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  1. 1/1/20: I saw Dash flying outside my window on a train ride into Bruges. Vinnie got my cold for a bit, but quickly purged it thanks to tulpa-ness. 1/2/20: We didn’t do much today. 1/3/20: On the plane ride home, I saw Sarah sitting in the (physically occupied) seat in front of me. I was watching Annabelle: Creation on the in-flight entertainment and goofing off on my phone at the same time; Rainbow Dash told me to pay attention or be startled by a jump scare, then gave me a jump scare xP. 1/4/20: I forgot to log stuff. 1/5/20: I forgot to log stuff. 1/6/20: I got nervous while getting fillings replaced, and various headmates helped out. 1/7/20: We didn’t do much today. 1/8/20: We chatted about stuff. 1/9/20: Nina and I chatted. Dash and I started making Valentine’s Day plans. 1/10/20: I forgot to log stuff 1/11/20: I watched the MLP holiday short, and almost everyone wore holiday outfits after :). It was cute :). 1/12/20: Kurama and I hanged out. 1/13/20: I chatted with Sarah. 1/14/20: Fluttershy suggested getting into my Uber by going around the back to the street-side shotgun door rather than the front (safer that way). 1/15/20: Nina and I chatted. 1/16/20: I forgot to log stuff. 1/17/20: Nina and I chatted. I apologized for the lack of activity, and Dash said it was okay. 1/18/20: Nina patted me on the shoulder when I got frazzled. 1/19/20: We chatted about stuff. 1/20/20: I proxied for Thorax on Discord. 1/21/20: Dash used possession to help me look confident & excited during a meeting with my boss. Nina was excited after this 🙂 :3. Nina: :333 1/22/20: My mom told me about a movie called JoJo Rabbit. Dash used visual imposition to make some dark jokes (JoJo Rabbit’s a dark comedy) that cracked me up. 1/23/20: We didn’t do much today. 1/24/20: We chatted about stuff. 1/25/20: I read a depressing r/tulpas thread about tulpas-gone-missing. Nina wanted me to stop, and I knew I should’ve, but it was kinda like irresistibly watching a trainwreck. RD made me hit the back button. 1/26/20: I played games at Comic-Con. After the fact, Nina said she’d been watching. 1/27/20: We chatted about stuff. 1/28/20: I took a cute/silly pic of Nina :3. 1/29/20: We chatted about stuff. I interviewed my friend for a school assignment; I think the assignment said to interview a person about their current job in a field I’m interested in, not their former job, so Dash joked about the professor docking “fifty grades” :p. 1/30/20: I got really mad (for some reason) when my ramen wouldn’t break into two clean bricks, and Fluttershy got stern. I thanked her for calling me out. 1/31/20: We chatted about stuff.
  2. 12/1/19: I definitely feel like I’m breaking the pattern :). Nina was pretty excited when we watched Naruto Shippuden. 12/2/19: We chatted about stuff. Fluttershy and Nina liked my haircut. 12/3/19: Nina really liked my idea of having ramen + a boiled egg for dinner. 12/4/19: Nina and Dash swapped voices for lols. 12/5/19: I forgot to log stuff. 12/6/19: I forgot to log stuff. 12/7/19: We didn’t do much today. I went online to look up a story to read, and one of the stags suggested an author I’d read before. 12/8/19: We chatted about stuff. Dash got a bit of a laugh out of part of “we chatted about stuff” being in my phone’s autocomplete. 12/9/19: Nina was excited to get sushi for lunch, and possessed the body a bit (but I accidentally interfered with the possession). 