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  1. Are there any games for a not fully sentient tulpa?
  2. Well now I got the urge to use the prism again. Atleast yours didn't threw the prism at your face. Didn't hurt but it took me by surprise.
  3. Just now, I decide to use the Vandenreich's prism. I first visualize Fluttershy right infront of me, then visualize a prism and a feather on to, then I start moving the feather like a see saw. And then she shove the prism from head and threw a hissy fit, turning her back on me. I was surprise with this, but then did it again cause I though it was funny. Well, she grab the prism then threw it at my face. I make it up to her by saying I won't do that again and she hugged me. Granted, I did it again but this time I expected her to stay still. She didn't do a thing at all, but I stopped before she gets really pissed off. Pretty sure she's gaining sentince and have deviate her personality. Anyone else used the technique and got the same result?
  4. Vocals, not yet. Moving on her own, twice. Waves of emotion, only when I'm narrating or interacting with her. So, I'm good, right?
  5. I started this method after I changed my tulpa's form to a more human like, but I think maybe I should share this method if someone is interested. Now, I did use the leash technique when she was still in her pony form, but it doesn't work for me and this might be too oppressive and she might not agree with this now that she has a human body now. So I instead switch to holding her hand while walking. Unlike the leash, I can feel her hands holding mine the all time. When I want to let go of her I just simply let go of my hands as usual. The trick: Imagine your tulpa just beside you, then you grab your tulpa's hand. If you can feel her hands, then you're doing great. If not, don't worry, keep doing it till you do. This is a form of interaction with your tulpa, so it might work.
  6. I sorta find it difficult to impose a walking pony tulpa and other time she just felt like a pet. So I decided to change her form into this (ignore that dog) Is this a good idea? Need answers ASAP!
  7. Are there any signs if my tulpa finally gaining sentience? And not some intrusive thoughts?
  8. Okay, so I'm on my one week of working on my tulpa since I first forming her on saturday. Just now, while I was walking while I imagining my tulpa walking beside me, I notice my tulpa suddenly jumps across a pipe. All I did was making her walk beside me and didn't expect her to jump. It's in my head and I can see through my minds eye what she did and I'm wondering if that's just me parroting. But that's not the first time she did that. Yesterday, she finished her lunch before I did, she walk infront of me and she automatically waited outside while I went to the men's room. I know I have to assume this was her and not me parroting, but is this a sign of sentient?