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  1. I know the character, yes, and if you would like to provide me with more details on how to alter her when you wake up that'd be very helpful.
  2. I'm sorry but that's like a full on reference sheet and then some. For a project that big I would have to charge you and you probably don't want that sooo...good luck finding someone. Sorry.
  3. Hello everyone. I'm the host, my name's Rachael. I'm 19 and currently a full time college student aaand my tulpae are Donovan and Oliver.
  4. Small update: These last couple of days I've finally begun pushing myself again. I have more time to put into focusing on Donovan and Oliver, so I've been talking to them and encouraging them to talk back. D's accepting this although he's still a little resentful, but once we start catching up and working together again I think things'll get a little less sour. Oliver's happy to have me back, though he's still keeping his distance. D says he wants to know that I'm committed to this again before he tries to get close.
  5. OKAY! Sorry for taking so long, but yours is finished.
  6. Okay, so quick question just to confirm, so she is an actual deer, not an anthropomorphic humanoid deer?
  7. Alright, here's my gallery on Deviantart http://mantiisshrimp.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=/
  8. Yeah, I'm up for drawing some tulpa right now, so if you want you can leave a request, be as descriptive as you'd like or give me a reference. I can't do really complex poses so these might just be half body pictures.
  9. Minor update: I was on vacation wth my family this last week and while we were visiting an Air and Space museum I felt Donovan appear for a couple minutes to follow along and look at the planes with me. He didn't say much other than he thought that they were interesting and that I should pay attention more to the planes than him.
  10. I do apologize for the bleeding hearts crap. And you are right saying that I am kind of ignorant. With all the things going on right now I simply don't have the time or energy to focus and give my tulpa attention, so hibernation is the only thing going on at the moment. Thank you to those who've responded and have a nice day. And sorry for the late reply.
  11. I haven't felt anything from them in months, even when I search for them I'm getting nothing. Life just got in the way. I came home from school, got a job, and I'm trying to split my time between everything and it didn't work. I sleep half the day, I'm awake most of the night, my work schedule is erratic and I still have to spend time with my family and I couldn't balance it out. My head's been quiet for so long now it's become normal again.
  12. I failed entirely. The only person in my headworld now is me. There's honestly not much more I can say.
  13. When I started I was doing it about 1-5 hours per day. Now I'm at nothing, but I'm going to try starting up again soon.
  14. Forgot to update, but something kinda big happened earlier. Over the last couple of months my thoughts about my success in school have been getting more and more negative to the point where some days I'm crying during my class periods. I was in band rehearsal and in one of those negative moods, and I couldn't do any breathing or anything to calm myself down. Then, being dead serious here I hadn't even been thinking about him, Donovan appeared out of nowhere and started pulverizing those thoughts. He ripped them to pieces and shoved them away, then took my face in his hand and said "Stop that. Focus on me. Forget about all that and focus on me." And I did, and I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I could relax. Donovan stayed with me for the rest of the class period, so a little over an hour, encouraging me, telling me "You can do it. You're doing great." and just doing everything he could to comfort me. He was trying to hug me, hold me, pretend to be part of the audience as the band played, and give me flashes of just us sitting in our dreamscape, a cliff overlooking a forest covered mountain range, and watching the sunset. And every time a negative thought would try to creep back he would shove it away and just say "Focus on me." By the end of class I was smiling again; D was a little tired but he looked happy. He then apologized for the other day (last post) and told me he had no idea that I'd been so stressed. I said it was okay and thanked him for earlier, then let him go to take a nap. I'm surprised and so relieved that D showed up today, it's the first time he'd been so caring towards me in months. But I'm so glad he did, he's a great friend ;w;
  15. I am sorry to say that due to personal issues these past few weeks I haven't been working with D or Oliver. I'm feeling a little better now, but my progress with them has regressed to almost nothing. The only reason I'm typing this is because yesterday I was doing an activity in therapy and I heard Donovan's voice. Just one sentence and it was really quiet and weak, but he sounded concerned. "Have things gotten that bad?" That's all he said. I tried to coax more out of him but he disappeared again. I think once the semester's over I'll be able to focus on them more. But I feel bad about doing this to them..