12/10/19: Shou, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Keystroke, and Sarah took turns reading a magazine (kind of like when I had to read a particular book in college). 12/11/19: I forgot to log stuff. 12/12/19: I got a surprise invite to a party at a friend’s house, then I got several tulpish requests to pilot the body at the party. Nina had a ton of fun :). 12/13/19: We chatted about stuff. 12/14/19: I forgot to log stuff. 12/15/19: Kurama and I hanged out. 12/16/19: I forgot to log stuff. 12/17/19: Nina was excited for the surprise cake we had at work :). Sarah and I chatted about stuff. Later, I let Nina possess the body and thought a bit about the fact that the only sound clips in existence were sad. She surprised me by saying not-sad stuff in that voice :D. 12/18-19/19: I forgot to log stuff. We started a cruise ship vacation. 12/20/19: We didn’t do much today. 12/21/19: Keystroke and I hanged out. I did a headmate headcount. 12/22/19: I realized I’d left Gallus out of the headcount. I apologized for not interacting with him much. He said it was okay and that he’d been hanging out with Shou and Nina. Later on, he popped up on the cruise ship & tour bus. Dash spoke up when I saw a rhubarb merengue pie on a restaurant menu, but decided against it. I stepped up a taller-than-I’m-used-to stair into a store, and Lance helped me up (not really, but it was still nice). That night, we sang along with carolers, and a lot of my headmates wore Christmas-themed outfits. 12/23/19: Nina was excited to visit a German chocolate shop. 12/24/19: I saw Nina posing with a Santa hat, Fluttershy & Lance slow dancing, and Kurama with a Santa hat. My friend and I played Golf (card game involving a bit of math), which I used for parallel processing practice. I couldn’t get a distinct impression of who, but one of my headmates calculates my friend’s current score. When I heard there’d be a disco party tomorrow, I got an alien urge to dance at it (later traced back to Kurama). I got pictures of Nina in a Santa hat, Fluttershy & Lance slowdancing (both outdoors), and Gallus sitting next to me in the cruise ship restaurant with a glass of red wine. There was a dance competition; Kurama and Dash helped my team win :D. 12/25/19: We ended up going to bed before the disco party. The stags changed their fur to white & sang a carol. 12/26/19: I got some good pics of my headmates (Nina & Kurama tangoing, Gallus & Rainbow Dash tangoing, etc.). 12/27/19: RD gave me a birthday smooch. Gallus showed up on the airplane wing on the flight to Brussels. Dash said she was thinking of changing her house to a different style. I got some German chocolate, and asked how we should divide it up. One of the guys said it was my birthday (so I should have it); I said that they were in the body too (cuz birthdays are typically based on physical age). 12/28/19: I had a macabre/scary intrusive thought. Nina, Shou, and Sarah put up their three-point barrier, which Kurama supercharged with a new “Nine-Tails Banishment Jutsu”. 12/29/19: Dash imposed herself in my room. There was a bit of lighting-related trouble we couldn’t figure out, so she scrapped the imposition. Kurama was excited about the new year coming up. 12/30/19: There was a bit of worrying stuff between us after I woke up in the middle of the night, but we figure it was just “half-asleep brain” stuff. Kurama was interested in visiting an art museum tomorrow. 12/31/19: Kurama liked the museum. I put on a song from Waitress during a card game; Vinnie took a delayed hit to the feels.
