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  1. 12/1/20: Dash made a joke I forgot to log. 12/2/20: 12/3/20: Vinnie was pretty vocal on a Reddit thread :). His voice was accompanied by an image of the Vinnie from Family Guy, though. Kurama and I practiced possession. 12/4/20: I forgot to log stuff. 12/5/20: We chatted about stuff. 12/6/20: Nina comforted me when I had an inflamed cuticle. 12/7/20: We chatted about stuff. Nina showed up lying on my bed. 12/8/20: I forgot to log stuff. 12/9/20: We chatted about stuff. 12/10/20: We chatted about stuff. 12/11/20: We chatted about stuff. I got ki
  2. 11/1/20: We chatted about stuff. 11/2/20: I noticed that one of the Quillute men in Twilight sounded similar to Mikey. I don’t exactly remember what was said next, but one of the stags said something to the effect of “I’d rather not have a thing from Twilight”. 11/3/20: Toby said that he liked my curly/wavy hair. I watched the election on TV, and Nina showed up wearing a MAGA hat. 11/4/20: I asked Dash about her birthday plans. She wanted to marathon Rainbow Dash Presents. 11/5/20: We chatted about stuff. Dash suggested getting “wasted” for her birthday (we only have one ca
  3. 10/1/20: I did a headmate headcount. 10/2/20: We chatted about stuff. 10/3/20: I hanged out with Mikey & Sid. Vinnie gave some advice on my stories. 10/4/20: We chatted about stuff. 10/5/20: We didn’t do much today. 10/6/20: Kurama and I tried out a bit of vocal possession. I think I got close to his voice. 10/7/20: Kurama and I tried more vocal possession. One of the tips I read online was to support my diaphragm, and Kurama said to focus on that before extensively doing his voice. 10/8/20: I forgot to log stuff 10/9/20: We c
  4. 9/1/20: Vinnie’s voice came in really clearly when he dictated a comment for me to post on r/tulpas. The 2020 census has him excited, because it’ll provide sourced data about tulpamancy, not just anecdotes. Vinnie: Plus, there’s that big speech in your story that could use stats. 9/2/20: Nina watched something with me, I think it was part of an Alan Wake playthrough. 9/3/20: Nina and I watched more Alan Wake. 9/4/20: Kurama practiced vocal possession. I recorded it. He got kinda bashful when I considered posting the recording. 9/5/20: We chatted abou
  5. 8/1/20: We chatted about stuff. Woodfather gave me some advice concerning a WIP story, but I forgot exactly what it was. 8/2/20: I forgot to log stuff. 8/3/20: I smiled at really good news about my brother, & Woodfather said that he could “feel” my eyes “twinkling”. 8/4/20: Woodfather made a cringe Dad joke on Discord, because “[the other posters] practically gift wrapped it.” Dash and I hanged out. Nina & Lance imposed themselves in my bedroom. 8/5/20: Nina got upset after I overheard a neighbor breaking down in the stairwell, so I hugged & pet
  6. I’m generally trying to keep this thread as SFW as possible. I wanna refer to the “head stag” by name, but I’m pretty sure that a Google search would lead back to the stags’ NSFW source material. I’m probably overthinking it, but what do you guys think?
