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  1. They might help open your sinuses a little, but no, they can't make your allergies "go away". Your allergies are outside the control of your brain.
  2. Well, since this is apparently going to be a thing +1 to NotAnonymous JD1215 schlondark SkyeWint Averian Phi (if he's even around) -1 to Sands - seems to care more about going against the community than trying to help it. Having him on the team could prove counter-productive. Waffles Kiahdaj ^ not usually bad, but have a habit of going along with Sands' shenanigans.
  3. Guys, please stop trying to add tulpas to Wikipedia. It doesn't belong there, it's been removed several times, at this point it's basically vandalism and will only make us look bad.
  4. I suppose I've always sort of considered Lucy being about my age, maybe slightly younger. Her form pretty much matches.
  5. What would you like more transparency about, specifically? I was asking about your solutions to the site's overall problems, not this particular argument.
  6. Aaris please give us even a small sample of the wealth of solutions I know you've come up with for our innumerable problems.
  7. I removed the parts I felt were off-topic. I gave you a warning for the excessive vulgarity in the post that remained and edited most of the vulgarity out.
  8. I thought I already said why that part was deleted. That part wasn't for vulgarity, that was for the off-topic.
  9. I can start telling people exactly what was wrong with their posts in the future. I don't have all that much experience with forum moderation yet, admittedly. And no, I don't just let people edit their own posts when there's rule violations in them. That's not how it works. I remove the violation first. If a mod deletes your post, and they tell you exactly what was wrong with it (again, admittedly something I should do), then you're welcome to resubmit it after making changes to it to be in line with the rules. But no, we don't tell you what you did wrong and then just wait for you to fix it.
  10. The posts in the QA topic were deleted because they were off the topic of the thread and only started because Sands felt like taking a shot at a moderator again. The post that was edited and warned for vulgarity was because every sentence doesn't need "fucking" in it. It was excessive. All I did to that paragraph was remove those words. Kiahdaj, your post in the itbegins.png thread (if that's the one you're referring to) was deleted for being unconstructive. Just quoting two posts above you (basically just going "^this") is unconstructive. I don't know which of Zero's supposedly deleted posts you're referring too, unfortunately.
  11. Moving to the Tulpa Art board as that seems the appropriate place for it.
  12. Hello Maverick. The current replacement for the /mlp/ generals seems to be on MLPChan, on the /chat/board.
  13. I thought Wesley was banned for trolling; or was that just on the IRC? This thread died last December, why is it being necro'd now? Just get rid of it.
  14. I don't know exactly what it is, but NotAnonymous's post made me remember the feelings of excitement I had when I was first learning about tulpas. Excellent contribution, NotAnonymous.
  15. Sands there's no "science" involved in expressing disbelief at someone's claims regarding their tulpa just because they sound silly to you. Guess what: everyone has different standards of what sounds silly to them, so that's hardly an objective metric. The only solid way of pointing out roleplayers is proof, usually in the form of contradicting statements like you mentioned. I mean, after all you've said, I still don't really understand what you want. What you consider an acceptable alternative to the "hugbox" model we have now. Allowing members to be hostile towards and attempt to ostracize "obvious roleplayers?" There are almost no objective "obvious roleplayers". To much of the outside world, having a tulpa period is "obviously roleplaying". What good does expressing disbelief do when it's based on nothing but personal feeling? It results in nothing but disruption of discussion of what very well may be legitimate claims. Again, having skepticism is fine and definitely healthy; I just don't understand the supposed value of expressing disbelief publicly. It's not an effective means of keeping out liars; it's only an effective way of turning the community into an echo chamber of people whose claims meet the believable standards of the loudest group.