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  1. It's been a long time. Overall, things have changed a lot. I'll try to list them off in order. First, MD's changed quite a bit. She's a bit more shy and cautious, even childish at times. She's definitely become herself, though. I've also noticed she's become more active when the sun isn't out, though she still does sleep around when I do. It's become a bit harder to care for her, but I still need to do my best, as she deserves the best. We'll rework her ability to possess so it is truly hers, and then try to work further. Now switching seems so far away, but that's to be expected. She seems
  2. Well, it's been an eventful past few days. 2 days ago (July 15) - Moondust proclaims love to another tulpa, but gets shot down. Today (July 17) - The other tulpa says it back, but MD can't bring herself to meet in the middle. ...God. That moment when you realize you're the one missing out.
  3. [Well, it's been a while since we've posted anything here. Either way, I wanna talk about what happened this morning. So, last night we were looking through some of Fillyfooler's reports, Which you can find here. ] I warn of NSFW in places. [shut up, Azure. Either way, when we got to this morning, Azure was dealing with bed gravity. So we decided to do something.] NSFW in the spoiler. [Azure had to go eat, so I went and cleaned myself up. And I'm still loving the after effects of that.]
  4. If it's not too much, trouble, I'd love a pic of Moondust. Age: 16 Style: Anime-like Form: Human Hair: Silver, glints like fresh metal, runs down back to her waist Wears: white t-shirt, Silver skirt, glints like hair, simple white shoes. Pose: Don't really care. Thanks in advance.
  5. [Today, Moondust decided she was fed up with how life is, so she attempted to destroy herself, and the world around her. Azure tried to help, but was unsuccessful. Feather came to his assistance, helping Azure care for her. She calmed down, then cried, and de-aged to twelve. Azure gave her a special light blue star, symbolizing the connection between them. On it is a quote, "Shine like no other. -Azure." I will cherish it as long as I am here.] She said this, not me.
  6. 5/11 - Achieved vocal possession.
  7. Experimenting with binaural beats and sound generators. It seems that what I feel is what they feel, just much stronger. Using airplane noise, Feather's out, and Moondust is exceptionally drowsy. Adding binaural to it keeps her awake, but Feather's still out.
  8. 4/28 - Feather woke up today very scared. Seems I need to improve the lighting while I'm asleep. Also talked with Moondust to have her calm down. She's agressive in a defensive way, so she shouldn't be anymore. 4/29 - Today was better as I did talk to Feather throughout the night. She was a lot better after I gave her some light. 4/30 - Today was even better than the last, and Feather isn't scared much anymore. Also, Moondust told me my dreams are completely messed up. I may have to figure out what's going on in there. 5/1 - This morning Feather wasn't scared at all, so that's good.
  9. 4/21 – Did some brief imposition practice with Moondust. Feather says she’s content with not doing imposition. I may see if she wants to try possession, but she seems content to stay as she is. 4/22 – Made a contract that we wouldn’t practice imposition and possession until I did something specific with Moondust. Sweet Jesus, why did I agree to this? 4/23 – We spent some time together in wonderland this morning. Me and Moondust had a water balloon fight, right after she got a little upset then grabbed me and drill dived us both into a pool. We voided the contract after I bought some MLP
  10. Well, should post all that happened already today. So, while having a session in the middle of the day to make up for my lack of usual forcing, Moondust and I got into a romantic moment. So, we're making progress on the love aspect. While we're relaxing together, there's a knock at the door. Somehow, it's another tulpa. Her name's Feather, and apparently she was made from Moondust alone. After a heated conversation, generally about me not being able to handle two tulpas right now, real life calls and I have to stop listening to the two of them. When I do talk to Moondust, she said she made an
  11. Done. You get arrested for stealing the president's bill. I wish I could control wind.
  12. Okay, thanks for the responses. I don't normally focus on my body, but it was just that lately I found it hard to stay still in that state.
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