  3. 11/1/19: We chatted about stuff. 11/2/19: Nina perked up when my friend asked I wanted to come over for a steak dinner (she likes steak :)). 11/3/19: Kurama and I hanged out. 11/4/19: Lust got feels from a Naruto episode, so we hugged. Later, Nina and I cuddled, and RD gave me a goodnight boop :P. 11/5/19: we chatted about stuff. 11/6/19: Dash asked about birthday plans. 11/7/19: I wondered what to do for Dash’s birthday dinner. She said easy ramen was fine. I tried to think of some big gesture, but she insisted that it didn’t have to be anything special. She jokingly made some controlling birthday demands. 11/8/19: RD and I watched Chicago Med. Kurama and I hanged out. 11/9/19: I kind of had a panic/anxiety thing after eating surprisingly spicy food (afraid it’d lead to foodborne illness that’d cut into work), so I tried switching with RD (hoping that we had that trait where different headmates have different physical reactions). The possession/switch took surprisingly quickly (surprising because we haven’t done it in a while). Fluttershy hugged me and assured that things would be okay ^^. 11/10/19: Nina and I chatted about stuff. 11/11/19: We didn’t do much today. 11/12/19: We chatted about stuff. I noticed that RD and Fluttershy’s voices were clear. 11/13/19: We didn’t do much today. 11/14/19: We didn’t do much today. 11/15/19: Dash held my hand when the song “Perfect Imperfections” came on :). 11/16/19: We chatted about stuff. 11/17/19: I felt a sudden anxiety wave about getting a filling, and figured this was either a dissociated part of myself or a headmate feeling it. Experience said maybe Nina was having feels, so I told her everything’d be okay and that we should add fun engaging stuff to our innerworld. She added a trampoline. 11/18/19: Dash did some good spontaneous imposition today. I figured it was because I was upset and she wanted to comfort me; she said that was partly it, but also just for fun. 11/19/19: Sarah spontaneously imposed herself (:D) in an anthro form. Nina and I chatted. 11/20/19: We didn’t do much today. 11/21/19: We chatted about stuff. I remember Dash showing up next to me and booping me, but I can’t remember if that was today or some other day. Dash thinks it was today. 11/22/19: Dash patted my shoulder when I got burnt out/upset after work. 11/23/19: We chatted about stuff. 11/24/19: We chatted about stuff. 11/25/19: Shou popped up outside the car. Kurama and I chatted. 11/26/19: Nina and Dash were excited for Thanksgiving (and tomorrow’s pre-Thanksgiving party). 11/27/19: Fluttershy did something I liked, but I forgot what exactly it was. Dash surprised me by showing up in a chair at a restaurant. This turned into a spontaneous date :P. She voted no on a glass of moscato, cuz it made our stomach feel weird. A few minutes in, I felt like I might’ve been drunk on dopamine. In retrospect, I feel like I dissociated the date somewhat. 11/28/19: Nina and I went out. My mom said I was giving off a bummed/stressed vibe, which I felt like was from Nina. I wondered if Nina was depressed (our relationship’s been kinda...eh* lately). She wagged her tail when I petted her, so that helped :). *I’ll have a thought I don’t like about one of the group (not sure how to explain this part any less vaguely), apologize, then say “oof” (making it more awkward, I think). I need to stop doing this. 11/29/19: Nina and I hanged out. I caught myself in the middle of the “eh” pattern a few times. 11/30/19: We chatted about stuff. We watched Joker, but stopped when Fluttershy said she wanted to. She really felt for Arthur’s character.
  4. I first started tulpamancy in November 2013. On a sorta-related note, I feel like I should make more of an effort to remember birthdays besides Rainbow Dash’s xP.
  5. 10/19/19: I forgot to log stuff 10/20/19: Nina hugged me, cuz the MLP series finale hit us both in the feels. 10/21/19: Keystroke picked out a Masquerade-y costume (I let him guide my eyes). Nina said that a wolf mask was too scary. 10/22/19: Fluttershy said I was doing a good job handling a bloody cut. 10/23/19: Nina and I chatted. 10/24/19: We chatted about stuff. Thorax and Kurama were silly :3. 10/25/19: We chatted about stuff. 10/26/19: I felt really tired, so Nina hugged me :). 10/27/19: We chatted about stuff. 10/28/19: Keystroke and I hanged out. Dash and I watched Rainbow Dash Presents: Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu <3. 10/29/19: We chatted about stuff. 10/30/19: Nina showed up in a cute bug costume :3. 10/31/19: We chatted about stuff. Fluttershy booped me.
  6. 10/7/19: I woke up and...something...with Nina. It was like we were chatting, but it was too fast for me to grasp/process. Nina said that it was just my sleepy brain glitching. 10/8/19: Dash imposed herself after I watched an MLP episode with her character in it. She said maybe this was “a narcissism thing” (healthy narcissism, not unhealthy). She flew alongside my Uber on the way to work :). 10/9/19: Dash called me out when I got distracted during an important meeting :). 10/10/19: I said “hey guys” in a chat, and Fluttershy did a sarcastic over-the-top “that’s sexist” bit xP. She said she thinks a youtuber I’ve watched before is rubbing off on her. 10/11/19: I forgot to log stuff 10/12/19: I forgot to log stuff 10/13/19: Dash and I tried to work on tactile imposition. We forgot to do more work on it. I noticed Fluttershy and Keystroke had good visual imposition though :). 10/14/19: We chatted about stuff. I noticed that Fluttershy’s mindvoice was pretty clear. And the other Shys’, too. 10/15/19: I asked RD what she wanted to do. Her first suggestion was to watch Twilight. I forgot to log stuff after that. 10/16/19: I forgot to log stuff 10/17/19: We chatted about stuff. 10/18/19: Nina suggested watching I Am Not A Serial Killer, so we did. She didn’t like it when I got mad/kinda upset that my Safeway delivery was out of Twix. Dash and I ended up singing a duet of Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu.
