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  1. I hate our wonderland. That's it. I can't stand it. I like the beautiful sun, the smell of the sea, the small cottage. I like the feel of sand between my toes, the warm wind brushing past, the general calmness of it all. But I absolutely abhor the wonderland. I've been desperately trying to move to imposition with little success. Baby steps; I'll 'know' where he is at all times, I'll occasionally see him fully out the corner of my eye. Unfortunately, that seems to be everything. Everything seems to be coming along well, otherwise.
  2. Thought the report button was the 'reply' button. Whoops. It is! I don't even know what day I began forcing, to be honest. I just generally know that I've been doing it since the beginning of the summer. Thanks for the guide, by the way. Don't know how I missed that.
  3. Lurked the forum for a few months before deciding to get a progress report; my forcing's been really irregular and rare as of late, and this should correct that. Started forcing around the beginning of summer in the hopes that I'd be done in time for school. I'm wrong. This shits because I'm in IB and taking AP classes, so I rarely have time for myself, much less for some dude hanging around in my head. About that dude, he's a snake. His name's Alex, short for Alexandros. He's sort of like a naga, but with the human top that of a snake. He's roughly my size, sociable, intelligent, and paranoid, among other things. I'll draw him sometime and scan my journal entries that detail his personality. My schedule currently has me waking up an hour before I need to and forcing for as long as I can in that period. I'm sure this isn't enough. I often sleep through our session and try to make it up via half-hearted narration. He just gave pressure to me on that, so I'm guessing he's in agreement. Don't quite know what I'll do. Anyway, I'm in a rut with forcing. I've got his form down, I can hear him think to me, I can see him control his form; it's gotten sort of boring now that there isn't an obvious path from point A to point B. I know I need him imposed and I need to hear him, but resources on how to accomplish this seem scarce. I just feel as if I'm pissing in the wind every time I sit down to force. Probably the real cause of my inconsistency. In any case, I attempted to impose a bit earlier and managed to get his weight and heat-radiation right. Just not a visual for now. I'll finish tonight by forcing for 30 minutes and start tomorrow with the hour.