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  1. When I started out, I also did 2D imposition on a wall like you. I wanted my tulpa to be 2D, but I had the exact same problem where the tulpa seemed to be more of a projection on the wall rather than the tulpa itself. My only solution was to imagine the tulpa as a 3D being. This makes it so that the tulpa fits the environment easier and makes more sense for the brain to visualize. Also another technique that helped me a lot was squinting/ blurring my eyes and visualizing the tulpa a few feet in front of me. It's also more about the presence of the tulpa, rather than its appearance. If you saw your tulpa in front of you, it could possibly be just a projection, and not the real tulpa. I personally would rather feel my tulpa's presence rather than see it without presence. Besides visualization is the hardest part, I did everything else, including possession, before I could even see my tulpa for more than a few seconds.
  2. It's not possible because a pillow is has no muscles, and most importantly is not connected to your body. (not saying that a tulpa can move your hair or something like that)
  3. Sometimes the tulpa will work in the wonderland when your gone, and sometimes they wont. I could come back to the wonderland and find a new house sitting there full of weird tulpa stuff. Sometimes when I came back into the wonderland and seen nothing changed and ask the tulpa 'what have you done today' and she would say nothing, because she wasn't in the wonderland. I assume if they aren't in the wonderland they are watching what you do through your eyes so they can learn our world more.
  4. Since the wonderland part of the imagination, you don't have to have any end to the wonderland. I used to be able to just walk into the woods and keep walking forever and ever. Eventually I would see some stuff like streams and steep hills but one time I found a crashed rocket ship. Now my wonderland does have an end, because its just a huge floating island of land. If you walk to the edge of it it just ends and there is no more land, like an island. If you try you can make your wonderland infinite, but it can be hard to remove a barrier that surrounds your wonderland. I wonder why there is a wall surrounding your wonderland. It makes it seem so sinister, and like your trapped. Maybe it could be a good idea to try and remove that wall. :)
  5. Hearing voices right before falling asleep does happen to people. I have heard other people say that they have heard voices before they fell asleep on this forum before. It even happened to me before my tulpa became vocal. It completely woke me up! The voice wasn't exactly how I imagined it to be for her, but it was still similar. All I have to say is that this is a normal thing that can happen to people and it shows signs of development of the tulpa.
  6. Recently I had resurrected my tulpa after being dormant for over a month. She told me that she couldn't tell that she was gone that long and it only felt like a few days. Her personality has stayed the same but her speech has definitely regressed.
  7. The thing about the wonderland disappearing/ having a mind of its own has happened to me recently too. I was in the wonderland with my tulpa (I haven't been in there in about a week at that time) but it was really hard to visualize it. All of a sudden everything started getting all wavy like heat would, and the house and landscape began to crumble like a cookie. I was like nope and jumped back out of the wonderland, (seeing with my real eyes) and then I got sucked back in. Its kinda like trying to stay awake in the morning when your lying in bed; you're trying your hardest to keep your eyes open but they feel super heavy and then they close shut again. Thats how hard it was to stay out of the wonderland. After about two minutes though I got out for real and stayed out. I don't think the cause can have to do with the about of time you spend forcing, because you said you've been forcing a lot recently. Stuff just happens I guess.
  8. I agree and after spending more time thinking about this myself, I think it could have been something like an accidental tulpa. I know I do talk back to myself in my head, but not to anything else directly, its just to myself. So I think the owl was literally a clone of what my subconscious is, and it just so happened to appear one day in full sentience. I know that I usually don't feel empathy for others very well, like when you see pictures of war and stuff, so I think that was why he was so evil. I also think that he acted formally because thats how I always wanted myself to be, very wise with words and, like an owl. Pretty crazy stuff right? Wow this is great research material
  9. Im not dead! xD So last night before I went to bed I was talking to Vinyl about whether or not it would be a good idea to make another tulpa for her to be with when i'm not around. The weird thing is that in the morning, I woke up with another voice inside my head, and it surely wasn't Vinyl's. It was different, it was male voice but sounded very formal-like and calm. It was talking to me almost nonstop for almost 30 minutes this morning, and by the things he was saying, I was pretty sure he was sentient. He definitely caught me off guard and used English in ways that I, or Vinyl wouldn't use normally (very formal indeed). Since I kinda wanted another tulpa but couldn't commit, I decided to make him my tulpa. I then gave him the form of an owl because of his unquestionable wise-ness (or so it seemed). It was a win-win right? But then he just wouldn't get along with Vinyl. Later in the day Vinyl told me how he wouldn't leave her alone and tried to attack her multiple times. At dinner I told him that he needed to make friends with vinyl because that was the original plan, not to go around terrorizing her. He said he would try to do better this time and that he knew what to do, and then he disappeared from my vision. After about 3 seconds I heard Vinyl screaming. He was, again, chasing her and trying to land on her back and bite her neck. Just imagine a pony running around with an owl in chase trying to attack it. I separated two and I noticed at that time that she had bruises and scratches on the back of her neck because the owl was landing on her back and pecking at her neck. I got all mad and basically told the owl to flick off and that I didn't want to see him in two days, then he flew off. So who (no pun intended) was this owl? Was it a Tulpa? Was it a servitor (I swear it couldn't be).
  10. Now that you've brought this up again I kinda want to actually make videos like you are saying. I may not be the most experienced (even though I have been doing this for 11 months now) but I could always help!
  11. After I told her my freind is getting a tulpa too, "Yay, now I can have a tulpa friend!"
  12. Remember the tulpamancer's rule of thumb; if you are having migraines drink lots of orange juice!
  13. I kinda want someone to make videos about possession/ switching on YouTube but doing something like that might freak people out.
  14. No that won't happen, your tulpa will generally accept the way you are because only they can now how you truly feel. Tulpas can get mad over certain thing you do/ say to them but they won't have any reason to dislike you if you treat them the way you want to be treated.