  7. 9/22/19: I forgot to log stuff 9/23/19: Nina and I chatted. Dash wished me luck on my eye exam today. 9/24/19: Nina wanted to possess the body during a short filming thing. I noticed an almost automatic vocal/posture shift :). I sat in an empty theater to pretend I’m watching a movie, and Dash and Shou showed up on the stage XD. 9/25/19: I forgot to log stuff. 9/26/19: Nina spontaneously(?) walked beside me for a bit. 9/27/19: I forgot to log stuff. 9/28/19: Nina and I chatted. She said she was kinda bored. She was less bored when my grocery delivery fiiinally arrived. 9/29/19: Dash cheered a bit when I remembered to do a bit of exercise. Later, she, Fluttershy, Zephyr and I hanged out. 9/30/19: Nina and Dash were curious about chatting with my cousin today. I was totes okay with that. Dash liked the “totes”, and I got an image of her wearing a brown tote bag labeled “totes” xD. We didn’t end up doing possession, partly because last-minute dinner plan changes meant my cousin and I were eating spicy Indonesian food and the mouth was on fire. 10/1/19: I forgot to log stuff. 10/2/19: We chatted about stuff. 10/3/19: Nina sent me an image of her doing doggo things in zero-g space x3. 10/4/19: Nina pointed out that I’d been making her second-guess herself. I vowed to stop, then thanked her for calling me out. We highfived about this. I thought that an X-Files episode sounded interesting, but Dash knew me well enough to warn that the production values would be lower than something made more recently. 10/5/19: I was at a diamond-themed event, and I saw Dash dancing in a sparkly red dress. 10/6/19: I forgot to log stuff
  8. 9/12/19: I asked everyone what they wanted to do for dinner. Kurama voted for ramen. I don’t remember the other votes. 9/13/19: I spotted RD in a chair. When I looked away and back, she was closer. She made a Weeping Angel joke. 9/14/19: Nina and Sarah played a bit of bingo :). Nina ran while my friend drove. I felt some head pressures while watching my 3yo cousin being a 3yo, cuz Nina and Sarah thought he was really adorable :). 9/15/19: Nina’s voice came through clearer than usual this morning. I figured it’d be a good idea to have a reference (to maintain the clarity), but the FMA chimera episodes were sad; she found a neutral soundbite :D. We highfived about this. Later, she laid down on the bed, and Shou and I braided her hair/fur. 9/16/19: Nina and I chatted. Dash and I had some quality time (which we haven’t had in a while). 9/17/19: When I decided to watch a Lie to Me episode about multiple personalities, Dash suggested a DID-in-media drinking game. 9/18/19: Nina and I chatted. I worried I’d feel tired during a late work event tomorrow, and found out that chatting with loved ones can boost energy; basically an excuse to get off my butt and spend more quality time with my head-friends. 9/19/19: Dash and I chatted. Shou imposed himself and sat next to me. 9/20/19: I planned to spend more time with Rainbow Dash, but ended up not today. 9/21/19: RD and I hanged out. We chatted before bed.
