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  1. So yeah, for a while I was scared Eira would be jealous or something, but me having a girl seems to have gotten us closer together. I told her she can interact me whenever she wants, and I start to get messages from her now and then. Like when I was feeling troubled due to some things and wondered the fuck should I do I heard this feminine voice saying "no need to worry", and felt sensation of peace and relaxation, and everything turned out well. Also made her a huge wall where she can draw, and actually saw what kind of stuff she was drawing. It was like some huge ass complicated graffiti mad
  2. So I got a tit-animal in my life out of nowhere and she is taking a bit of lane. Need to keep forcing though. Also yeah, my updates are even more uninteresting nowadays. Been feeling weird.
  3. Been drawing Eira all over my desk today. Gonna get her face melted in my mind while browsing. Visualizing and more visualizing. I guess I'll need to give her a rundown on traits too.
  4. >being an obnoxious pothead scum and tulpaforcing at the same time. >Sweden >Yes That really did pay off. I've got her eyes and eyebrows pretty much visualized, also the figure of her head. Looking forward to a good day of forcing. Also, I'm pretty much convinced that Eira is sentient. Did that prism experiment, and only concentrated on the weather, and no matter how hard I only thought about the prism and the weather she kept flinging them away. So yeah, that's not parroting. I'm extremely happy right now. Also found this awesome chair that is a perfect position to force. Bed is
  5. No sands noooo Well fuck, not a single decent forcing sessions today. Got to get my shit together by tomorrow. Things worth mentioning: Turned our wonderland into a small cabin now, as a working place. Possible change made by Eira; when I thought that place and closed my eyes for a moment I saw her walking from behind bookshelf with a coffee cup in her hand, and there was a small kitchen-part I didn't remember thinking at all. Got to do some experiments, like that prism thing, even if they'd piss her off. I need to get a bit of motivation boost. It's a rocky road for a guy who's attenti
  6. You are a mindfucker, Sands.
  7. Yeah, I did some of that at the ferry. Hardest part was ignoring landwhales and concentrating on finns, swedes, and japs. But it felt good man. I do love anatomy.
  8. Meh. Feels like I'm not making enough progress. In other words I just am not working hard enough. All I do is procrastinate. Damn internet addiction is taking it's toll on me. At least I did those anatomy studies and doodlings Sands suggested. I think I got her body and face somehow together. Maybe I'll do better tomorrow.
  9. I'm okay with that. She can be a little sister for all I care but I'd rather keep her age safely around legal bondaries, because of reasons.
  10. Try this one thing; Ask him a question and tell him that pressure on the right side of your head means yes and left side means no. Also welcome to the site and good luck with Eric.
  11. Yes, I definitely want something realistic. I've been starting from the shape of skull, which is surprisingly hard. Yeah, also got to check some hairstyles and such. I might take a look at anatomy but I sort of have pretty clear idea about her body. No mang, more like 17-18-year old. I could not relate with a loli, heh. Okay okay, that I admit. Well I don't have anything against that >:33 But no.
  12. You do not browse a certain german imageboard do you? Or have they started spreading it at 4chan too? Damn. Yeah exactly. I always concentrate on people's faces as a whole. But yeah, I'll practice. And Eira is not a loli ;_; And I'm not a pervert ;_;
  13. Alright, wouldn't want to rape anyone eyes with fenno-ugric moonspeak. But well anyway. I just got the best idea considering my progress from Sands' journal. He used this method to communicate with his tulpa, turning the "feeling" of his tulpa from one side to other to answer simple yes/no-questions. In his case the feeling was headache, in mine it's this strange warm feeling of pressure. So, I explained this to Eira and then asked her to move the feeling from left to right, and it followed my instructions perfectly. I was still sort of skeptical and I asked, as rude as it was but I could n
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