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  1. I sort of have a mental block which feels like I'm preventing my tulpa from making decisions on her own a lot of the time, either because I'm afraid of the answer, or she doesn't. I have the mental block mostly to prevent intrusive thoughts concerning her.
  2. Hello, I've just started creating my tulpa 2 days ago and I want to make sure I'm doing nothing wrong because I've become quite attached to my upcoming tulpa. So far I have a basic idea about what she looks like, and I think I've created a decent wonderland, however I'm afraid for her sentience and personality. You see, I haven't spent a lot of time on her personality (however I got the basic idea) and I'm afraid I'm too late. So far I've experienced some levels of her sentience and I usually feel her presence but I can't tell when I'm parroting (it's on and off with the prism experiment)
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