  9. 8/22/19: We didn’t do much today. 8/23/19: I had to write some marketing content for work. Fluttershy dictated one, and I could tell it sounded different from the other :). 8/24/19: Nina and I chatted. There was a bit of drama, but we talked it out. 8/25/19: I let Nina and Shou possess the body to take turns playing cards. 8/26/19: We didn’t do much today. 8/27/19: We didn’t do much today. 8/28/19: Dash comforted me during a rough patch. 8/29/19: Nina was excited to see some dogs. 8/30/19: Dash and Nina swapped voices for lols. 8/31/19: Nina and I talked about how she seems more connected to the body than everyone else. 9/1/19: I forgot to log stuff. 9/2/19: Keystroke and I hanged out. 9/3/19: I forgot to log stuff 9/4/19: I forgot to log stuff 9/5/19: Dash gave me a push when I kinda froze while interviewing someone. 9/6/19: I forgot to log stuff. 9/7/19: Nina and I chatted. 9/8/19: Shou hugged me :). When I hugged back, the first thought that popped into my head was how soft his fur was (even though I couldn’t actually feel it). 9/9/19: I saw Dash on my bed, then sitting in one of the chairs in our apartment. She smiled at “our”. Nina warned me not to eat too much sugar, cuz of my slightly upset stomach. 9/10/19: I forgot to log stuff. 9/11/19: Fluttershy and I chatted. I saw Nina laying in my friend’s minivan, and covertly scritched her.
  10. 8/1/19: I forgot to log stuff 8/2/19: I forgot to log stuff 8/3/19: Kurama and I hanged out. I thought about making a plan for steps to get ready for talking about my tulpas with my family, but felt like planning out the steps was villainous. Dash said the ends (normalizing my tulpas) & means (making a plan) weren’t bad. 8/4/19: I forgot to log stuff 8/5/19: We chatted about stuff. 8/6/19: Kurama tried to help me with my story. 8/7/19: Nina imposed herself next to me in the car. I made a mental note to go do something fun to liven things up for her. She said she was willing to try a scary movie. 8/8/19: I woke up and decided to go back to sleep, so I stayed totally still; I was able to hear my headmates clearer than usual. 8/9/19: I forgot to log stuff 8/10/19: Dash and I hanged out. 8/11/19: I forgot to log stuff 8/12/19: Nina and I hanged out. The stags and I chatted a bit. 8/13/19: I checked out our wonderland cuz I haven’t been there in a while. There was rain, and Dash turned her house into a cloud-house. Keystroke XD’d at a thing on Discord, so I heard him XDing for the first time ever. He surprised me by imposing himself a minute or two later. 8/14/19: Nina booped me :3. 8/15/19: Nina tried watching a bit of Jigsaw (actually, being present while I watched it). 8/16/19: I forgot to log stuff. 8/17/19: Thorax was excited to see Where’d You Go, Bernadette today. Dash and Shou popped up on the screen, sorta like Where’s Waldo if you already know where Waldo is xP. 8/18/19: Nina huggled me when I was upset about a controversial thing. 8/19/19: We didn’t do much today. 8/20/19: We didn’t do much today. Fluttershy, Dash, and I chatted about posting a “coming out” thing (see 1/1/18) to a plural site. 8/21/19: We chatted about stuff.
