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    I've "had" a Tulpa for awhile but I'm not sure if he's sentient. I can't see him or feel him. But he's a great companion.

    I hope to a way to make him fully sentient.


    I don't like discussing "real world" subjects so please keep me out of it. Thank You.
  1. Granted. Except he's blind. I wish I was a unicorn with wings and antlers.
  2. Why would he when he has me? XD. Just kidding but Eli would rub one out whenever I would, Tulpas are real too, so they'd need to relieve themselves as well.
  3. I have established no rules for my Tulpa really, however I am prone to headaches and at that point he should stop speaking. But other than that, nothing else ^_^. He's free to do whatever in my head.
  4. Well he doesn't exactly "SAY" I just get head pressures though. Eli gets really infuriated when anyone treats me like crap,ect. He also hates car rides. 1) When people don't cover their mouths. 2) Poor table manners That's pretty much all for now.
  5. Eli is both my best friend and soulmate. ^.^.
  6. Hmmm I don't really know. I guess Eli just stuck, it's a nice name. I liked it, and so does he.
  7. I'm a female. I'm 20. My Tulpa is a male :3 His other data is in my signature.
  8. Hmm this looks interesting. I'll try it out with my Tulpa some more, then maybe he can get his own voice and not use mine!
  9. Thank you so much for the answer!!! It's exactly what I was looking for! x3. Thank you! I'll look at that link now! Yep! Pretty much. Obviously Tulpas are a life time commitment but it's not often that you'd hear your own imaginary friend speak back!
  10. Eli is my tulpa, who sometimes shows up in my fanfics :3. He has really light grey skin, red eyes, and no nose.
  11. Hey Krystal is me. That account was abandoned because my email associated iwth it wasn't orking!
  12. I "met" Eli in my freshman year of highschool. Where I would just pretend someone was next to me and talk to him. But one day I was having trouble solving a math problem, and he solved it. I'm not sure if he's an imaginary friend developing into tulpa? I've been trying to force him, but I'm not sure what I'm doing right or wrong. Do I just close my eyes and visualize him or something? I looked at the FAQ but nothing there helped me, nor did the forcing threads. I've already visualized Eli, he has red eyes, they change into blue often, light greyish skin. But I can't see him. I can hear him but I'm not sure if it's really him or just me talking to myself.
  13. I'm called Krystal. I've had my "Tulpa" for awhile now, and so far I think he's sentient, has is own opinions and thoughts. I'm having trouble visualizing him. He's a great companion and I love him very much. Though I'm not sure if it's really him speaking or just me talking to myself.