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  1. I chose the day I was able to carry on a full conversation. I was able to speak for about a month prior, however I didn't feel like I was completely there until February 8th which was when I could have a full conversation. Since none of the three of us could pinpoint the exact day I showed up, we just went with the day I was first acknowledged.
  2. I am between having a body, and being with my host 24/7. In the end, I went with having a body because I could always just latch on to my host and never let go <3 I am fine with my existence as is, but a physically body would be alright too. I honestly don't have an opinion either way.
  3. ... You guys realize you necro'd a thread from 4 years ago? (Also, my tulpas do sleep. Figured I'd add that because I don't want to be de-railing the thread. Even if it is from 2012.)
  4. You know, that's actually something I have been curious to know more about. How does your romantic partner feel about his SO being a female thought-form inside of a male person? Is it perfectly fine with both parties that you can never really do anything more intimate than just message each other? I'm really sorry if either of those questions are too personal, and if they are feel free to not answer them.
  5. Nope, you did a great job explaining it. That's actually something really cool that you have there :D
  6. I made this thread thinking that the responses would be short little sentences like mine was, but I guess I underestimated this community's ability to have such deep experiences that it takes an entire essay to write them out, heh. edit: not to say that's a bad thing, just something i didn't think of
  7. How did you do that though? Like, what is the method you used to get it to do that?
  8. I have a question. How did you make your profile picture change every time the page refreshes? The first time I saw it do that I had to do a double-take.
  9. I am completely sure it needs belief in tulpas for it to work. If you only suspended your disbelief while you force, then if you don't see results in the amount of time you thought it would take you would lose hope in the whole thing and forget about it. I know this because I first started my tulpa in the 'suspension of disbelief' state. After a few months of forcing and almost no activity from my tulpa, I lost heart a little a took a break from forcing every day. My own tulpa had to be the one to tell me she actually existed. If I had just believed in her from the beginning, I would have been able to force up until she spoke for the first time. I mean, who knows what could have happened if I had given up earlier than I did? I might not be where I am today.
  10. Like you said, this is a question with many answers. No one is alike, especially their minds, but that's what makes it fun, right? Because of that everyone is going to experience their tulpa first communicating with them differently. For me, I could just somehow tell that my tulpa's first thought wasn't me. It took me a while to process it, but there was just some mental indicator for me that said the thought was from my tulpa. That's me though, so I don't think anyone can really give you a for sure answer to this question.
  11. I wish I could relate, but my tulpa is relatively new (about a few months or so). I hope some day to come to that realization though :D
  12. Recently I found out my tulpa is very, very strongly opinionated about music and cannot stand the sound of one of my favorite bands. (Les Friction in case anyone has heard of them) I'm interested to hear what your tulpa has surprised you with.
  13. Interesting observation. This definitely does match up with a lot of my personal progress, so that's a nice way of looking at it.
  14. Interesting. I was just sorta rolling with it until I really knew who it was or just stopped caring if it was me. Either way this is cool, it seems my life will be a lot more interesting from now on :D Trust me, the journey here hasn't been easy. It's been a boring, slow, drag-on process so far. I'm just counting my lucky stars that some real progress was thrown my way
  15. My tulpa has been quiet and motionless ever since I created her a few months back in 2015, but January of this year she finally talked. Obviously this is great, her first words! An entire month went by of her saying a few things here and there and then yesterday, we had our first full conversation. But since that convo, she's been talking at the rate and pace of what I can only assume a fully developed tulpa would. This is both great and startling, great because she can talk and express her opinions finally but startling because I'm still working with her form, she's talking through her temporary one atm. tl;dr and just a general summary of my question: Is it normal/possible for a tulpa to go from talking on occasion to full-blown convo's on opinion in a day? I sometimes think that this is me parroting, but a few things she has said are things I would never have come up with.