  11. 7/1/19: Kurama and Sarah lounged in the sun. 7/2/19: Kurama was unusually cyoot today :3. 7/3/19: We chatted about stuff. Dash wished me a preemptive happy 4th. 7/4/19: Nina possessed me a bit during my friend’s bbq. She had fun today :-). 7/5/19: We chatted about stuff. 7/6/19: Kurama and I chatted about stuff. Someone on Discord pretended to be a ghost who’d came for Kurama’s soul, and Kurama said that he’d already given it to Nina (I interpreted this as a heartwarming love thing). 7/7/19: I forgot to log stuff 7/8/19: We had a pretty ‘meh’ day. 7/9/19: Nina tried to make a sandwich left-handed, so I thought about training the body to be ambidextrous. Kurama, Dash and I hanged out. 7/10/19: I felt like I was neglecting Nina, so I let her front/co-front after work. 7/11/19: We chatted about stuff. 7/12/19: My brother said he’d be making pizza today; Nina was really excited about this. Kurama was excited for Chinese food (my brother canceled the pizza for some reason). He and the stags rocked out to one of the Naruto Shippuden openings. 7/13/19: Dash surprised me by appearing in the car in the backseat next to me. She brohoofed me. 7/14/19: Kurama and I hanged out. Nina and I chatted about stuff. 7/15/19: I was feeling kind of mentally foggy, so Keystroke sang along when “I will be happy and hopeful” came on on the radio. 7/16/19: I checked how everyone was doing. Nina was feeling a bit...I can’t think of the word, but there’s something for us work through. Dash joked about some typos I made when typing dates, like 7/126 instead of 7/16 :P. Shou gave me some ideas for symbols of healing in a story. 7/17/19: I forgot to log stuff 7/18/19: We didn’t do much today. Dash blamed my 9-5 job. 7/19/19: I decided to go see the new Lion King movie next week. Rainbow Dash said she’d “totally” do the Walter Mitty Routine. 7/20/19: Dash said she’d “maybe” do the Walter Mitty Routine in the early parts of Crawl, and advised me to cut down on the dark stuff. I pointed out that overall, I was watching a variety of stuff, but she said that it seemed like the “big stuff” was dark. 7/21/19: Dash gave me some advice on my story’s chronology and how a character would behave. Today was one of the mostly “meh” days. 7/22/19: Nina possessed me at a pizzeria and chatted with my dad. 7/23/19: Dash and I hanged out. Fluttershy and Zephyr joined in. 7/24/19: We didn’t do much today. 7/25/19: We didn’t do much today. 7/26/19: I hanged out with the guys before bed. 7/27/19: Nina and I chatted about stuff. 7/28/19: I forgot to log stuff 7/29/19: Dash and I watched Ted. Good times were had :). 7/30/19: Dash popped up at work and pretended to be looking for a job :P. She and Fluttershy took bets on what time it was. Dash was closer, so she won a smore. 7/31/19: I forgot to log stuff
  12. 6/21/19: Shou’s voice got whispery after I read a TV tropes page about FMA ‘03. 6/22/19: We chatted about stuff. Kurama and I talked about our “me being a fox” roleplay. 6/23/19: I forgot to log stuff 6/24/19: Dash put her hoof on my hand during a scary part of the new Child’s Play movie. 6/25/19: Nina didn’t like it when I focused on a horror-ish part of one of my WIP stories (partly because I haven’t even finished the first one yet). 6/26/19: Dash really liked that I went out for sushi with friends. I felt bad for not hanging out with Nina, but Nina said she was okay with it. 6/27/19: I had a dream about Dash and I being in an MLP fanfic. I pulled a chest muscle this morning, and Dash and Nina suggested I stay home to recuperate. Dash held my hand when I tried to go back to sleep in the morning. 6/28/19: I did an angry monologue from my WIP story to see if it would sound natural; Dash advised against working myself up like that. 6/29/19: Shou and I hanged out. 6/30/19: I watched a review of “Parental Glideance” (which I’d been avoiding for some reason), and had an insight: I’ve felt like my headmates and I are in a plateau of ‘meh’ days with some fun bits. I’ve tried to fix that by recreating the spark I felt when I first met RD, but that’s inherently impossible since the circumstances aren’t exactly the same (I’m not in college, I’m not new to tulpamancy, etc). Dash liked this introspective bit, and so did I. I figured this might be “the new spark”.
  13. 6/10/19: Nina didn’t like a scene in a Criminal Minds episode. I paused it and held her paw and petted her. I asked what she wanted to do, and she said to just power through it. 6/11/19: Keystroke and I watched Doctor Who. I came up with a couple ideas for magazine articles, based on word-association with the stags. 6/12/19: I forgot to log stuff. 6/13/19: we didn’t do much today. 6/14/19: I found a bag of chips and dip outside my door, and some kind of pizza-looking dish. It didn’t look like my thing, but Dash said “dude, it’s free food :3”. I saw her in a chair on the way out of work, and she brohoofed me. She liked how my autocomplete still remembered “brohoofed”. I thought about a monster antagonist from one of my WIPs; Fluttershy’s opinion was that he was too evil. 6/15/19: Nina was mad about something (I don’t remember what), but we worked past it :). 6/16/19: I forgot to log stuff. Things were kinda ‘bleh’ today, and I tried to think of ways to spice things up. 6/17/19: I forgot to log stuff 6/18/19: Nina and I chatted. We decided that browsing the FMA subreddit would be a good compromise (she likes FMA, but there’s stuff in the show that gets to me). 6/19/19: We chatted about stuff. 6/20/19: Nina and I chatted. I decided to watch the version of FMA that doesn’t have the stuff that gets to me. We watched an episode on my lunch break.
