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  1. The main source of contention here is going to be how you define "real" in relation to tulpas, or "real enough". ...So, let's just sidestep that debate altogether. ;) The core question is, does anyone even need "real" romantic love to be happy in the first place? Popular culture certainly says so. But popular culture is also quite wrong on a lot of things. This is no exception. There's plenty of happy singles out there, not even going into the topic of aromanticism. So no, it's not unhealthy, no more than it is unhealthy for a non-tulpamancer to not have a romantic relationship with a
  2. We have a system name, though we tend to use it mainly in multiplicity circles and go more by our individual names here. The way we came up with it was rather random, to be honest--while setting a hostname for IRC, we had to come up with something on the spot and tossed together four.point.quandary. It grew on us quite a bit, and when we came to multiplicity, we adopted it into our system name (The Quandary). It's been rather nice having one, even if we don't use it much--it feels less clunky and more relevant to us on the whole than saying "____'s system" or "____ and company". Also makes
  3. I posted this slew of stuff on my tulpamancy tumblr and on the tulpamancy subreddit a while ago, and only now did it occur to me to post it here as well. Thought people might find them interesting or be able to put them to use as ammunition against "lel plurality don't real" people. All of these studies refer to supposed DID systems, though I can't say if they really fit DID or were misdiagnosed functional systems. First thread I posted... --- This came up in another thread, and I thought I might as well post it out here for others to read. A good deal of this will be copied from m
  4. Plurality - A Scientific and Philosophical Overview What is plurality? I suppose I should start this off with the basic definition: ​Plurality is a term that encompasses all phenomena where multiple consciousnesses coexist within a brain. This includes–but is not limited to–people who hear voices (which in itself is not a mental illness), authors who can speak to their characters, dissociative identity disorder/DID, and “healthy multiples”–plurals who can switch control of the body but lack the disruption that DID brings and function normally in society. As several of those examples d
  5. Heya, lurker and regular /r/tulpas poster here. Earlier, Tulpa.info went down due to a SQL error, which prompted this thread on /r/tulpas: This got me thinking--many of the guides I've seen so far are based on the Tulpa.info forums. In the hopefully unlikely event that the forums go kaput forever, do there exist or are there plans regarding backups of all the guides on the forums? If there aren't, and it's something that's okay with the community, perhaps we could put together some sort of effort to back everything up on Google Docs or a Wordpress site. My main concern would be k
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