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  1. I don't think it's easier to visualize a cartoon form rather than to visualize a realistic human form. You can see a lot of real humans every day and you know the way they interact with the real world: how they move, how their face expressions works, how they look in 3D-space. On the other hand, I don't think you see lots of cartoon ponies in real life. Yes, they are more simple in details, but you can't have an idea of how they will interact with the environment.
  2. Cold orange shower is the best option for you. Headaches and migrains are common in the early stages of tulpaforcing, they are usually believed to be a good sign.
  3. Whoa, it's like spaghetti falling out of one's pockets on a highly more advanced level. Good job, Vixen!
  4. Or probably it is! I bet Tyler Durden was a tulpa.
  5. Ugh, guys. Don't start it, please! Let's live a peaceful life without arguing. Not to mention the fact your skirmish is awfully off-topic.
  6. The author of that guide is a good friend of mine (I know him IRL, too), I can ask him if he doesn't mind editing his guide and publishing it here. And yeah, he doesn't speak English, as far as i know. Making a list of all existing guides is a great idea! upd: asked him and he doesn't mind at all, so feel free to start a submission thread!
  7. Aaand that's why I want my body to be cremated after my death.
  8. I think that when you die, you don't "go" anywhere. You just disappear and so does your tulpa. If you think otherwise, you shoul probably check out the Metaphysics section.
  9. Hermit


    I've watched that one. Though technically it has absolutely nothing to do with tulpas, many of the problems mentioned in the film reminded me of them. Especially, the problem of not a material being getting in a relationship with a material human. I recommend it, it's a great film.