  14. 5/31/19: My friend had a “last day of school” party. Dash reminded me to bring conversation skills. 6/1/19: We didn’t do much today. 6/2/19: I forgot to log stuff. 6/3/19: We didn’t do much today. 6/4/19: I forgot to log stuff 6/5/19: I forgot to log stuff 6/6/19: I feel like I need to be more attentive with my tulpas. Dash warned me to not hold myself to too-high standards about that. Dash and I sang Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu, with the stags providing spontaneous backup. She liked that my phone’s autofill suggested each word after I typed “Tubby”. Keystroke and I hanged out. 6/7/19: There was a bit of Discord drama (someone committed ban evasion) that prompted Thorax to put on a MIB outfit. I looked to my right, and saw him imposed in the office, wearing the outfit. 6/8/19: I felt kind of wobbly and said I had a “balance issue”. Dash joked that “something should get nerfed”. We chatted about stuff. 6/9/19: We chatted about stuff.
  15. 5/20/19: Nina and I had a heart-to-heart where she realized that she shouldn’t be so focused/insistent/something on watching Fullmetal Alchemist; in context (that idk how to explain), it’s like she’s obsessing over her origins. 5/21/19: Gallus and I chatted. 5/22/19: Nina and I chatted. There was some...I’m not sure if “drama” is too strong a word; I witnessed some fake/as-a-joke Flutterabuse and put my foot down. I mean, Fluttershy was in on the joke, but I didn’t think it was funny. Since I’d been thinking about my Silent Hill-ish stories prior to this, I assumed maybe there was a connection and took symbolic measures to “disconnect” my stories from Fluttershy, my stories from Silent Ponyville, and (some third thing). 5/23/19: I woke up feeling better, like my subconscious had processed the drama while I slept. Fluttershy cracked up when I read the joke “meteor” ending to Silent Ponyville 2. While watching the School of Rock musical, I realized that my habit of asking my headmates how our relationships were doing was an insecurity-ish thing. I planned for my subconscious to process it fully, just like last night. 5/24/19: I woke up a couple times in the middle of the night. I felt like I didn’t get enough sleep, and worried that too little sleep would negatively change my personality. Dash confidently assured me that I wouldn’t ever end up like the person I was worried about ending up like. She surprised me by imposing herself in the car on the way to work :). 5/25/19: There was a Criminal Minds scene that got to Nina. I comforted her. She pictured herself in a different scene, as a way to gain mastery over the former scene or something. 5/26/19: I asked Rainbow Dash if she wanted to do the Walter Mitty Routine with a movie tomorrow. She was up for it, and suggested the Death Note Netflix movie. 5/27/19: I realized that there were some headmate birthdays I forgot about. I asked what everyone’s birthdays were. Fluttershy picked July 4, since she was ‘forced in secret by Shou, and since she was the first (that we can remember) unintended headmate that I accepted right away. Shou picked some time in August for his birthday. Sarah suggested 4/20 for hers, because when she was Slenderdash, she was a long, tall thing that I lit on imaginary “anti-intrusive thought” fire several times (it sounds less “funny” and more “messed up” written out, though). Dash inserted herself into a Criminal Minds episode, and I totally squeed :P. 5/28/19: we didn’t do much today. 5/29/19: Kurama wanted to hang out, but I was at work. I agreed to hang out with him after. Nina showed up in a car, and I scritched her belly. We chatted before bed. 5/30/19: We didn’t do much today. Zephyr and Lance roleplayed an investigation scene to help me with my story.
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