smell, and, on good days, get a faint sensation of being touched when I make contact with him. However, he's still very weak in the vocal department. About a week after the last update, when I was still parroting, I was talking to him and was briefly able to hear him talk, (like, with both my ears and my mind) and, although I was immediately able to recognize the sound as Vellace talking to me, it only sounded like heavy static. Other than that, no luck in the auditory department. Also, if anything, his voice got weaker since then... It probably has something to do with me accidentally forgetting about him for about a week between then and now... I mean, he's fine now and he says he forgives me, and it was no big deal and all that, but still... Whoops... The second thing on my list of priorities (with vocalization being first) is getting Vellace to dress himself every day. He gets pretty pissy about it if I don't think him up a new outfit daily, and neither of us are too imaginative in the fashion department, it's getting pretty old. Oh, and, recently I've received waves of emotion, mostly happiness while just chillin' with Vellace, or total calmness when he feels that I'm getting too frustrated. So that's pretty cool. Anyways, all in all, we've made progress in the past month, but we also seem to have kinda plateaued shortly after the last update.
  10. So, I kind of had a few questions on the subject of my tulpa and daily activities that people usually do. 1. Is it/can it be beneficial to have/let your tulpa do things that are typical of people? Also, is it normal/common? When I say "things that are typical of people," I mean things like getting dressed/being dressed in a different outfit daily, showering, sleeping, eating, etc. I've never really forced Vellace or pressured him into doing any of these things, but when I started visualizing him, I'd sometimes just idly have him doing them (usually at the same time I was doing them) because it helped him feel more real and therefore easier to impose/visualize, and now he kinda just idly does them on his own. 2. Is it normal to have to dress your (humanoid) tulpa daily? If so, how long until he can do it himself? Will he start doing it himself? When I say "dress," I of course don't mean getting out imaginary clothes and putting them on your tulpa as if they were a 3-year-old; I just mean thinking up and visualizing them in a new outfit daily. Vellace was really fussy from the get-go about being naked/in underwear, (enough so that his torso and legs and such are only like half as detailed as I wanted to get them) so he was of course wearing clothes from the get-go. As another matter of it helping him seem more real to me, I gave him a different outfit every day, and he kinda just developed being used to that, and now he gets pretty pissy about being put/left in outfits similar or identical to previous ones, and he has his own style that helps and makes me adhere to. However, I'm not the most imaginative in the fashion department, (and neither is he) so this is getting to be a bit of a pain in the ass. And lastly: 3. Do tulpas sleep? Is it possible for them to sleep while you're awake or vise versa? I have a pretty weird sleep schedule which involves staying up til like 3 AM on Fridays and Saturdays, and Vellace usually likes to be in bed by around 1 at the latest, so it's around that time that he'll either start urging me to go to sleep or just say good night and pull the covers over himself or generally act like he's asleep. And he also likes to sleep in, which I found out primarily due to him being much harder to talk to and visualize in the mornings, although he confirmed my suspicions when I asked him about it. However, in both of these situations, (but moreso when he goes to sleep early than when he sleeps in) I'm still capable of talking to him and visualizing him in situations other than being asleep, and when I do, he doesn't exactly have that "I'm trying to sleep," or "I just woke up," vibe, and generally makes no allusion to having been asleep, so that's why I'm questioning whether or not him sleeping while I'm awake is actually a thing that's happening. Sorry for the long post! Thanks for answers!
  11. So, my tulpa has a full-formed personality, a full formed... form, and I naturally visualize/impose him with very little effort. However, we still have trouble communicating? Sometimes he'll say stuff, but it's so distant and weak. (but also, upon further consideration, I think this is sort of a reassurance that it's not me talking because it's quieter than my own mind voice, which I've never been able to change the volume of.) A few weeks ago, when I was still parroting, I heard him talk, like, with my ears (and mind too), and although I was immediately able to identify it as his voice, it only sounded like heavy static. Then, I tried to stop parroting so Vellace wouldn't form relying on me to be his voice, but at that point it was already habit, so I'm afraid that there was/is too thin a line between keeping myself from parroting and blocking out Vellace? And now almost every other aspect of him is almost fully formed and I'm afraid that he's just gonna be stuck with this weak-ass mindvoice?
