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  1. Day one mostly passive forcing narrating almost all day to yuki. tried to read off a personality list but i think i might let her decid for her self really, the name yuki is temporary, i'll let her decide her own name later if she dosent like it. im pretty hopeful goin ginto this, im hoping that i will see it through and not drop it like i do most things i want to see yuki come to life :)
  2. So i started forcing my tulpa named Yuki (for now) but i skipped personality after reading that tulpae could form their own personalities. is it okay to start at narration or should i choose another starting point. when i talk to her i can feel a sort of pressure in the back of my head but im not sure thats because of something else or if its her actively listening. it's only been about 5 days but im worried im starting in the wrong place. if some one could help me find a starting place or forward me to another post that may answer my question i would be grateful. Thanks in advance :)
  3. The chocolate guy, Sponge Bob, or Patrick? I like the chocolate guy lol The next person will be older than 30
  4. Hi everyone. i just heard about Tulpas a couple of weeks ago and decided to give my best attempt to tulpaforce ( is that the correct term? ) i hope that eventually i'll be able to contribute to the community some day but for now i'm a lowly leach
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