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  1. Ok then imma wait :) i want to have no impact over his personality
  2. Also just a noob question but when im talking to my tupla (Lucian Warden. has no traits but has a form (kind of more like he is a 3d shadow in my mind)) do i 'imagine or pretend' him talking back to me or do i wait till he replies (and yeah i view him as fully sentient )
  3. Dang. ive tried focusing on an object but i then end up saying it over and over then when i try and stop saying it i get the last sylablle endlessly going on in my head :( I've literally just noticed that when waiting for a reply i accidently hold my breath but when i make myself breath and speak to my tulpa instead of having the droning sound of the word id just said i instead hear my breathing in my outer world as well as in my head (all of this is entirely unintentional)
  4. Hi guys. i officially started tulpaforcing yesterday and suddenly realised i might never hear my tulpa because my mind voice literally never syops speaking. Like i ask it a question i cant be silent. IE: hi how are youououuuuououououuouuu. the last word i say will continously sound. i need help on learning how to shut up ahah
  5. Hi guys I'm brand spanking new here (first post evahh) I'd like a few questions answered (if anyone has the time )