  12. Alright then so I guess maybe I should probably update this a little since a few things happened. First: Vellace has officially admitted that the reason he named himself Vellace is because he knew I'm so used to calling him "Velancar" that I'd have to keep correcting myself mid-word, so he chose "Vellace" because that's what comes out when I try to call him Velancar and then stop in the middle of saying it. Good (or maybe not good?) to know that he has my terrible sense of humor, at least. Second: I have learned that trying to actively/aggressively/not passively force in wonderland while sleep deprived is incredibly difficult and may lead to some really weird thought... dream... things? After denying all of my active forcing attempts/requests for about a day, as soon as I was feeling incredibly tired, Vellace started begging me to force with him. And then giggled mockingly when I kept almost falling asleep. Again, there's that terrible sense of humor. Anyways, aside from that, I'm currently doing my best to stop constantly parroting for Vellace, and so far a lot of his speaking and movements are kind of just half happening on their own, but then I also automatically parrot a little. Personally, I'd call it an improvement, tho, so no worries. Also, last night (it's always at night. There must be something in the air at night.) we had some good interaction. We commentated on some TV shows a little, we squirmed around for no reason and got tangled in the bed sheets a little, (eck I need to stop being so childish) and we paced up and down the hallway and chatted a little. I forget all the dumb little things we did, but I know that it was certainly fun and seemed to be good for Vellace's development. Finally: I seem to be kind of in both the visualization stage and imposition stage with Vellace, as I can kind of sort of see him as almost like a phantom image in my peripheral vision, and when I focus I can also smell him, or feel him kinda brushing against me, or maybe even hear him a little if I'm lucky. Okay so then I guess that's all there really is to say for now kthxbye
  13. Ah, thank you for the clarification. It's always good to know that there are individuals who don't want to just watch you run out into the community and make a fool of yourself. =)
  14. Um... My apologies, but what point exactly are you trying to make, Linkzelda? All I really gathered is that a distinction should be made between mental age and chronological age, and that we need to be careful to not start making older people feel inferior to youth and their naivete... (But also what naivete are you talking about exactly? Like, why would being naive make non-naive people feel inferior?) What I gathered from "People as young as you tend to report extremely fast progress" was just that generally younger people (or younger mentality(?)) might have better imagination or opener minds and so it may be generally easier for them to create a tulpa... I dunno. I really probably shouldn't even be commenting on this because of my ignorance, but, hey, curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction brought it back, right? o~o
  15. So I've read that forcing is pretty much just spending quality time with your tulpa and developing their personality and such. I was kind of under the impression that this must/should be done in your wonderland, but I have a lot of trouble properly getting myself in the state of mind of being in my wonderland, let alone getting my tulpa to cooperate once we're there. What I don't have trouble with, though, is visualizing/imposing my tulpa, so I was wondering if kinda just having your tulpa hang out nearby (he usually sits next to me on my bed) and maybe chatting a little bit while still doing other things counts as forcing? While doing this, I don't particularly focus on developing/improving/whatever my tulpa, except for maybe in the vocalization aspect, but I do occasionally make comments on or ask simple questions about his personality and form and whatever else he's willing to discuss with me, and I generally pause what I'm doing and shift my attention to Vellace before either of us actually say anything, so my attention isn't too divided. Honestly I think the closest thing I can compare this to would be narrating but with less talking from me and more input from my tulpa, but it (hopefully) never hurt to ask, I guess. I just wanna make sure I'm not doing anything counterproductive; I'm kinda paranoid like that. >~< bonus question: how long is forcing recommended/required? Like, is it still good to do well into the imposition stage, or should I have stopped sooner, or do you still continue to do it well after the tulpa is complete or what