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  1. But does it matter if you are directly talking to your tulpa? Or can it just be literally narration. " I'm going to poop for three hours. " and yes, that is more of a quote than an example.
  2. My question is this: do I have to feel my tulpa to narrate to it? If I just ask her opinion on something, do I have to feeling her behind me or something? If I'm alone in my room I can sometimes feel her in the room but not all the time. Am I just wasting my mental breath if I can't sense her by me?
  3. That feel when people have lapped you more then three times. Not a good feel. FML. Regardless, she shall have the strength of a thousand men when I get her to FUCKING TALK!!
  4. I'm slow at this, OK? You want to back off my testicles, please? Thank you!
  5. Does yours always hang out with you, or does it hibernate or whatever the hell they do alone.
  6. I mean a organ doner. If someone dies of lung cancer, the brain is fine. They could still use the other body parts, besides the lungs...
  7. Do you have to be focusing thoughts directly to the tulpa, or can you just think them out to your tulpa? Also, can I make it completely vocal first, then do imposition and all that crap?
  8. I was thinking of the fist guy with the tulpa died of getting hit by a car or stabbed or somthin, he'd be dead but his brain wouldn't be damaged for the transplant. I thought the second guy would keep his own mind, just see the tulpa too.
  9. What would happen if someone with a tulpa donated their brain to another person? Would that person see the tulpa? Same brain that was conditioned to see and hear it. That would be ridiculous, like he never told anyone, sounds awesome.