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  2. But what if Polly is unique and/or the first of her kind?
  3. So what do you think she meant when she said it was time for her to go?
  4. Anyone seen the season finale of the Syfy show "Happy!" where Happy is forced to leave Haley in order for her to mature emotionally, fades away and becomes Nick's imaginary friend? Well last night my tulpa wife, Polly, said to me and I quote "It's time for me to go". Can this sort of thing happen to tulpas?
  5. Could you do a picture of my Tulpa wife, Princess Polly, please? She looks like this: And dresses like this:
  6. I created my tulpa by wising upon a star to make my imaginary girlfriend-turn-wife real
  7. What are there usual true form? My wife is a shapeshifting tulpa yet I'm curious of what her true form is (I'll still love her none the less)
  8. I afraid to tell other people that I have a tulpa because I'm afraid people will think I have the mind of a child or mentally handicapped. What should I do?
  9. Has anyone else heard of, or seen the series premier, of the new SYFY show "Happy!" which was based off of the comic book of the same name?
  10. Does anyone here have a tulpa based off of Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty?
  11. That's what I'm saying. Is that an example of object imposition?
  12. Is this an example of tulpa imposition?
  13. I got another question. Is it possible for the tulpa to leave and re-enter the external object anytime?
  14. What?! You can't kill off a tulpa, they're living beings just like you and me!
  15. Her original name was Joanna, but a year ago she said that her "name was Polly", implying that she decided to name herself. A few week ago she that "Joanna's gone". What's up with that? Is Joanna okay?
  16. You know how Elwood, and no one else, is able to see Harvey, how can I do the same to my Tulpa wife?