  7. 7/1/20: We chatted about stuff. 7/2/20: I forgot to log stuff. 7/3/20: Kurama was kinda vocal. 7/4/20: Nina showed up in an Uncle Sam costume :3. She offered to help me with a story. Kurama cosplayed a generic 18th Century powdered wig guy. 7/5/20: Kurama cringed when I saw footage of a bad fanmade Naruto game. Nina gave me a lower-back massage, and Sarah turned her automail arm into a Theragun for extra massaging. 7/6/20: We chatted about stuff. 7/7/20: We chatted about stuff. 7/8/20: RD added a swimming pool outside her house (which has an indoor swimming p
  8. 6/1/20: We chatted about stuff. 6/2/20: Fluttershy reminded me to get work done when I got distracted. We chatted about stuff. Around the time I got ready for bed, I saw RD sleeping cutely, then Shou cuddling Nina <3. 6/3/20: We chatted about stuff. I’ve been looking through this thread from page 1, to see if there are things in need of added context in case my parents find it (or I decide to show it to them). I’m not sure if that’s worth it since there are over 100 pages. Fluttershy said it wasn’t likely my parents would find this thread on their own. I wondered i
  9. 5/1/20: We chatted about stuff. Dash and Nina imposed themselves before I went to bed. 5/2/20: Thorax said to check the thermostat before I mop our apartment (I tend to get kind of winded, and he didn’t want me to get heatstroke or something). When I typed “30” instead of “20” for tomorrow’s date, Dash joked that we’d jumped a decade into the future x3. I hanged out with Shou and did a small worldbuilding exercise, then Keystroke and Nina joined in. 5/3/20: I forgot to log stuff. 5/4/20: Dash “said” (in tulpish) something snarky. I wasn’t sure how to “English” it (trans
  10. 4/1/20: I noticed that Kurama’s voice was clearer just after I woke up. 4/2/20: Kurama’s voice was pretty clear. So was Nina’s (although her voice was “farther away” than his). 4/3/20: Kurama possessed a bit during Monopoly. I landed on Jail (visiting) and joked that I was visiting Nina. Nina imposed herself covered in dirt from digging an escape tunnel :3. 4/4/20: I forgot to log stuff. 4/5/20: We chatted about stuff. 4/6/20: We chatted about stuff. I got to a kinda tense part of a Criminal Minds episode, and Nina said she wanted to see how it ends.
  11. 3/1/20: Kurama and I hanged out :). 3/2/20: We chatted about stuff. 3/3/20: We chatted about stuff. Dash wore a Sith robe in preparation for May 4th. 3/4/20: We chatted about stuff. 3/5/20: We hanged out. Dash wore a mariachi outfit during a coworker’s birthday celebration. 3/6/20: Nina did an ice dress!Elsa cosplay (we’re gonna see the Frozen musical in a couple nights). We used my fluffy/furry blankets to something something almost-everyone’s fur textures. 3/7/20: Nina and I hanged out. She did a brief Elsa cosplay for a photo. 3/8/20:
  12. 2/1/20: Shou and I hanged out. 2/2/20: I felt a knot in my stomach. I said that I could probably handle it, whatever it was, and Kurama said something like “there’s nothing ‘probably’ about it.” :). 2/3/20: We chatted about stuff. 2/4/20: I forgot to log stuff. 2/5/20: I d’awww’d at a cute kitty gif, and Dash cuddled me and climbed on my head. 2/6/20: We chatted about stuff. 2/7/20: I forgot to log stuff. 2/8/20: Shou had some spontaneous good imposition today :). I noticed that Nina and I have some kind of negative “pattern”, that we bot
  13. 1/1/20: I saw Dash flying outside my window on a train ride into Bruges. Vinnie got my cold for a bit, but quickly purged it thanks to tulpa-ness. 1/2/20: We didn’t do much today. 1/3/20: On the plane ride home, I saw Sarah sitting in the (physically occupied) seat in front of me. I was watching Annabelle: Creation on the in-flight entertainment and goofing off on my phone at the same time; Rainbow Dash told me to pay attention or be startled by a jump scare, then gave me a jump scare xP. 1/4/20: I forgot to log stuff. 1/5/20: I forgot to log stuff. 1/6/
  14. 12/1/19: I definitely feel like I’m breaking the pattern :). Nina was pretty excited when we watched Naruto Shippuden. 12/2/19: We chatted about stuff. Fluttershy and Nina liked my haircut. 12/3/19: Nina really liked my idea of having ramen + a boiled egg for dinner. 12/4/19: Nina and Dash swapped voices for lols. 12/5/19: I forgot to log stuff. 12/6/19: I forgot to log stuff. 12/7/19: We didn’t do much today. I went online to look up a story to read, and one of the stags suggested an author I’d read before. 12/8/19: We chatted about stuff.
  15. 11/1/19: We chatted about stuff. 11/2/19: Nina perked up when my friend asked I wanted to come over for a steak dinner (she likes steak :)). 11/3/19: Kurama and I hanged out. 11/4/19: Lust got feels from a Naruto episode, so we hugged. Later, Nina and I cuddled, and RD gave me a goodnight boop :P. 11/5/19: we chatted about stuff. 11/6/19: Dash asked about birthday plans. 11/7/19: I wondered what to do for Dash’s birthday dinner. She said easy ramen was fine. I tried to think of some big gesture, but she insisted that it didn’t have to be anything special. She jokingly made so
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